Chapter 406 - An Opening in the Chaos

Chapter 406 - An Opening in the Chaos

The clash between Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui’s had momentarily created a large gap in Gu Yue’s blizzard, the resulting shockwaves hindering the movements of both teams. Despite the danger, two figures traversed the stage in a flash of silver light. Everyone else was too preoccupied to pay any attention to them, however. Especially Xu Lizhi. He threw bun after bun at his teammates to keep their soul power reserves topped up, all while taking the time to defend Gu Yue and Xu Xiaoyan. Noticing the peril that Tang Wulin was in, he threw a bun straight at him.

Is that a Bloodthirst Bean Bun? Yuanen Yehui recognized it from their adventure in the spirit soul tower. I can’t let him eat it! 

She punched out again, sending an air cannon toward the bun, the golden blast of air striking and obliterating it. She then turned her attention from Gu Yue back to Tang Wulin. She couldn’t afford to focus on anyone else until she thoroughly defeated him. 

Tang Wulin struggled to his feet and wiped away the blood streaming from his nose and mouth. He didn’t retreat or try to avoid Yuanen Yehui. Instead, he charged forward to welcome her. A draconic roar rumbled from the depths of his body once more, and the two collided in midair.  

Yuanen Yehui aimed a punch at Tang Wulin’s shoulder, but she held back. Considering his wounded state, she was afraid that she would fatally injure him if she used her full strength. But Tang Wulin noticed this. Sliding his foot to the side, he ducked under her punch. He made to grab her right arm with his claw and sweep his left foot behind her knee. 

It was a grappling technique from the Tang Sect! 

This stunned Yuanen Yehui, but only for a moment. She recovered her wits instantly and stomped her left foot into the stage. The ground cracked and shook under her strength, throwing Tang Wulin off balance and forcing him to miss his grab! Taking advantage of his broken stance, Yuanen Yehui threw another punch at his shoulder, no longer caring about Tang Wulin’s condition! 

Tang Wulin rolled his shoulder backward as her fist struck him, trying to mitigate as much of the force as he could. A resounding crack rang out as Tang Wulin flew backward, bouncing across the stage like a ragdoll. 

Concern flitted into Yuanen Yehui’s mind, but she pushed it aside and continued advancing toward Tang Wulin. This was a match, and she represented all of the second grade right now. Defeat was not an option. 

As the two of them brawled, a sudden change occurred on the other side of the battlefield. A pair of figures emerged from the blizzard, appearing in the backline of the second grade team. 

It was Xie Xie and his Shadow Dragon Clone! 

Xie Xie stabbed his dagger toward Bai Hanying’s shoulder. Since this wasn’t a real battle to the death, he had refrained from aiming to slit her neck. The other Xie Xie approached Duan Hunxiao like lightning, stabbing its own dagger toward his hand before he could play another note. 

Xie Xie caught Bai Hanying wholly unawares, but she still reacted instantly. Xie Xie’s dagger passed through empty space as her body disappeared in a burst of cherry blossom petals, only for her to reappear a short distance away. As a support-type soul master, it was only natural that she had a life-saving soul skill for times like this. Meanwhile, Duan Hunxiao flicked his wrist to meet Xie Xie’s dagger with his flute. This Xie Xie pulled back his dagger before he struck the flute and retreated with Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step. Then he began circling around Duan Hunxiao. 

With his own strength alone, Xie Xie was keeping both of them occupied! He only chose this moment to strike because he had been waiting for the blizzard regain its intensity and fully envelop the stage to obscure everyone’s vision. 

On the frontline, Ye Xingmo had been utterly suppressed by Ye Xinglan. He was battered, exhausted, and blood seeped from his chest, streaming from the wounds where her starlights threads had cut into him.

Ye Xinglan was currently locked in battle against Yue Zhengyu and He Xiaopeng. Her Stargod Sword danced through the air as she alternated between her three soul skills, raining a barrage of deadly attacks upon them. She used her soul skills perfectly. Each had just enough soul power to get the job done. Despite facing two powerful opponents alone, she was never forced to go on the defensive. 

