Chapter 407 - Exchange

Chapter 407 - Exchange

Yuanen Yehui didn’t bother dodging Gu Yue’s assault. Devil Titan increased her defenses just as much as it increased her strength. Even Tang Wulin’s attacks, which were empowered by Golden Dragon Body, only sent tingles through her body. The barrage of wind blades and icicles only tickled her. She swatted at Gu Yue in annoyance, but before she could land a hit, a strand of bluesilver grass wrapped around Gu Yue’s waist and pulled her away. Tang Wulin had crawled back up from the floor once again and pulled Gu Yue out of harm’s way. Yet, even as she retreated, Gu Yue continued to unleash an onslaught of elementals attacks upon Yuanen Yehui. 

This guy! He’s as tough as leather! Yuanen Yehui punched at Gu Yue, this time sending a blast of air at her, but Tang Wulin pulled her out of the way again. He then charged Yuanen Yehui with renewed vigor, throwing a bun into his mouth as he ran. 

A Bloodthirst Bean Bun? Yuanen Yehui recognized it instantly. That’s why Gu Yue ran over! She was delivering a bean bun! Yuanen Yehui knew that Devil Titan wouldn’t last much longer. She was already finding it difficult to defeat Tang Wulin, but now he had a Bloodthirst Bean Bun! If she didn’t finish him now, then it would be impossible for her to win. The Bloodthirst effect would definitely outlast her transformation. I can’t let things go his way!

She steeled herself, resolution glimmering in her eyes. She raised her muscular arms then smashed them down onto the stage! The ground rumbled and quaked, a seismic wave spreading outward and knocking Tang Wulin and Gu Yue into the air. 

Yuanen Yehui immediately continued her offensive. She leaped over to the two with lightning speed and smashed her fists down on them! 

Tang Wulin had only just swallowed the bean bun when the shockwave knocked him into the air. The effects of the bun had yet to take hold. 

But in that moment of crisis, the most unexpected thing occurred. 

In a flash of silver, Tang Wulin was teleported to Gu Yue’s side. She wrapped an arm around his waist and thrust a palm outward to meet Yuanen Yehui’s fists. Only those with the keenest of eyes were able to see that, right before her palm met Yuanen Yehui’s fists, an iridescent flash of energy appeared in it.

It was a whirlpool of space, light, water, fire, and earth! 

In the next instant, Yuanen’s fists made contact, and Gu Yue and Tang Wulin were spinning backward. Tang Wulin subconsciously wrapped his body around Gu Yue’s as they were sent flying. Yet Yuanen Yehui didn’t come away from the exchange unscathed either. The whirlpool of elements had latched on to her arms and began to spread, sending shivers through her body. 

“Elemental chaos?” The Holy Spirit Douluo stared wide-eyed. All of the Titled Douluos on the platform above moved to the edge of their seats. 

A small golden snake appeared in a flash of light, wrapping around Tang Wulin and Gu Yue to soften their landing. It absorbed the impact as they bounced to the ground, allowing Tang Wulin to remain on his feet upon touching down. He managed to only stumble a few steps even with Gu Yue in his arms. After skidding to a stop, Tang Wulin coughed up a mouthful of blood. His body had taken quite the beating from going round after round with Yuanen Yehui. Even after eating the bean bun, his body felt heavy. 

“How are you doing?” Gu Yue asked.

Tang Wulin shook his head. “I’m fine. The Bloodthirst effect is kicking in.” 

“Okay. Go help Xinglan then. I can handle this.” 

“Alright.” Tang Wulin took in two deep breaths, then took off running toward Ye Xinglan. 

While the two were talking, Yuanen Yehui had been waving her arms frantically in an attempt to rid herself of the whirlpool’s effects. In the end, she managed to disperse the five elements clinging to her, but not before the hairs on her arms were heavily damaged. In the interest of dealing a decisive blow, she had even used her broken right arm in the strike she just threw, relying on pure willpower to move the fractured bones. Her strength was waning. Devil Titan was wearing off. 

Gu Yue took a step toward Yuanen Yehui. The instant her toes touched the ground, she disappeared in a flash of silver light, only to reappear directly in front of Yuanen Yehui. Her face held no expression as she calmly raised a palm and thrust it at Yuanen Yehui. Red, yellow, and blue energies shrouded that palm strike.

She’s engaging in close quarters? Yuanen Yehui instinctively reacted with a punch, only for Gu Yue to disappear in a silver flash once more. A split-second later, she appeared to the side of Yuanen Yehui. She struck Yuanen Yehui with her tri-colored palm, the whirling elemental energies exploded upon contact! Even with all the strength that filled Yuanen Yehui’s bulky body, this strike sent her reeling backward. 

What happened next left everyone in shock. 

Gu Yue continued to teleport around Yuanen Yehui, dodging each punch at the last possible instant, countering with an tri-element palm strike, then teleporting away again. If Yuanen Yehui slammed the floor to create a shockwave, then Gu Yue struck from above. She was like a specter, impossible to catch. 

The spectating second grade students were dumbstruck. The first grade had someone like this?

It had been shocking enough that Tang Wulin could go toe-to-toe with Yuanen Yehui, but now Gu Yue appeared and toyed with her with this unorthodox battle style. 

Even someone as skilled at spatial control as Luo Guixing couldn’t believe his eyes. Just how powerful is Gu Yue? She’s teleporting nonstop! Her spiritual power has got to be immense! Then there are those three-element palm strikes! How is she able to unleash them so quickly? She’s never showed anything like this before! Even in the selection tournament, her strength was still within the realm of plausibility! Is this her true strength? 

Two booms suddenly rang out from the other side of the stage, on after the other.

The first came from He Xiaopeng, having been sent careening backward by an explosive barrage of starlight threads. Xu Xiaoyan had rooted him in place with her Starwheel Shackles. Ye Xinglan then took advantage of this opening to unleash a barrage of starlight threads. A moment after that, white light enveloped him, and he disappeared.

Of Ye Xinglan’s two remaining opponents, one had been defeated. 

In the next instant, her second opponent, Yue Zhengyu, advanced with furious power. His radiant sword burst with holy flame, and he slashed it at Ye Xinglan, striking her Stargod Sword at an odd angle. Ye Xinglan twisted to face the blow and muster up the best defense possible, but it sent her flying, her body erupting in holy flame. White light enveloped her, and she departed the stage, having been eliminated as well. 

It was then Tang Wulin arrived at that side of the battlefield. He glanced at where Ye Xinglan had been and growled. Oh Xinglan! You’re too arrogant for your own good!

With her strength, Ye Xinglan would have had no problems stalling until Tang Wulin reached her, but in her arrogance, she chose to bring her battle to a head! She struck out and managed to take out He Xiaopeng. In doing so, she left herself open to Yue Zhengyu. Although she ended up falling to his blade, in a one-versus-two situation, she managed to take one opponent down and exhaust the other. She had already displayed her strength. 

The first and second grade students in the audience watched with bated breath. On the first grade’s side, Ye Xinglan had been eliminated. The second grade had lost both Ye Xingmo and He Xiaopeng. The first grade now held the advantage. 

It was five against four!

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