Chapter 455 - I'll Stop Joking Now

Chapter 455 - I'll Stop Joking Now

“Can I say something?” Tang Wulin asked.

“Go ahead,” the referee said. It would be too shameful if they didn’t allow their challengers boast as well. 

“Thank you. First of all, I want to say that although we’re students from Shrek Academy, we didn’t come here to offend. We came here to challenge the Imperial Sun Moon Academy because we respect your strength and wanted to experience it for ourselves. But here’s the thing. We’ve only been part of Shrek for one semester. Not only that, we’re some of the weakest students in our academy. As such, we can’t be considered actual representatives of Shrek, and will instead only be representing ourselves in this match.”

“What?” The referee’s jaw dropped. Neither he nor the other higher-ups of the Imperial Sun Moon Academy expected Tang Wulin to say such a thing. 

In the hours leading up to the match, they had rushed to prepare the stage for this match. It was all for the sake of bolstering their reputation. Better yet if they could stomp on Shrek Academy’s pride while they were at it. Confident in their chances of victory for this match, the higher-ups of the Imperial Sun Moon Academy were looking forward to the boost in prestige should they defeat Shrek Academy. But what Tang Wulin had done dashed those plans. Now even if the Imperial Sun Moon Academy grasped victory, it would be a victory of lesser worth. And if they lost, the shame would be even greater!

From his position in the air, the referee stared down upon Tang Wulin’s smile. His mind froze at how harmless it appeared. He slowly descended and landed in front of Tang Wulin.

“Aren’t you guys contradicting yourselves? Back then you said you were challenging us to a match as representatives of Shrek Academy!” the referee sneered.

Tang Wulin sighed. He flipped his hand and a megaphone appeared upon it in a flash of light. He pushed a button and Wu Zhangkong’s icy voice filled the arena. “Pay attention students of the Imperial Sun Moon Soul Engineering Academy! The six of us come from Shrek Academy! We’re all fourteen years old and we’re here to challenge your strongest team under the age of twenty! We’re here to show you once again the gap between you and the greatest academy on the continent!” 

“Our challenge never mentioned that we were representatives of Shrek! We only said that we were from Shrek Academy, our age, and the reason for our challenge.” 

The referee nearly coughed up a mouthful of blood. We spent so much energy preparing for the match, and now you’re telling us this?

But there’s no mistake that these kids are in their mid teens! How could kids like them be so shameless? 

Although the Imperial Sun Moon Academy had clashed countless times with Shrek Academy, they had no doubts about their rival’s strength and dignity. Without this basic respect for Shrek Academy, they wouldn’t have trusted Tang Wulin’s words so quickly and arranged this match, all while scheming to undermine Shrek Academy’s reputation. They had never expected to miss their mark so badly. 

The referee could barely restrain himself from asking them when Shrek Academy had become so shameless. However, they would lose more face if he asked! He didn’t dare insult Shrek Academy. 

Tang Wulin blinked a few times. “So, is the match still on? You guys can just admit defeat and we can call this off.”

The referee’s aura flared, his battle armor shining bright and sharp as he sent a heated glare towardt Tang Wulin. He was a three-word battle armor master, his strength the level of a Titled Douluo! He could crush Tang Wulin’s entire team with a snap of his fingers! 

“Woah there! I'll stop joking now,” Tang Wulin said, his innocent expression hardening up. “We are representatives of Shrek Academy and we’re here to fight for our academy’s glory. Our victory is predetermined!” 

Despite being taken aback by Tang Wulin’s sudden change in demeanor, the referee could now relax, letting out a breath of relief. If things had gone on like that any longer, he would have been forced to call off the match! That the great Imperial Sun Moon Academy was being taken so lightly by these kids shocked his very bones. 

“Prepare for the match to begin,” he said, rising back into the skies.

But Tang Wulin wasn’t quite finished. “Oh right, I was lying about not being Shrek representatives, but everything else was true. We really are the weakest at Shrek,” Tang Wulin said, deliberately emphasizing the word ‘weakest’. 