Ye Xingmo was undoubtedly the person in the worst position on the battlefield. Fighting Ye Xinglan reduced him to half his original strength. After several exchanges with her, each time experiencing martial soul suppression, he realized that her martial soul was the Stargod Sword. 

Martial soul suppression was a rare phenomena that only occured with martial souls of common origin. Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon King bloodline suppressing everything with draconic blood was a perfect example of this. 

Ye Xingmo’s Starsaint Sword was a powerful martial soul, but the Stargod Sword completely surpassed it! He and Ye Xinglan came from the same clan, but her martial soul was a variant. The Stargod Sword had only appeared seven times in all of the Ye clan’s history. The wielder of the Stargod Sword always became the head of the Ye clan and led them into a new generation of prosperity. 

Ye Xinglan was this generation’s heir to the Stargod Sword. 

It was only natural that Ye Xingmo would have a sour face now. It was impossible for him to contend with the wielder of the Stargod Sword with his Starsaint Sword. His martial soul had been completely suppressed. 

So his only option was to change targets. 

He broke away from Ye Xinglan and aimed his blade at Gu Yue and Xu Xiaoyan. He wasn’t worried about this teammates. His team also had their vice-president, Duan Hunxiao, whose strength was only second to Yuanen Yehui’s. He also had many tricks up his sleeve. Trusting in his team’s strength, he decided to try and take out the two girls and the food-type soul master.

Ye Xingmo thrust out his Starsaint Sword, aiming straight for Gu Yue. But at that same moment, starlight burst into existence beneath his feet. His connection with his sword was cut off, and a pure-white palm smacked his head. Frigid cold pierced his body. His eyes only saw white now. 

The combo of Xu Xiaoyan’s Starwheel Shackles and Gu Yue’s elemental control made defeating a soul master as simple as that. 

Ye Xingmo walked the path of an agility-type soul master, so his defenses hadn’t been much to begin with. A single second of absolute control with the Starwheel Shackles was all it took to stop him in his tracks. Xu Xiaoyan had spent the entire battle waiting for this opening. None of her other abilities were much to talk about, not even her Blizzard. Her greatest strength was her Starwheel Shackles. Although it had a simple effect, the number of ways it could be used in combat were endless. If used at the correct moment, it could turn the tide of battle. 

Gu Yue turned to Xu Xiaoyan. “Go help Xinglan. I’ll help Wulin.” Green light enveloped her and she ran over to Tang Wulin. 

The time had come. In the three minutes they had before the match, Tang Wulin planned for Gu Yue and Xu Xiaoyan to lure one of their opponents in for an easy takedown. As long as they could take out one member of the second grade team, they could move on to the next phase of his plan. Xie Xie’s task was to take advantage of the blizzard to launch sneak attacks on support or control-type soul masters. Ye Xinglan was charged with keeping her opponents occupied. 

Now, it was time for Tang Wulin and Gu Yue to join forces to defeat Yuanen Yehui. 

Yuanen Yehui sent Tang Wulin flying with another thundering bombardment of attacks. Astonishment filled her crimson eyes. This was now her second time absolutely thrashing him. She thought it would be impossible for him to get back up again, but he overturned her expectations! Tang Wulin struggled to his feet once more and rolled his shoulders with a wince of pain. 

Then he charged her once more. 

Is he made of steel? Yuanen Yehui didn’t dare underestimate Tang Wulin. She witnessed him crushing a draconic soul beast instantly before, so she understood just how deadly his golden dragon claw was. 

After another brief exchange, she sent him flying again. 

At that moment, Gu Yue arrived. She raised her hand and sent a barrage of icicles and wind blades hurtling toward Yuanen Yehui. 

This surprised Yuanen Yehui. What are you doing getting near me? A elemental-type soul master getting into close-range is just seeking death! 

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