Chapter 431 - Instant Victory

Chapter 431 - Instant Victory

“One, two, three, four, five. He’s a five-ringed Soul King!” Xu Xiaoyan exclaimed. 

Gu Yue jumped into action, sending a barrage of icicles toward Sun Runyu. 

At first, Sun Runyu had held back from attacking the kids, their youthful faces serving as a reminder of sorts. But that changed the second they all revealed their soul rings, a shocking three each. He gritted his teeth, his second soul ring lighting up as the mist condensed into larger, more distinguishable water droplets. The droplets ripped through its path forward in a massive wave, the air hissing in their wake. 

The power of five soul rings was undeniable. Even if Sun Runyu’s martial soul and spirit souls were unremarkable, his soul power was still firmly seated at rank 51. 

Imbued with soul power, the wave of water droplets formed an impenetrable barrier blocking the incoming icicles. Each droplet was a miniature cannonball, exploding upon impact into a fine spray of mist, a second layer to his powerful shield. This was the might of a Soul King! 

However, such strength could not have prepared him for what happened next. As soon as Gu Yue’s first soul ring lit up, Sun Runyu felt his control over the water element torn from him. 

This was the effect of Gu Yue’s Elemental Tide! After a few moments of investigation, she had a clear image of Sun Runyu’s martial soul. It was mist, and although on the surface it appeared to be a pure water-element soul, she could tell in reality it wasn’t. Otherwise, he  wouldn’t have had to settle for four yellow soul rings. That said, she was still able to interfere with his control.

The next instant, a golden circle of light appeared beneath Sun Runyu. The mist enveloping him sank to the ground, swallowed by the golden light. A sick pallor crept upon him at the realization of what was happening. The effectiveness of his mist martial soul naturally plummeted without any water in the air. 

Without warning, a sword beam grazed his belly and he jerked back from the sensation. At the same time, he felt a sharp aura looming behind him, the sharp edge of a dagger prickling his neck. The golden light from below flashed as chains shot out and wrapped around his body in a tight embrace. 

With Sun Runyu bound by Xu Xiaoyan’s shackles of starlight, his martial soul rendered useless, the battle’s conclusion was already reached. Wu Zhangkong had suffered to this tactic when he had beena Soul Emperor, so a Soul King like Sun Runyu wouldn’t stand a chance. 

Convinced of their victory, Gu Yue stopped absorbing the surrounding water element with Elemental Tide. The golden light beneath him also faded away. The boy who had covered his face in the beginning stepped forward, Tang Wulin, stepped forward, three purple soul rings hovering around him.

“Sorry. I couldn’t help myself when I saw an elemental martial soul,” Tang Wulin said with a regretful face. He had used Bluesilver Golden Array to strip away the water element around Sun Runyu. 

“W-what are you kids doing? This is the Spirit Pagoda!” Sun Runyu was fully on guard now, fear creeping into his heart. The teenagers before him had been swift and decisive in their attacks. He hadn’t been able to keep up with them. Their teamwork had been superb, exceeding his understanding. When did kids these days get so strong?

What truly struck fear into him, however, was the fact that they were fearless and young! He had no idea what they would do to him. They might even beat him to death on the spot. He couldn’t stand for that. He didn’t even have a wife yet. 

Tang Wulin glanced at Wu Zhangkong’s faraway figure, then returned his attention to his companions. Xie Xie and Ye Xinglan retreated at the unspoken words in his eyes. 

Sun Runyu felt his body return to normal, his soul power circulating within him steadily once more. 

Tang Wulin smiled charmingly as he walked over. “Sorry about that, uncle. We were dispatched by our academy to seek out opponents in battle, which is how things turned out this way. Please don’t be angry. We had no intentions of harming you.” 

Sun Runyu couldn’t make sense of what he was hearing. His mind worked in overdrive to comprehend the situation. Inwardly, he felt relieved. At least they weren’t out to kill him. 

He snorted, then stormed off in a huff. He didn’t have the face to stay here any longer. 

Tang Wulin cracked bitter smile as he watched Sun Runyu’s departing silhouette. “You guys…” 

“It worked, didn’t it? We don’t have much time, so stop complaining,” Ye Xinglan said. 

“Well, I guess since Teacher Wu didn’t stop us, it’s alright. We had numbers on our side too, so we didn’t win alone though.” 

“We’ll just do it again if we have to,” Gu Yue muttered. “We caused a commotion. The Spirit Pagoda’s law enforcers should be on their way already. The average enforcement officer has four rings and pilots a mecha. There’s three people per patrol.”

Tang Wulin’s jaw dropped. “You would even plot against your own people?”

Gu Yue clasped her hands behind her back and turned her head, midnight strands fluttering in the wind. “I’ve never fought a mecha before.” 

Tang Wulin’s cheek began to twitch at her stoic posing. He was starting to regret working with them. 

“Who dares create a disturbance at the Heaven Dou Spirit Pagoda?” An electronic voice resounded throughout the area. A moment later, three enormous figures whizzed over. One was purple, and the other two yellow. Three mechas in total.

Just as Gu Yue had said, a squadron of three mechas had arrived. But she had failed to predict one of them would be a purple mecha! 

The purple mecha led the trio. It was about eight meters high with a streamlined and delicate-looking body. Instead of a soul cannon, it was armed with a pair of giant swords. 

Military officers were generally only issued yellow mechas since purple mechas were considered personal mechas. Due to the high cost of making purple mechas, only wealthy organizations like the Spirit Pagoda could afford to create them for their staff. 

Purple mechas were designed specifically for a single soul master in order to maximize the power amplification effects. For example, a pilot with four rings would have the firepower of a five-ringed Soul King, and an even higher defense. 

Aware of all this, Tang Wulin paled once the purple mecha came into view. 

Upon landing, the pilots froze at the sight of the children. They had come to investigate the area after their radars had picked up soul power fluctuations, the use of soul power and soul weapons forbidden within a one kilometer radius of the Spirit Pagoda. But they had never expected the culprits to be children. 

“What are you kids doing? Who set off the soul power alarm?” the purple mecha’s pliot asked. 

“It was him!” Ye Xinglan jabbed a finger at Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin’s expression froze. I’m being framed!

Ye Xinglan smirked. The message was clear: she was telling him it was his responsibility as the captain to deal with this situation. 

“You!” The purple mecha pointed at Tang Wulin. “Come with me. The rest of you go get your teacher.” 

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