Chapter 438 - Big Sister, This Is All a Misunderstanding!

Chapter 438 - Big Sister, This Is All a Misunderstanding!

So this is what battle armor is like! Attack and defense are one and the same! Tang Wulin could feel the battle armor mitigating the destructive might of his claw, spreading the force evenly from Yan Feng’s gauntlet to the rest of her armor. The crushing effect couldn’t even come into play. 

Even with Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens and his one-word gauntlet, Tang Wulin’s strength only reached that of the peak of four rings. He was no match for a battle armor master clad in a full set of one-word battle armor!

As this realization hit Tang Wulin, Yan Feng retaliated. Now blazing like a miniature sun, the phoenix emblem on her breastplate suddenly burst with energy. A transparent phoenix erupted from the emblem! At the same time, the flaming gourd above Feng Yan’s head suddenly turned to Tang Wulin. One of the woman’s soul rings lit up and her gourd spewed a gold-tinged fireball!

Tang Wulin reacted immediately, bending his arm in an attempt to transition his crushing grip into a throw. If there was one thing he had confidence in, it was his strength. A strand of bluesilver grass wound around his legs and drilled into the ground. It acted as an anchor, helping him pivot in place. But none of this allowed him to avoid the fireball and phoenix!

All of a sudden, an ice spear pierced the phoenix! It exploded in flames, the resulting blast sending Tang Wulin flying. Ye Xinglan walked forward, conjuring a net of sword beams that flew out to protect Tang Wulin from the fireball that pursued. It splashed against the net, dispersing and dissipating into nothing.

Her soul power is on a completely different level! Even under the effects of bloodthirst, Tang Wulin still had to endure the agonizing pain that the flames scorched into his body. In terms of combat experience and combat techniques, he and his team could stand toe-to-toe with Yan Feng. However, the fundamental difference in cultivation level was too great a hurdle to overcome with just experience and technique. Furthermore, with a full set of battle armor her defense was impenetrable. 

Xie Xie silently appeared behind Yan Feng and slashed at her shoulders with his daggers. However, the woman’s armor simply released a blast of flame, sending him staggering in retreat. 

Tang Wulin gaped at her overwhelming might. She was setting the pace of the battle now. 

How are we supposed to beat her? 

A brilliant burst of color suddenly interrupted Tang Wulin’s thoughts. A fist-sized ball of blue, red, yellow, and green light shot through the air, bearing down upon Yan Feng in an instant. The woman didn’t dare hold anything back. Her fourth soul ring lit up and the gourd spit out golden-red fireballs in rapid succession. The fireballs hurtled toward the quad-colored ball of light one after another, the two forces exploding into an elemental storm upon contact.

Tang Wulin lay on the ground, hurriedly using the Mysterious Heaven Method to counteract the burning sensation running rampant throughout his body. His body was strong and he hadn’t received any real injuries, but as he watched Gu Yue face off against Yan Feng, he came to understand just how impossible it would be to seize victory. After persisting for about five seconds, the elemental storm began to die. The air slowly cleared, and Yan Feng stood in the same place, just as imposing as before. There wasn’t a single scratch on her or her armor. 

And the gourd turned back to Tang Wulin. 

“B-big Sister! Th-this is all a misunderstanding!” Tang Wulin stuttered through a strained smile. 

At that moment, an ear-piercing alarm filled the air. Three yellow mechas flew over and slowed to hover above everyone. A droning voice echoed from the lead mecha. “Halt!” 

Yan Feng froze just before she attacked, the gourd turning away from Tang Wulin to point up at the sky. She snorted then turned to glare at Tang Wulin, the leader of her ambushers. To her astonishment however, he wore a face full of indignation. The three mechas descended to separate Yan Feng from Tang Wulin’s group, their ten-meter-tall bulks causing the earth to rumble. Xu Xiaoyan grabbed on to Ye Xinglan’s arm, hid behind her, and began to cry. Xie Xie lowered his head, a gloomy expression on his face. Ye Xinglan just stared straight ahead in a daze. Xu Lizhi crouched to the ground with his back to everyone else. Gu Yue remained expressionless, but light twinkled in her eyes. 

Tang Wulin stood up straight and pulled Gu Yue behind him, the anger in his eyes growing hotter. “Enforcers! You came just in time to save us! If you had taken just a second longer, she would have killed us!” 

“Huh?” Yan Feng was speechless. She was the one who had been attacked! 

The leader of the enforcers turned to Yan Feng. “What’s going on here? Why are you attacking these kids? Wait... are you a one-word battle armor master?” 

Yan Feng had just registered as a one-word battle armor master before this incident, so the enforcers didn’t recognize her. However, when they realized she was a one-word battle armor master, they became vigilant. They may have had three mechas, but all three were yellow grade and wouldn’t stand a chance against her. 

“Don’t listen to his lies!” Yan Feng shouted. “They were the ones who attacked me!”

Tang Wulin blinked innocently, trying to solicit as much pity as possible, then fear crept onto his face. “W-what? You’re accusing us of attacking you? You’re a one-word battle armor master! We’re just young soul masters! Uncles, I’m only fourteen, and the youngest of my friends is thirteen! Do you think we would dare attack a one-word battle armor master?” 

Yan Feng trembled with anger. “You lying brat! Don’t try to pin this on me! You didn’t even know I was a battle armor master before you attacked! We never met before this!” 

“If we didn’t know each other, then why would we attack you?” Tang Wulin asked. “I remember hearing you say that you just became a one-word battle armor master and wanted to find someone to spar with. Then, as soon as you saw us, you attacked! There’s no way we could do anything against you. Our teacher taught us that great power leads to enormous responsibility. You’re a battle armor master yet you’re bullying the weak! You beat up kids like us and you’re still trying to lie about it?”

Xu Xiaoyan’s sobs grew louder, and she pressed her face into Ye Xinglan’s clothes. Ye Xinglan continued staring straight ahead. 

Xie Xie sighed. He had known Tang Wulin for a long time now and was always amazed by his friend’s talent for acting. 

Everyone went silent. The enforcers were confused, but they were inclined to side with Tang Wulin’s group. They were just kids. The idea of them picking a fight with a battle armor master was too unbelievable. 

“All of you, you’re coming with us back to the Spirit Pagoda. We’ll watch the security recording before passing judgement,” the leader of the enforcers said. 

“Okay!” Tang Wulin answered immediately. 

Yan Feng gnashed her teeth. “You little bastard! Let’s see you talk your way out of this when we see proof!” It took all of her self-control to not attack him. 

The mechas formed a triangle around her. “Let’s go. Please put away your battle armor.” They were clearly worried that she would try to flee! 

Yan Feng’s fury blazed to even greater heights. “Are you guys blind? You can’t even tell who’s right and who’s wrong here! So what if I don’t put away my armor?” 

The mechas instantly pointed their cannons at her. 

“You see, uncles? She’s so arrogant and despicable!” Tang Wulin cried as he ran away in fear. 

Yan Feng couldn’t hold back her anger any longer. “I’m going to burn you to ash!” 

She rushed after Tang Wulin, but the instant she moved, the mechas opened fire! 

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