Chapter 405 - Devil Titan

Chapter 405 - Devil Titan

By bringing the full power of his draconic blood to bear and using Golden Dragon Body, Tang Wulin and his three soul rings were able to stand on even ground with the five-meter tall Yuanen Yehui whose strength was bolstered by Diamond Titan! 

Out of everyone present, this undoubtedly shocked Yuanen Yehui the most. She knew that Tang Wulin was strong, but she thought he wouldn’t be able to match her, especially since she just got her fourth soul ring. She had been certain that the gap between them had widened. Yet Tang Wulin’s strength surpassed all her expectations. His battle armor equipped dragon claw astounded her most of all. She had no choice but to bring out her reserve strength to resist the claw’s crushing effect. Even with a cultivation base of four soul rings, she couldn’t get off lightly before Tang Wulin’s attacks. 

Just how strong is this guy’s blood essence? Even with Diamond Titan activated, I can’t match his strength! Is this the difference between men and women? That can’t be! I’ve never met a guy as strong as him before! 

Tang Wulin felt free. His blood essence flowed in reverse, smooth and unhindered. His entire body felt as if it were aflame, blazing with strength. Every single one of his attacks hit like a truck, especially those he made with his right arm. The gauntlet amplified the effects of his blood essence, added weight to his punches, and made his golden dragon claw deadlier than ever. 

The basis of a battle armor’s power was the armor’s ability to fuse with its user. Only when it became one with its user could battle armor truly amplify its user’s abilities. Then, by nurturing it and increasing the compatibility rate, the user would be able to have the battle armor grow stronger alongside them. 

Although Tang Wulin didn’t craft his gauntlet with his own hands, by forging the star silver it had been made from, it was exceptionally compatible with him. The strength of his blood essence exceeded the norm to begin with, but with the gauntlet, his strength reached new heights. The gauntlet fully integrated with his Golden Dragon King bloodline, and after a few days of adapting to him, the gauntlet also brought newfound strength to it. 

Although he couldn’t defeat Yuanen Yehui right at that instant, he could easily keep her occupied. 

Yuanen Yehui’s gaze sharpened. Her first soul ring lit up, switching off with her third to use Titan Strength. Her immense body seemed to become more solid, an aura of unstoppable might growing thick around her. She had always been a straightforward person, so she refused to show weakness in the face of Tang Wulin’s strength.  

The two clashed again, the stage rumbling from the shockwaves created by their fists colliding once more. This time, Tang Wulin was the loser. He moved eight steps backward while Yuanen Yehui only retreated by three. However, the greatness of battle armor was apparent now. The majority of the impact had been mitigated by a burst of starlight that Tang Wulin’s gauntlet had released. Considering how tough his dragon claw was, he had sustained virtually no damage. His arm simply ached a little. He held his hand in front of his stomach, the scales on his arm rippling as if it were breathing. Taking that attack had depleted a lot of his stamina, and although he had lost that exchange, he suffered no actual setback. 

Tang Wulin sucked in a deep breath, his abdomen swelling as his lungs filled with air. His eyes shone with golden light, his aura of gold solidified, and a thundering draconic roar emanated from his body, reverberating through the air!

From his seat up on the platform, Scarlet Dragon Douluo Zhuo Shi stared wide-eyed. That brat really succeeded? 

Streams of gold converged around Tang Wulin to form an illusory dragon’s head behind him. He thrust his palms toward the sky and the dragon’s roar grew more intense. The space around him went into a frenzy, preventing the blizzard from even approaching him. 

A grim look appeared on Yuanen Yehui’s face. She took half a step forward with her left foot, squatted low to the ground, and used her fourth soul skill for the first time! 

The hair covering her titan body turned golden. Her body shrank a bit, but in exchange, her arms became twice as thick. Bent on all fours like a gorilla, her final form exuded a primal might. Crimson bloodlust filled her eyes.

She went into a berserk state exactly like that of the Diamond Baboon! 

This was no simple berserk state. Yuanen Yehui’s body had also transformed under its effects, combining the strongest traits of both the Titan Giant Ape and the Diamond Baboon. Although her eyes were crimson now, they were still clear and bright. The berserk state hadn’t affected her mind. This was the power of her fourth soul skill, which she got from her second soul ring, Devil Titan! 

