Chapter 457 - The Stargod Sword Versus the Spectral Sword

Chapter 457 - The Stargod Sword Versus the Spectral Sword

Before Long Chen’s very eyes appeared a golden dragon claw multitudes larger than his own. Each and every one of its scales sparkled with regal might as it smashed down. The instant their claws touched, an intense tremble ran down his spine and his soul power scattered apart. 

The entire Imperial Sun Moon Academy was speechless. Their champion, the Holy Radiant Dragon Long Chen who ranked tenth on the Genius Youths Rankings, was smashed into the ground face first!

Tang Wulin landed beside him a moment later. He had stopped short of using his claw’s crushing effect. That would have been overkill. With this, the Holy Radiant Dragon Long Chen was defeated. 

The entire arena was silent. Even without the soundproof barrier, it was so quiet that you could have heard a pin drop . 

No one had expected to witness such a scene. After all, Long Chen was tenth on the Genius Youths Rankings! He was a Soul Ancestor with the Holy Radiant Dragon martial soul! Yet he had be thoroughly defeated in a single clash! 

The entire exchange had happened in the blink of an eye. Long Chen had frozen just before they were about to crash, leaving himself wide open to Tang Wulin’s claw attack. 

It had been a textbook example of restricting movements while mid-air! Except, this was normally something only mechas were capable of. 

The Imperial Sun Moon Academy’s team had five people remaining, and they were all gaping at Tang Wulin. They couldn’t comprehend what they just saw. Tang Wulin had swatted down their almighty captain like a fly, and done it with ease. He hadn’t displayed any sort of overwhelming power when he defeated Long Chen. They couldn’t accept something like this! 

You Dingqi snarled. He swung his Meteor Hammer over his head by the chain a few times, then threw it at Tang Wulin like a flail. 

Tang Wulin kicked Long Chen’s limp body off the stage to avoid any collateral damage. Once a soul master lost consciousness, their martial soul would disappear, along with the empowering effects. 

Jian Mochen moved at the same time as You Dingqi. He hefted up his round shield and threw it at Tang Wulin. 

Kuang Zhantian let out a battle cry as she attacked too, wielding a greataxe that was engraved with a tiger pattern. It was her martial soul. 

Tang Wulin faced them and waited. He raised his hands, his left curled into a fist and his right in its claw form. 

He punched the Meteor Hammer with his left hand, sending it flying back with a boom without moving back an inch. Then he grabbed the shield flying at him with his claw. The instant he touched it, the tiger emblem suddenly lit up began vibrating. A tiger burst out of the shield, biting at Tang Wulin’s face.

Is that his spirit soul? So he hid it inside his shield. Tang Wulin was unfazed. 

Kuang Zhantian arrived at that instant, descending on Tang Wulin her greataxe raised high above her head. She let out a barbaric cry as she chopped down, the power behind her strike frightening. 

But Tang Wulin ignored her. Focusing on the shield in his hand, he forced his blood essence to surge in reverse and drew forth the power of Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens! 

A draconic roar far mightier than Long Chen’s rumbled through the arena. Before the tiger could reach Tang Wulin, it was struck dumb and retreated back into the shield in fear. Tang Wulin tightened his grip on the shield, exerting his claw’s crushing effect on it.

Cracks ran through Jian Mochen’s Skytiger Shield. Seeing this, Jian Mochen immediately used his third soul skill. The shield suddenly disappeared from Tang Wulin’s claw and returned to Jian Mochen. 

Kuang Zhantian’s greataxe was upon Tang Wulin now. 

A metallic clang rang out as Kuang Zhantian’s greataxe was blocked by something and she was beaten back. Ye Xinglan stood between them. She had stepped in to defend her captain. After all, Tang Wulin wasn’t facing them all alone! 

Kuang Zhantian and You Dingqi retreated to regroup with their teammates. None of them made a move, all of their expressions clouded over.  

