Chapter 437 - Running Into a Steel Wall

Chapter 437 - Running Into a Steel Wall

The moment Bluesilver Golden Array activated, the flames grew dim. Then the array sucked all of the flames up! But the flaming gourd wouldn’t be defeated so easily. It turned its mouth up a bit and spewed yet another burst of fire, rocketing itself out of the golden array’s domain. 

All of this happened in the blink of an eye! 

She’s a tough one! Tang Wulin’s expression hardened. They needed to defeat her as soon as possible, otherwise the enforcers would arrive to back her up. 

The gourd rotated downward and ejected the woman in a fiery blaze. Fury filled her eyes. “What the hell are you kids doing?” 

Before she could continue questioning them, golden light flashed beneath her and her body went stiff. 

Tang Wulin took advantage of this opening and commanded his bluesilver grass to bind her. Ye Xinglan then rushed in and thrust her sword at the woman’s chest. Xie Xie took action as well, appearing behind the woman and swiping his Light Dragon Dagger at her neck. Their movements were in perfect sync! 

Against a single opponent, there was nothing better than Xu Xiaoyan’s Starwheel Shackles. Its power was absolute!

Just when they thought they had defeated the woman, the Stargod Sword and Light Dragon Dagger inches from taking her life, the woman’s eyes flashed and a phoenix’s cry pierced the air. Fiery light glowed beneath her clothing, bursting forth to envelop her entire body in an instant. Rings of light appeared all over her body, and with it, the intensity of her soul power fluctuations surged to an even higher level. She was several times stronger than before, her soul power manifesting around her as a giant ring of flames. A golden pattern appeared on the gourd above her, and it grew to two feet diameter. 

The flames around her forced Ye Xinglan and Xie Xie away from her, then continued to linger on their bodies and feed on their soul power. The phoenix’s cry continued to grow stronger. The woman stood up straight. She began to exude an air of grandeur as a crimson set of armor manifested to cover her entire body. A phoenix helmet materialized into being, snug on her head. Crimson body armor traced the elegant silhouette of her womanly figure. Veins of fire spread from her shoulders to her fingertips. A fiery golden phoenix emblem was engraved onto her breastplate. The armor itself wasn’t particularly beautiful, but it emphasized her womanly charm and elevated it to another level. 

“Battle armor!” Tang Wulin sputtered. Then a bitter smile formed on his lips. From the complexity of the design and the strength of power fluctuations, Tang Wulin knew she was wearing one-word battle armor. She had used the rings of light from earlier as a method of storage. Normal one-word armor couldn’t merge with the user after all. Yet this was a full set of one-word battle armor! This five-ringed woman now possessed might comparable to that of a seven-ringed soul master! 

Yan Feng was furious right now. She had been in a good mood when she set out for the Spirit Pagoda this morning to register as a one-word battle armor master. She was the youngest one-word battle armor master in Heaven Spirit City, and this gave her the leverage to sign a retainer contract with great benefits. The Spirit Pagoda promised to invest in her and bring her up to the two-word level, upon which she could be considered a powerful figure on the continent. Yet right after she left the Spirit Pagoda buzzing with joy, she was ambushed by a bunch of kids! These kids weren’t weak either, and they managed to force her to bring out her battle armor. She couldn’t possibly have known that Tang Wulin’s gang meant no harm, and she had felt genuinely threatened by the Stargod Sword and Light Dragon Dagger. 

The moment Yan Feng brought out her battle armor, Wu Zhangkong’s voice rang in the ears of everyone in Tang Wulin’s group. “If you are able to defeat her, you will fulfill the quota for this city.” 

Tang Wulin’s mouth twitched. Teacher Wu, oh Teacher Wu! How could you do this to us! She’s a one-word battle armor master! She’s as strong as a seven-ringed Soul Sage! How are we supposed to defeat someone like that? 

Before Tang Wulin could continue his train of thought, Yan Feng pointed at Tang Wulin and the gourd expelled flames toward him. 

I can’t talk her down anymore! Tang Wulin could see the inextinguishable fury in her eyes. They could only give it their all. We have no other choice!

Tang Wulin sucked in a deep breath even as the flames flew at him. His three purple soul rings disappeared, and in an instant, they were replaced by a single golden one. Golden light erupted from him as scales rippled into existence to cover his right arm, and his hand transformed into a dragon claw. Threads of starlight shot out of his hand and wrapped themselves around it, manifesting as a gauntlet. He couldn’t afford to hold back against a real battle armor master! 

“Battle armor?” Yan Feng was startled by the gauntlet on Tang Wulin’s claw. Impossible! He’s so young! There’s no way he could have a piece of battle armor! It came from within his body too! Could it actually be a piece of two-word armor? 

Even though it was just a one-word gauntlet, it was unthinkable for such a young kid to have it. Yan Feng got her first piece of battle armor when she was twenty-one years old, and she was considered a genius for it. She had been hard at work these past few years and finally managed to craft a full set. 

Yet Tang Wulin was years ahead of her. 

The instant Tang Wulin made his move, so too did his comrades. 

Positioned in the backline, Xu Lizhi did the only thing he could do. He threw soup buns and bean buns to the others. Tang Wulin caught it the buns from behind with his left hand and immediately ate them. He had to finish this as soon as possible. Even one-word battle armor possessed the ability to boost its user’s soul power recovery. A prolonged battle guaranteed defeat for them. 

Tang Wulin stomped the ground with his left foot and shot forward, shattering the ground below. His blood essence boiling as the power of the Golden Dragon King surged within him. His eyes became a resplendent gold, and the oppressive aura of his blood essence coalesced. Brandishing his dragon claw, he swung it in front of him and split the incoming flames apart, opening a path to Yan Feng. 

As the captain of his team and an assault-type soul master, it was Tang Wulin’s duty to lead the charge. He couldn’t shrink back in the face of an opponent. He had to create an opening for his comrades. 

His blood essence and soul power skyrocketed under the influence of the bloodthirst bean buns. Golden scales covered his entire body now, but shone brightest on his right arm and torso. 

He has twin martial souls? Yan Feng went wide-eyed with shock. 

But only for a moment. 

“Hmph!” She glared at Tang Wulin and stood her ground. The gourd above her turned from Tang Wulin to his comrades, spewing flames to isolate him. She wanted to deal with the enemy leader first. 

Yan Feng met Tang Wulin’s golden dragon claw with a fist of her own. The instant before the two collided, a draconic roar erupted from Tang Wulin’s body. A golden dragon head half a meter in diameter shot out of his fist and toward Yan Feng’s!

It was Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens! 

Tang Wulin may not have broken the fourth seal after eating the ruby shrimp, but they had still boosted his power and refined his control over Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens! 

Alarms went off in Yan Feng’s head. She sensed a powerful force suddenly appear in front of her, then her flames were devoured. The golden claw opened up and clamped down on her fist. 

Tang Wulin tightened his grip on Yan Feng’s fist, and her battle armor flared up in defense, all of the fiery veins on her armor blazing to life. The phoenix emblem emblazoned on her breastplate began to glow fiercely. 

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