The referee faltered in the air, nearly dropping to the ground. 

A meek smile hanging from his lips, Tang Wulin stepped forward to face his opponents. “My name is Tang Wulin. I’m a student in the first grade.” He took care to omit the fact that he was the class president. 

Each and every word that Tang Wulin spoke had been carefully crafted, serving as knives to cut down any pride and satisfaction the Imperial Sun Moon Academy could derive from this match. His words even shook the faith his opponents had in their victory. 

The leader of the Imperial Sun Moon Academy team approached Tang Wulin’s group. “I’m Long Chen!” He was tall and handsome, his entire being radiating strength. He looked to be about the same age as Tang Wulin, maybe a bit older. He stood as tall as a grown man, as steady as a mountain, the only one on his team unaffected by Tang Wulin’s provocative words. 

Tang Wulin examined him. “Whew. You’re huge. Are you sure you’re not over twenty? If you are and you win, then it doesn’t count.” 

Long Chen rolled his eyes. “I hope you’re as strong as you are good at talking.” 

Gu Yue jumped to Tang Wulin’s side. “Gu Yue of Shrek Academy’s first grade.”

A member of the opposing team maneuvered herself to stand by Long Chen. “Xue Liushuang!” She was a striking beauty, her figure slender yet curvy. The two of them painted a perfect image of a perfect couple. 

Tang Wulin had the edge on Long Chen in terms of looks and build, but he lost in height. Xue Liushuang ignored Gu Yue and focused her gaze on Tang Wulin instead, eyeing him with interest. 

Ye Xinglan was next to step forward. “Ye Xinglan.” 

The third member of the Imperial Sun Moon Academy team took his place next to Long Chen. “You Dingqi!” Although he was of average height, his shoulders were broad and his arms thick. The strength contained in his body was obvious. 

The remaining members of Shrek Academy’s team introduced themselves at once. Following that,  the opposing team did the same.

“Jian Mochen!” He was a boy that could rival Xu Lizhi in fatness.

“Kuang Zhantian!” a petite girl yelled. 

Tang Wulin was surprised by the disconnect between her delicate appearance and how fierce her name sounded. He stopped himself just short of saying, ‘You should come to Shrek Academy! With a name like that, you’re definitely a monster!’ 

“Weng Daimin!” The final member of the opposing team was a frail girl with short blue hair, not a wrinkle in sight on her uniform.

It was six versus six, but this match wasn’t like their previous ones. Neither side took the initiative to reveal their soul master type.

“Prepare for battle. Both teams fall back to your corners. There must be one hundred meters between you,” the referee said. His blood no longer thumped with held back rage, as he had calmed down during each side’s self-introductions. No matter what troubling details surrounded the match, as long as his academy’s team won everything would be fine. Even if Tang Wulin’s team denied being representatives of Shrek Academy afterward, it wouldn’t matter. They were still students at Shrek Academy. 

Both teams slowly retreated to their starting locations. Tang Wulin’s carefree smile was wiped from his face. Although their opponents this time were the same age as them, they possessed an aura of undeniable might and had the home-field advantage. 

This would be an uphill battle, and he would have to exercise full caution. 

Once they reached their starting location, Tang Wulin’s team assumed their usual triangle formation. 

The opposing Imperial Sun Moon Academy team took on a similar formation. Long Chen spearheaded their triangle. The burly You Dingqi and rotund Jian Mochen flanked him on either side. 

Could they be agility-types? Tang Wulin wondered.

At their rear were Xue Liushuang, Weng Daimin, and Kuang Zhantian, lined up side-by-side in that order. 

Judging from their formation, Weng Daimin should be a control-type. I’m not sure about Xue Liushuang and Kuang Zhantian. Tang Wulin glanced between them. 

Situated one hundred meters away from each other, both teams locked gazes, each determined to win victory.

“Let the match begin!” 

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