As a result of the enmity between her Titan Giant Ape blood and the Diamond Baboon spirit soul, she had endured an arduous trial trying to fuse with the spirit soul. She had nearly faced cultivation deviation! But in the end, she succeeded in fusing with the Diamond Baboon spirit soul by using her Fallen Angel martial soul to suppress the two antagonistic bloodlines. 

The conflict between the bloodlines ultimately caused a mutation in her Titan Giant Ape martial soul. This led to her Titan Giant Ape form shrinking from five meters to four when she used Devil Titan. However, this certainly didn’t signify a decrease in her strength. On the contrary, her strength increased as much as it did when she used Diamond Titan! In addition to that, Devil Titan doubled the potency of all of her abilities! 

However, such power came with numerous restrictions. Yuanen Yehui had to use both Titan Strength and Diamond Titan before she could activate Devil Titan. Furthermore, she had to fuse with the Diamond Baboon spirit soul while using it. With three soul skills and the Berserk state piled atop each other, she consumed an immense amount of soul power. With her current cultivation level, she could only maintain this state for three minutes. 

But that would be a terrifying three minutes for her opponents. 

She hadn’t used this soul skill a single time when she sparred with Xie Xie, yet she was already feeling the pressure from her brief clashes with Tang Wulin. She had no choice but to play this card.

A dark-gold sheen now covered her body, the madness in her crimson eyes striking fear into the hearts of all who saw them. The oppressive aura around her could practically be touched at this point. Those around her found it hard to breathe. Three minutes? That’s more than enough!

Watching from the edge of the stage, astonishment colored the Holy Spirit Douluo’s face. Kids are so advanced these days! She’s so strong with just four rings! Extraordinary! 

Yuanen Yehui ferociously charged forward, swinging a gigantic fist toward Tang Wulin. While Yuanen Yehui underwent her Devil Titan transformation, Tang Wulin’s blood essence had recovered to peak strength. He pushed his palms out before him, the illusory golden dragon head roaring along with his movements and shooting forward. Everything within a five meter radius of him was instantly dyed gold.

He unleashed Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens!

Tang Wulin may not have eaten a bean bun this time, but he had spent the past three days refining Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens. The one he unleashed this time wasn’t any weaker than the one he used against Wu Siduo!

Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens met Yuanen Yehui head on! 

A shockwave erupted from the center of the stage where both powerful forces met. It tore through the arena, stirring up a frenzy of air and dust and shaking the hall with a deafening thunderclap. The dust cleared quickly, revealing Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui struggling against one another. A blazing red aura surrounded him, and her clenched fists were completely dyed gold, an effect of receiving Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens. 

Then the two suddenly broke away from each other, a gust of wind rising up into the vacuum their energies left between them. The gust dispersed the frigid winds of the blizzard around them. The next instant, both closed the gap once again, throwing another punch at each other. An even louder shockwave rocked the arena, the barrier covering the stage slightly wavering before the combined might of the two. 

The clash sent Tang Wulin flying backward, and he crashed into the barrier, bouncing off of it and onto the ground. Yuanen Yehui, on the other hand, managed to stand her ground, but her aura faded a bit. Five streaks of blood could be seen on her right fist, her right arm hanging limply at her side.

Despite her injuries, Yuanen Yehui didn’t let up on her assault. She raised her left fist and punched at the center of the blizzard with Air Cannon. 

Yuanen Yehui’s so powerful!

All of the spectating students watched with bated breath. 

Wu Siduo, who had been so confident of her strength, clenched her fists tightly. Could I stand toe-to-toe with Yuanen Yehui? Even if I used Hell White Tiger, I would only last a minute against her! That soul skill of hers is just too domineering! It’s even mightier than my Hell White Tiger. I was defeated after Tang Wulin unleashed that attack, but she still has strength to spare! 

The blast of air that came from Yuanen Yehui’s punch wasn’t colorless this time. It was a dull gold! It pierced through the blizzard with ease. She understood that the second strongest person on Tang Wulin’s team was Gu Yue. She didn’t know if Tang Wulin could still fight, but as long as Gu Yue still stood, then victory was not yet theirs! 

While her right arm hadn’t been ruined in her clash with Tang Wulin, the crushing effect of his dragon claw had still activated briefly and severely injured her. 

Her Devil Titan transformation now had one minute remaining. She had to secure her team’s victory in that minute!

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