Chapter 392 - Xu Lizhi of the Tang Sect

Chapter 392 - Xu Lizhi of the Tang Sect

The instant death of the python was proof of the wind blades’ lethality. Only death awaited Luo Guixing and Zheng Yiran if they were hit by it while unable to use their soul power.

A beam of light descended and enveloped the two of them. The light swallowed up the wind blades without letting any harm come to the two students. 

Then in the next moment, the light brought Luo Guixing and Zheng Yiran to the Holy Spirit Douluo’s side. They were eliminated! 

While this was happening, Yang Nianxia finally reached Gu Yue and Xu Xiaoyan. 

Xu Xiaoyan stepped forward and shot an ice spear at him. 

Yang Nianxia swatted it with his bear paw, smashing it into pieces! 

“Gu Yue, run!” Xu Xiaoyan shouted as she threw open her arms and rushed forward to stop Yang Nianxia. She knew that as long she could hold back Yang Nianxia and buy some time, Gu Yue would be able to defeat him. 

Contrary to Luo Guixing’s gloom, Yang Nianxia was filled with satisfaction now. In the end, it all comes down to my strength! He was almost upon them. There was no way he would let the two girls escape now. 

He grabbed for Xu Xiaoyan’s shoulder with his left hand, careful not to seriously harm her, as he stomped with his right foot. The trembling ground was sure to disrupt Gu Yue’s concentration. 

All four of my teammates have been eliminated, and in the end, it’s all up to me save the day! 

His hand landed on Xu Xiaoyan’s shoulder and he moved to throw her over his shoulder. But at that moment, he was kicked behind his right knee! His leg lost power and his stomp went wide, kicking into nothing but air. The sudden change in his center caused him to stumbled, and he nearly fell down. Then, to his astonishment, Xu Xiaoyan disappeared from his grasp. In her place was the chubby Xu Lizhi!

“Hehe. Don’t forget about me.”

It’s him? 

The the spectators’ jaws dropped. 

What’s he doing? 

Yang Nianxia was struck dumb as well. From beginning to end, he had never seen Xu Lizhi as a combatant! However, the fatty now stood between him and Xu Xiaoyan.

Isn’t he a food-type soul master? What was his name again? Xu Lizhi I think?

Xu Lizhi stood face-to-face with him, staring at Yang Nianxia in defiance. He moved his hands in a circular motion, gentle waves of white soul power emanating from his palms.  

His actions startled his teammates, not to mention his opponent! Xu Lizhi’s kick had saved both Xu Xiaoyan and Gu Yue. 

Isn’t he a food-type soul master? Why do his actions feel so familiar? Tang Wulin stared wide-eyed. 

Yang Nianxia snarled and threw a punch at Xu Lizhi. He couldn’t forgive himself for being stopped by a food-type soul master. 

Xu Lizhi’s feet danced in a mystifying pattern, moving his plump body with shocking nimbleness! He moved to the side, evading Yang Nianxia’s punch. Then he pushed out with both palms, sending Yang Nianxia staggering back several steps. This brief exchange decided the battle!

A giant fireball flew over and exploded in Yang Nianxia’s face! 

Yang Nianxia’s dark gold fur flared up when the blast struck him, mitigating the majority of the impact. But he still stumbled backward, and Xu Lizhi seized this opening. He hooked his foot behind Yang Nianxia’s heel while he thrusted his palm into his opponent’s stomach. Yang Nianxia stumbled back another few steps. If not for his excellent sense of balance, he would have fell onto his butt. 

Then another fireball flew into him and exploded. 

Yang Nianxia just barely managed to raise a fist to protect himself from the blast, but Gu Yue’s bombardment was just beginning. Fireballs slammed into him rapidfire. A series of booms shook the arena. Though he could just barely defend himself with his fists, there was no advancing for him now. 

Xu Xiaoyan casually walked over while condensing an ice spear in her hand. 

There was no suspense left in the battle. Anyone with half a brain could see that it was Tang Wulin’s team’s victory. The spectating students all stood in dumbstruck silence. They had thought the odds favored the rankers at the beginning, and then were sure of their victory when Wu SIduo transformed into the Hell White Tiger. But Xie Xie took gravely injured Xu Yucheng and Tang Wulin took Wu Siduo down with him. Even then, they thought the rankers the likely victors. They believed Yang Nianxia coculd easily deal with Gu Yue and Xu Xiaoyan. However, their expectations were overturned once more! In the end, Tang Wulin’s team seized victory against all expectations!

Xu Xiaoyan gave a brilliant smile as she approached. Her third soul ring didn’t only grant her Blizzard, but also granted a soul skill to her Starwheel Ice Staff. She could now use the Starwheel Shackles in broad daylight. It was this final hidden card that won them victory. 

She believed that even if Xu Lizhi hadn’t acted, Gu Yue would have easily been able to take down Yang Nianxia with her control over the elements and ability to teleport. Only their team understood how strong Gu Yue truly was. She hadn’t even gone all out in this battle! 

“Stop!” Wu Zhangkong’s cold voice resounded on stage. 

Yang Nianxia stumbled a few more steps backward after the bombardment of fireballs stopped, lowering his fists to reveal a face full of shame. 

“The match is over. Victory goes to Tang Wulin’s team,” Wu Zhangkong announced as he ascended to the stage. 

“We did it! We won!” Xu Xiaoyan grabbed Gu Yue’s hand and bounced up and down with joy, tears streaming down her face. 

A distance away, Tang Wulin supported Xie Xie up, who had been treated by the Holy Spirit Douluo. Although Xie Xie was pale, stubborn pride gleamed in his eyes. We won! We really won! I wasn’t a burden on my friends!

In contrast, Tang Wulin’s lips were pursed together grimly. We did it. I’ve finally proved myself. 

Lending an arm to Xie Xie, the two walked over to join their friends on the stage. Once they were all together, they exchanged hugs and cried together, proclaiming their victory.

“We won! We’re the winners!

“We’re the strongest!”

Wu Siduo watched from the side of the stage, utterly dumbstruck. Xu Yucheng’s complexion paled further when he saw them celebrating. Luo Guixing’s face was ashen, not a trace of a smile on his lips. Zheng Yiran watched in contempt. She hadn’t had a chance to display her full strength throughout the entire battle.  Only Yang Nianxia still stood on stage, but he was just like the rest of the audience. The victory celebrations had nothing to do with him. The losers would be forgotten. 

In the middle of their celebrations, Gu Yue extracted herself from her friends and walked over to the edge of the stage, jumped down, and walked over to Ye Xinglan, who had stood up at some point and watched with clenched fists. Without giving her a chance to react, Gu Yue took her into a big hug. 

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