Chapter 387 - All Out

Chapter 387 - All Out

Rays of gold seeped into Xu Yucheng at an alarming rate, mixing with the darkness of his frail body and sending his muscles into a spasm. He collapsed onto the ground. 

A moment later, Xie Xie sank to the floor as well. A beam of light enveloped his body and transported him out of the arena. His complexion could rival snow and pain seared every inch of his body, but a proud smile tugged at the corner of his lips.

If it were a one-on-one battle with more space to move around, it would have taken much longer to decide the battle. However, this was a team event! As such, he had succeeded in taking out Xu Yucheng! 


A thundering explosion. Xie Xie flew backwards in the air and collided with the arena’s barrier. He groaned, blood seeping out of his nose and mouth. 

“You’re too weak,” said Yuanen Yehui, cold enough to freeze. 

Xie Xie gritted his teeth as he struggled to stand. Without a word, he charged at her. 

This scene had played out countless times. His body had long since been littered with bruises and lacerations. But not once did he relent. No matter how tattered he was, he would push himself back on his feet and launch his body at Yuanen Yehui. He neither complained about the pain nor did he hesitate in the face of more. Futile as it was, Xie Xie refused to back down. 

Indeed, he didn’t stop. Not until his body was completely drained of strength. Not until he collapsed and his shaking limbs were numb and lame.  However, at this point he couldn’t even curl his pinky finger anymore.

As Yuanen Yehui approached him, the way she looked at him changed. “Why are doing this?” 

“I want to help my friends win the tournament. I have to go all out,” croaked Xie Xie. “The only way I can grow strong enough is by learning from you.” 

“If you’re prepared to give it your all, then…” 


In the span of a moment, a wheel of ice materialized and zipped toward Xu Yucheng without making a sound. The timing was impeccable, as expected from Xu Xiaoyan. 

Silver light flashed around Xu Yucheng as Luo Guixing finally used Spatial Retreat. Although Yang Nianxia was only ten meters away from Xu Yucheng, that was ten meters too far! He would never have made it in time to save their weakened teammate, and Luo Guixing couldn’t afford to sit idly as he was eliminated. 

The second Xu Yucheng disappeared to safety, a furious hiss filled the air. Tang Wulin’s punch sent Wu Siduo flying. Then golden vines shot out of the ground to impale her. 

Although Wu Siduo was an agility-type, it was impossible for her to evade this attack! Her only option had been to defend herself with an attack of her own. But to her surprise, the golden bluesilver grass was extraordinarily tough and left no openings. If she wasn’t careful, then she would be restrained. Faced with these obstacles, Wu Siduo had no choice but to use her third soul skill, Hell Slash, and breakthrough by force! 

Before she could activate it, however, a golden strand of grass had struck her from behind. On the other hand, the grass that had attempted to shackle her movement retreated, evading her Hell Slash. She thrust out her palms and switched her martial soul. White Tiger Diamond Transformation! Letting out a beastly roar, Wu Siduo flipped around to swipe at her pursuers, Tang Wulin and Gu Yue. 

Gu Yue hurled her signature ice spear composed of ice, fire, and wind. Upon release, the fire component exploded and accelerated the icicle to breakneck speeds. Following that, the wind component kicked in and sped it up even further! 

Wu Siduo slapped the approaching projectile, smashing it to smithereens. But she didn’t come out unscathed. She flinched from the impact, her movements growing sluggish as a chill invaded her body. 

In that split-second opening, Tang Wulin worked in unison with his bluesilver grass to attack from both the front and the rear! His golden soul ring lit up as he activated Golden Dragon Body and a radiant aura burst from his body. It looked as if his entire being were lit ablaze. He clenched his claw into a fist and punched at Wu Siduo while making a pulling motion with his left hand! He was also using the Tang Sect secret art, Controlling Crane, Capturing Dragon! Then he turned his attention to Yang Nianxia, who was madly charging his way. His eyes flashed purple and Yang Nianxia stumbled, nearly tripping!

“Hmph!” Driven into a corner, Wu Siduo decided to show off her power. She didn’t care about the grass’s rear assault. She circulated soul power into her palm and held it out, ready to receive Tang Wulin’s second punch. 