In the opening clash, their team captain was eliminated. They were now at a disadvantage of five versus six. They still couldn’t believe this happened. 

Xue Liushuang glanced at her teammates. “I’ll act as the substitute captain. Be careful everyone.” 

Tang Wulin regrouped with his comrades as well. Both teams stared each other down. 

Xie Xie smirked. “And I thought they were supposed to be strong. They’re all bark and no bite!” he said, deliberately raising his voice so the opposing team could hear. 

Xie Xie knew that his captain was the ultimate weapon against dragon-type martial souls. His bloodline could suppress any and all dragons. 

If Long Chen had been prepared for the mental shock of facing Tang Wulin, with his superior cultivation level, he wouldn’t have been so easily defeated. Of course, no one would expect that a peak-level martial soul like the Holy Radiant Dragon could be suppressed. He had been caught completely off guard, opening himself to be instantly eliminated. 

As Tang Wulin stared down his opponents, he couldn’t help but harbor some approval of their actions. Despite their captain being eliminated, they didn’t rashly attack, instead regrouping and remaining calm. It was an impressive show of discipline. They still had two Soul Ancestors left as well. The match was far from over. 

Jian Mochen still stared at Tang Wulin in disbelief. His martial soul was special in that it combined both attack and defense into the same thing. His shield also acted as a lethal weapon, and when combined with his spirit soul and Shield Return soul skill, he could easily switch between defense and attack at a moment’s notice. 

Although Tang Wulin had punched back the Meteor Hammer easily, he was still impressed by its strength. It possessed a shock effect and had caused even his body empowered by Golden Dragon Body to tremble. His left hand ached a bit after receiving that attack. He hadn’t come out completely unscathed. 

Tang Wulin turned his eyes to Kuang Zhantian. She’s nothing like a girl, she’s a berserker! That axe is huge! It’s taller than her! If Ye Xinglan hadn’t intervened, Tang Wulin would have been in a tough spot. 

They were lucky to be able to take out Long Chen immediately, but Tang Wulin wasn’t so naive as to think that victory was theirs now. Nothing was certain until everything was over. 

Tang Wulin grew taut as a bowstring. Then, as if releasing all that energy at once, he shot ahead! 

With Long Chen out of the battle, Tang Wulin could charge straight in. He planned on breaking their formation so that his companions could clean up the resulting mess. While they had been regrouping, Xu Lizhi had passed Tang Wulin a bean bun. Tang Wulin was ready to enter bloodthirst mode. 

Jian Mochen took up Long Chen’s position as the vanguard with Xue Liushang right beside him.

Xue Liushuang held out her hand. A pure white sword manifested in it, releasing a chilling breeze that blew through the arena and cooled the surrounding temperature significantly. 

Woah. Her martial soul is similar to Teacher Wu’s Skyfrost Sword! Tang Wulin was on alert now. 

Xue Liushuang charged forward to meet Tang Wulin. 

While Tang Wulin barreled onward like a bulldozer, Xue Liushuang advanced with elegance. Her Glacial Sword danced in the air as she unleashed a barrage of frost beams at Tang Wulin while they were still a dozen meters apart. 

Tang Wulin thrust out his right claw to meet those frost beams. They shattered with a brittle sound upon impact, but a wave of cold frost followed right behind, seeping into his body and slowing the flow of his blood essence. 

Xue Liushuang reached him at that moment. Her figure flickered, then her swords split into three, one stabbing at his head, another at his chest, and the final one to his stomach. 

“The Spectral Sword? Your opponent is me.” The three swords were instantly routed, shattered into fragments. Ye Xinglan stood in front of Tang Wulin, staring down Xue Liushuang. 

Tang Wulin called forth the might of the Golden Dragon King and dispelled the cold from his body, then continued past Xue Liushuang. She didn’t move to stop him. Her opponent now was Ye Xinglan.  

“Stargod Sword Arts!”

“Spectral Sword Arts!”

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