Chapter 432 - Assault

Chapter 432 - Assault

Tang Wulin cracked a bitter smile, drawing his limbs closer to his body in a show of submission. “I’m sorry, uncle enforcement officer, I made a mistake. Please don’t bring me in. I promise I won’t do this ever again!” 

Ye Xinglan was splitting her sides with laughter. This guy… 

The enforcement officer snorted. “The Spirit Pagoda’s rules are strict and you will not get any special treatment. Come with me. Don’t worry. You just have to explain your story properly and have your teacher come get you. Your punishment won’t be too harsh.” 

Tang Wulin looked up and flashed his large doe eyes. “How much is not ‘too harsh’?” 

The enforcement officer was growing impatient. “At best, you’ll just be fined.” 

“Fined?” Tang Wulin’s voice rose an octave. “I have no money, but I do have my life! Money is my life! You can get it over my dead body!” Tang Wulin turned tail and sprinted away, his shouts trailing after him like an old robe. 

At the sight of tang Wulin’s fleeing figure, the enforcement officer in the purple mecha grunted in surprise at. Don’t kids his age usually look up to mecha pilots? Why’s he so disobedient? 

He chased after Tang Wulin a split second later. Rules were rules. He couldn’t let Tang Wulin escape. 

However, he was separated from his two patrolmates by doing so. 

Without exchanging a word, the rest of Tang Wulin’s team striked.

Ye Xinglan pounced like a cheetah, a yellow mecha serving as her prey. The surrounding air crackled with a scorching heat while Gu Yue conjured an enormous fireball. With a snap it ripped through the air toward the other yellow mecha. Meanwhile, Xie Xie slunk into the unseen world, his own brand of invisibility. In one fluid motion, Xu Xiaoyan raised her ice staff and a spear of ice materialized in the air. 

With their attention still focused on their leader, the mecha pilots failed to react to the attacks. 

The first to reach them was Ye Xinglan. Her Stargod Sword shined resplendently as she brandished it and used her first soul skill, Sword God’s Star. In that instant, she became one with her sword. 

In terms of soul power, Ye Xinglan was the strongest in their team, on the verge of obtaining her fourth soul ring. She was swifter than an agility-type like Xie Xie. Moreover, she was a powerhouse when it came to combat strength. Even Yue Zhengyu felt apprehensive facing her. The second she unleashed her strength, the yellow mecha’s fate had already been sealed. 

The mecha could barely raise an arm to block her attack. A metallic screech filled the air upon impact, waves of starlight bursting bright and blinding. It shoved back the mecha’s arm, dense and pulsing with soul power. 

Ye Xinglan pushed off against the earth with her feet as her third soul ring lit up, cool air making way for her mobile body. This was her most powerful attack. Deadly might gathered into her sword and her soul power flared. She could hear the alarm blare in the distant Spirit Pagoda. She couldn’t afford to waste any time. 

At the same moment, Gu Yue’s fireball came a breath away from its target. But the other yellow mecha was quicker to react. It raised its right arm and summoned an energy shield. Upon collision, the fireball exploded into a scatter of flames. However, Gu Yue didn’t stop there. She fired an onslaught of fireballs, wind blades, and icicles. 

The mecha crouched down and hid behind its shield as it retrieved a four-barrel soul cannon. It took aim. 

Mixed in among the icicles was a spear of ice. It suddenly accelerated, shot past the mecha’s energy shield, and crashed into the cannon-bearing arm. It disintegrated into a fine spray of ice that landed on said arm and froze it in place. 

Xie Xie appeared out of thin air behind this mecha. Pinpointing a chink in the armor, he stabbed his dagger into the weakness, arm and weapon a blur of motion. 

Although mechas were heavily armored, this one in particular had its armor concentrated at its front. It wouldn’t be energy efficient otherwise. The weaknesses of mechas was one of the first things Shrek Academy taught. 

Xie Xie dug his dagger deeper into the armor and severed one of the central cables for operating the mecha. In the blink of an eye, the mecha’s lights dimmed and its movements slowed to a halt, leaving it a sitting duck for the incoming elemental bombardment. 

The resounding booms of impacts startled the purple mecha pilot during his pursuit of Tang Wulin. The pilot turned his attention to his rear as he continued his chase. 

Right at that moment, Tang Wulin dug his foot into the ground and pivoted his body. He thrust his arms toward the sky to intercept the mecha’s giant hand. Golden light enveloped him as a shining golden soul ring rose from his feet. It was Golden Dragon Body! 

With the purple mecha pilot distracted, Tang Wulin took the opportunity  to grab its hand and throw it over his shoulder, courtesy of his incredible strength. 

Before it smashed into the ground, the mecha summoned an energy shield at its back. It stopped just short of collision. At the same time, the mecha released an electric blast at Tang Wulin. 

A strand of golden bluesilver grass shot out of the ground, catapulting Tang Wulin into the air and out of danger. 

The purple mecha pushed off the ground with one arm and fixed its stance. A sharp scrape, and it unsheathed the two giant swords from its back, gripping them with large mechanical hands. 

Still, Tang Wulin didn’t retreat to regroup with his companions. He wanted to buy them enough time to defeat the two yellow mechas. Fighting against three mechas that were working together spelled defeat. These pilots from the Spirit Pagoda were well-versed in teamwork, no doubt. 

He urged his blood essence to flow in reverse, calling out the power of Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens! A draconic roar shook the air. His right hand transformed into a dragon claw, swathed in threads of starlight, his gauntlet manifesting in their wake. 

This was his first battle against a mecha. Not giving his all was calling for failure. 

Tang Wulin’s aura flared and his dragon scales sparkled brilliantly, rivaling the sun. Like a bolt of lightning, he flashed forward and threw a punch! A giant dragon head manifested in front of his fist, bursting out in a blaze of gold. 

The purple mecha swatted its swords at the attack like it would a fly. After all, it was just a child’s strike. Even if the child was exceptional, the pilot had to practice restraint. 

As the pilot poured his soul power into the mecha and summoned his spirit soul, electricity flickered along the length of the swords. This was a fusion of technology and a soul master’s might! The air within a ten meter radius crackled with electricity, an astringent odor thick and furious spreading. 

The swords knocked back Tang Wulin with a boom, but the mecha didn’t come out unscathed either. Prior to this, Tang Wulin had beaten Wu Siduo’s Hell White Tiger with Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens. Although the fusion of a purple mecha and its pilot was as powerful as a Soul King, that still couldn’t compare with the might of Hell White Tiger. 

The mecha crossed its swords defensively, guarding against the bombardment of power from Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens. Yet, the draconic might still knocked it off balance. 

A strand of bluesilver grass of sprang from the ground and formed a makeshift spring behind Tang Wulin, bouncing him straight back at the mecha with tremendous speed. 

Once more, the mecha produced a defensive stance, summoning a full-powered energy shield. 

But it was to no avail. In the blink of an eye, Tang Wulin reached the mecha and thrust his claw into the shield. With the aid of his soul power, the claw’s crushing effect, and his gauntlet, he easily tore through it. 

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