Chapter 448 - Starlight Burst

Chapter 448 - Starlight Burst

Li Yaoyao’s martial soul was in fact a meteor, and her attack was the embodiment of power. By relying on the jets of flame shooting from her back, she could mimic flight, propelling herself to high altitudes and crashing into her target upon freefall. Her assemblage of soul skills revolved around empowering this method of attack. 

With her four rings, a full power assault carried the force of over three tons! Even if she somehow missed, there was nothing to stop her from trying again. Coupled with the defensive strength of a meteor, this proved to be a terrifying combo. With her ability to change targets mid flight, she was their team’s trump card, her presence enough to suppress the entire battlefield. 

However, adjusting her flight path toward Tang Wulin would have been unnecessary. He had not attempted to dodge. 

In their explosive collision, both stood their ground, neither gaining an inch on the other. 

How is this possible? Li Zhilong dashed over to the side, prepared to intervene at a moment’s notice. No matter which side lost, he had to be ready to save them. His eyes went wide at the conclusion of the clash. 

Cracks lined the area of impact. They rapidly spread to every corner of the meteor, and a blink later, the meteor shattered into a thousand smithereens. 

Li Yaoyao groaned as she crawled out of the debris. Before she could escape, a strand of bluesilver grass shot out in her direction, wrapping around her body. 

Her complexion pale, she trembled uncontrollably from pain. However, the trembles of her heart were far stronger than those of her body. 

How did he do that? He stopped my full-power attack with a single punch! 

Tang Wulin shook his right arm in an attempt to alleviate its numbness. That was a pretty strong attack!

Indeed, for Tang Wulin, her attack was only ‘pretty strong’. 

Of the Skyorder Star Ocean Academy team, Li Yaoyao was the second person to be eliminated! 

Tang Wulin raised his head and looked toward Ye Xinglan’s battle. She descended with her third soul skill, Starfall Sword. In this observatory filled with stars, she streaked across the air like a comet. The strongest attack Tang Wulin had ever witnessed her unleashing. 

Stellar energy really is useful, especially for us. 

Xiao Tiantian put on a grim expression as his fourth soul ring lit up. Darkness obscured his face, leaving only a pair of crimson eyes piercing through the shadows. Inky black flames blazed around him. He drew circles in the air with his hands, gathering darkness into something reminiscent of a whirlpool. 

Ye Xinglan charged forth into the dark rotating mass with Starfall Sword. Her whole form was swallowed by the darkness. For a moment, it trembled. Then, it collapsed. When the light and darkness settled down, both Ye Xinglan and Xiao Tiantian were nowhere in sight. 

Tang Wulin gaped. What happened? Did they teleport? Wait, no! There weren’t any spatial fluctuations! 

As he stood there in shock, Xiao Tiantian reappeared in mid-air following a flash of crimson. But Ye Xinglan was still missing. 

What kind of soul skill is that? 

Farther off in the battlefield, Xiao Tiantian spread his wings as he steadied himself. He dove through the air heading straight for Gu Yue. During his descent, he unleashed a crimson sphere at Tang Wulin. Once near its target, the sphere burst into a black hole, sucking Tang Wulin toward its center. 

At the same time, numerous bamboo leaves ripped through the air, obscuring their summoner’s, Ye Zishu’s, figure. Seven of the leaves absorbed the surrounding stellar energy and took on a golden hue. 

Ye Zishu’s martial soul was the Seven Star Bamboo. Each soul ring gained would advance his martial soul another step. His ability to fly stemmed from one of those evolutions. These seven golden bamboo leaves were his strongest method of attack and utilized his fourth soul skill. 

In the opening acts of battle, his team was already two people short. Although the students from Shrek Academy had lower cultivation levels than his team, their combat strength far surpassed the norm. If his team couldn’t turn the tide of battle now, then they would have no chance of victory. Therefore, he unleashed his full power along with Xiao Tiantian. His main target, the opposing team’s captain, Tang Wulin.

Meanwhile, Gu Tianming spread his wings and threw himself at Xie Xie, positioning himself in front of Han Yuchang.

