Chapter 390 - Blood Essence Reversal, Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens!

Chapter 390 - Blood Essence Reversal, Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens!

Ye Xinglan slashed the star silver nine more times. Streams of light burst from the metal in an instant and it soared into the air. 

A dragon roared from within Tang Wulin’s right hand, his blood essence trembling with excitement. A pattern of golden lines surfaced on his skin. As he subconsciously raised his right hand, a golden light enveloped it and traveled up his forearm. 

She succeeded? 

Everyone was entranced by this scene. Ye Xinglan fell on her butt, her complexion pale, but her eyes never left the miracle around Tang Wulin’s hand. 

The golden light around his hand condensed, vaguely taking on the form of a dragon’s head. It curled around his forearm and roared, shining brighter than before. 

They had succeeded. They successfully created the first piece of Tang Wulin’s battle armor. 


Battle armor!

Tang Wulin’s right gauntlet drew everyone’s eyes like moths to a flame. The three protruding blades added an aggressive touch, emphasizing the sharpness and danger of his enlarged claws. Its power was obvious with just a glance.

Normally, in order to possess a body capable of equipping a full set of one-word battle armor, one must have at least five soul rings. Tang Wulin currently had three. Logic dictated that he shouldn’t be able to equip even a single piece of armor!  However, his gauntlet was made of spirit alloy. As such, the requirements to use it were lower. Besides that, his right hand was the strongest part of his body, and with the power of the Golden Dragon King flowing through his veins, his body was sturdier than an ordinary person’s. These factors all came together to produce the strength necessary to equip the gauntlet. 

At the start, the entire first grade had been convinced of Tang Wulin’s team’s inevitable defeat. After this amazing display, with the spectacle before them emblazoned vividly into their minds, doubt crept into their hearts.

It’s actually battle armor! The thing we’re all aiming for! I can’t believe the class president would keep quiet about this! Oh right! He’s an amazing blacksmith. Maybe he really is suited for being class president? 

Recovering from her shock, Wu Siduo threw her massive body at Tang Wulin, swiping a claw at him with lightning speed. 

So what if you have battle armor? I have a soul fusion skill! It’s just one piece anyway. Even if it’s made of spirit alloys, there’s still a limit! 

Tang Wulin formed a fist with his claw and punched forward. The ground cracked beneath his feet, the surrounding air whipping into a frenzy as his fist shot out. Although there was soul power imbued in this punch, its true power came from his absolute strength!

A shockwave erupted at the moment of collision. 

At the same time, the spectating students hung from the edge of their seats. What they were viewing might be the deciding clash!

The Hell White Tiger’s claw swipe sent Tang Wulin crashing into the arena’s barrier. 

“Oh!” the spectators exclaimed in unison. So the Hell White Tiger is stronger in the end! Even with battle armor, he can’t win? 

However, the students with good eyes were able to pick up one important detail. Although Tang Wulin was sent flying backward, the Hell White Tiger’s paw flickered transparent upon impact. Is the Hell White Tiger really the one who won that clash? 

Tang Wulin answered their questions in the next moment. He took advantage of the barrier’s elasticity as he slammed into it and bounced right back, the draconic roar from his body growing louder and piercing through the air! 

Blood essence reversal!

His body shined a radiant gold as his blood essence thrashed and thundered, giving him the appearance of golden ball of flames. 


Wu Siduo felt as if she were facing a blazing sun. A split second later, Tang Wulin arrived in front of her. 

The Hell White Tiger raised its head, its form no longer flickering. Finally feeling threatened, she gathered all her strength into one swipe of the claw!

An impassioned roar pieced the hearts and ears of everyone present, the rage and depth of it forcing them to squeeze their eyes shut for a second. When they opened them again, they saw an enormous illusory dragon stretched wide across the entire stage, roaring at the heavens. Its existence shook the world!

Tang Wulin had used his battle armor as a distraction to eat two Bloodthirst Bean Buns and complete the technique taught to him by his grandteacher, Dragon Shocks the Heavens! When Zhuo Shi used it, it was Scarlet Dragon Shocks the Heavens. But for Tang Wulin, it was Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens!

The golden dragon released another thundering roar, its regal might weighing down on everyone present!

The Hell White Tiger no longer seemed so massive in its presence. The two clashed in an explosion of light. Everyone squinted their eyes but to no avail, the sharp glare too blinding to see what was happening.

A boom tore through the air and a figure rolled out. It was Dark Bear Yang Nianxia!

Zheng Yiran burst out next. Her poison fog had been dispersed by the chaotic energy, so she regrouped at the edge of the arena with Luo Guixing. Her face was twisted into a scowl. 

Never had it crossed her mind Tang Wulin was hiding such a powerful move! Just having battle armor alone wasn’t enough to achieve such might. 

Just who’s going to win? This one question echoed through the minds of everyone watching. 

The light gradually died down, the forms of Wu Siduo and Tang Wulin growing crisper and more defined by the second. Wu Siduo staggered back a few steps before falling to her knees. Tang Wulin was in no better state, and he fell to his but with his face pale as ash. 

The two locked gazes. Tang Wulin’s face was grim, but his eyes blazed with fighting spirit . On the other hand, Wu Siduo had no life to her stare, still in denial about what had just happened. In a one-on-one battle where she had used Hell White Tiger, she tasted defeat! Her belief that she was the strongest among her peers was overturned today! 

Another person had been swept up by the explosion and was transported to the Holy Spirit Douluo’s side. Xu Yucheng. If the Holy Spirit Douluo hadn’t saved him, he would have suffered grave injuries. However, this meant that he was the second person to be eliminated from the battle.

The blizzard that Gu Yue and Xu Xiaoyan had been casting to target the rankers was dispersed by the explosion. Tang Wulin hadn’t expected such an outcome.

Gu Yue stood in front of Xu Xiaoyan and Xu Lizhi, crumbling ice and earth walls in front of her. It had taken all her strength to defend them from the chaotic energies. 

Two beams of light shot out from the Holy Spirit Douluo, then Tang Wulin and Wu Siduo appeared at her side. 

They were both eliminated! It was three versus three now!

Yang Nianxia crawled up from the floor, his complexion pale, blood trickling out of the corner of his mouth. He had received explosion’s blast directly. Even if he had a sturdy body, he had still taken the most collateral damage. Yet despite his tattered state, he still possessed some fighting power. 

Zheng Yiran wore an ugly expression. Without Yang Ninaxia acting as the vanguard, she knew she was in a precarious position due to her poison specialty and lack of any real defensive ability. Like Yang Nianxia, a stream of blood trickled out of the corner of her mouth. 

Of the ranker team, only Luo Guixing was in perfect condition.

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