A boom tore through the air. Tang Wulin stood firm and immovable, but Wu Siduo retreated three steps backward. 

Although her soul power exceeded Tang Wulin’s, she had just taken Gu Yue’s attack and the amplification effects of Golden Dragon Body completely overshadowed those of White Tiger Diamond Transformation! 

While she recovered from the clash, the bluesilver grass zipped toward her like lightning, binding her body in a vice-like grip. 

Wu Siduo sent all her strength into her arms, struggling to escape. “Break!” 

In her mind, there was no way some measly bluesilver grass could restrain her while White Tiger Diamond Transformation was in effect, even if this was Tang Wulin’s third soul skill. However, the more she struggled, the more brilliantly the grass shined golden. The grass showed no sign of tearing. 

This is bad! It’s his spirit soul!  Wu Siduo finally realized what was going on, but it was too late. Tang Wulin arrived before her, his golden dragon claw swinging toward her head. In the face of his claw, even iron would flatten, not to mention bone.

Because Luo Guixing had recently used Spatial Retreat, it was impossible to teleport Wu Siduo out of danger. Recently recovering from the effects of Purple Demon Eyes, Yang Nianxia resumed his charge at Tang Wulin. However, there were still three meters separating them It was impossible for him to make it in time to save Wu Siduo. 

You can only rely on yourself! Tang Wulin recalled the words of his father from long ago during his attack. 

Fire roared in Wu Siduo’s eyes as light exploded from her body, repelling Tang Wulin and destroying her golden shackles. She caught up to Tang Wulin in an instant and finally unleashed her soul fusion skill, Hell White Tiger!

It wasn’t her first time using the skill, yet the overwhelming might she exuded elicited many cries of alarm from spectating students. 

Wu Siduo’s Hell White Tiger was a skill that lifted her strength far above those of her peers. It was this skill that crystallized her position as the ranker team’s supporting pillar. As long as they had the Hell White Tiger, they were invincible. 

During these events, The Holy Spirit Douluo watched with rapt attention. Xie Xie now lay before her, wrapped in a cocoon of light that obscured his figure. After witnessing Wu Siduo’s activation of Hell White Tiger, she gave a subtle nod of approval. Hell White Tiger allowed Wu Siduo to display strength that exceeded a five-ringed Soul King’s! It was extremely rare for a thirteen-year-old to possess such power. 

But the Holy Spirit Douluo also noticed Gu Yue’s retreating figure even as Tang Wulin’s fist was in the process of thrusting forward. She withdrew all the way back to Xu Xiaoyan’s side, and the two girls joined hands. Icy light swirled around and swallowed their bodies whole. 

What are those two girls doing…?

Little did she know, these actions had been sketched in advance. In a team planning session, Tang Wulin had proclaimed that he would handle Wu Siduo’s Hell White Tiger. If he put every ounce of energy into the confrontation, he might be able to suppress her until her transformation ended. Tang Wulin had then instructed the rest of his team to deal with the remaining rankers.

Meanwhile, Wu Siduo chased after Tang Wulin, but in doing so, she blocked Yang Nianxia’s charge. 

Tang Wulin retreated, reaching into his back pocket to retrieve two buns. Gu Yue and Xu Xiaoyan also took out a bun each. 

Without hesitation, Tang Wulin popped them into his mouth, chewed, and swallowed. Strength surged through his body. A layer of red mixed in with his golden scales and his eyes glowed a crimson-gold. Now he truly looked on fire. He straightened his shoulders and stood tall, giving off a more mature aura.. His bones popped, eerie and unsettling, as the scales on his arm grew larger. His top ripped apart and revealed the well-toned body underneath covered in glowing golden lines. Golden scales peppered his entire right arm, extending halfway across his chest. 

He moved his arms in circles and a dragon’s roar arose from deep within his body. His impressive aura became three times as majestic as before! Even in her Hell White Tiger form, Wu Siduo instinctually felt an inkling of fear when facing him. Yang Nianxia was awed, his stare never leaving Tang Wulin. 

What is he doing? How did his aura become so mighty? Yang Nianxia no longer dared to attack him.. Instinct told him to absolutely avoid Tang Wulin’s golden dragon claw!

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