Han Yuchang’s fourth soul ring shone. The thin, colorful membranes sprouting from her back doubled in size. She turned to face Tang Wulin, flapping them in her fourth soul skill, Butterfly Wings. 

The world seemed to spin as a spiritual wave crashed into Tang Wulin. 

He could tell in an instant that Han Yuchang’s spiritual power resided in the Spirit Sea realm, just like Gu Yue!  

Tang Wulin’s own spiritual power was only in the border of the Spirit Sea realm, still a step short from lying within. The Spirit Sea realm was one of the great dividers for spiritual power. He was diligent in cultivating his Purple Demon Eyes, hoping to break through as soon as possible. By his estimations, he would reach the Spirit Sea realm by the time he broke the fourth seal at the latest. 

Tang Wulin’s head pounded from the spiritual wave’s after effects. He simultaneously had to deal with Xiao Tiantian’s attack. Pressure on his shoulders, he summoned his golden soul ring, activating Golden Dragon Body. His golden aura flared, the scales on his arm spreading to cover the rest of his torso. Veins of the same color came to life all over his body, his blood essence surging. He squatted and curled into a ball. 

On a different side of the arena, Xie Xie flashed forward mid-flight as he slashed with his Light Dragon Dagger, sending out a beam of light at Gu Tianming. His figure flickered as he accelerated, leaving a trail of afterimages. 

In Gu Tianming’s eyes, Xie Xie seemed to have multiplied. He couldn’t make sense of what he was seeing and flapped his wings, sending barrage after barrage of feathers at Xie Xie. Yet, each time they were about to hit their target, Xie Xie evaded them.

 He reached Gu Tianming in a flash. 

However, Xie Xie’s Light Dragon Dagger was blocked. Still, as Gu Tianming attempted to counter, a golden light flashed beneath his feet. His leg went rigid, the sensation slowly spreading up his body. Seizing the opportunity, Xie Xie changed grips on his Light Dragon Dagger and slashed at Gu Tianming’s wings, relying on the momentum to somersault over him. 

Body frozen by the golden light, Gu Tianming was defenseless before Xie Xie’s swift and continuous assault. Xie Xie danced around in the air, too fast for his opponent to react. Mobility stripped away and unable to keep up with Xie Xie, a sense of dread began to close in on Gu Tianming. 

When one of his wings finally went stiff, Xie Xie took advantage of the opening and somersaulted above him once more. He launched into Light Dragon Storm and beat the older youth to the ground. 

But he had backup. After Han Yuchang sent a spiritual attack in Tang Wulin’s direction, she hurried toward Gu Tianming to help restrain Xie Xie. Yet her instincts screamed danger. Indeed, she fell from the air before she could react.

Something had flown right past her. Something invisible. Her eyes went wide with alarm.

“Don’t move!” someone said from behind her. An arm wrapped around her waist, a cold blade held to her neck. “Your spiritual attacks are really strong. I’m not sure I would be able to resist them. But what I am certain of is that if you attack, my dagger will slice your face or your neck. So descend slowly.” 

Never had Han Yuchang been treated so roughly. She flushed with fury. Despite that, there was nothing she could do. She couldn’t risk trying to break free. Her only option was to suppress her anger and land at a snail’s pace. 

Along with subduing Han Yuchang, Xie Xie had wrapped things up with Gu Tianming as well. Two people down by his own hands.  

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin was still curled up weathering Ye Zishu’s attacks. Bamboo leaves filled the sky as they swarmed Tang Wulin, Gu Yue, Xu Lizhi, and Xu Xiaoyan, whose starlight aura shone brilliantly. The seven golden leaves were hidden among the swarm, each with their own target. 

Gu Yue remained calm before the incoming assault. Gales whipped around her, creating a wind wall that stopped the leaves from approaching. In a flash of silver, she teleported out of Xiao Tiantian’s path to Xu Xiaoyan’s side. As for Xu Lizhi, he remained near Tang Wulin. He didn’t need to babysit the two girls. 

Just as Gu Yue was about to unleash an elemental barrage to protect Xu Xiaoyan and herself, she felt an intense energy fluctuation beside her. She turned to Xu Xiaoyan in astonishment.

In a soft voice, Xu Xiaoyan said, “Starlight Burst.” 

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