Chapter 378 - New Companions

Chapter 378 - New Companions

“Did they plan this?” Xie Xie was fuming. “They’re just taking advantage of this competition to single you out. I bet they knew about the match a long time ago.” 

“It’s fine.” Tang Wulin shook his head, then turned to Ye Xinglan. “As you just saw, I’m being shunned by our classmates right now.” He made to return to his seat. 

“Wait a second,” she called out. 

“Huh?” Tang Wulin stopped in his tracks, turning back to face her. 

Knowing the situation, he thought that no reasonable person would want to join his team.Ye Xinglan singlehandedly shattered his expectations.

She rose from her seat and looked him straight in the eye. “Actually, I like being isolated. I’ll join you guys.” 

Like an ocean wave, her words swept through the classroom, leaving everyone drenched in shock. She likes being isolated? There are actually people like this? Is she crazy? 

Unlike the others, Tang Wulin picked up on the unwavering solemnity in her eyes. This girl’s got some story to her! 

“Alright. Welcome to the team.” Tang Wulin offered his hand and Ye Xinglan accepted. 

Xu Lizhi grinned as he watched. “Great! This is fantastic!” 

After shaking hands with Ye Xinglan, Tang Wulin flipped around, shifting his attention to the spectators in the room. “I’m sure everyone’s aware of the situation by now,” he said, making sure to project his voice. “There’s this idea floating around that I’m unjustly occupying the position of class president. And to that, I have to say no. I earned this position with my strength. Since some of you don’t believe that, use this competition to verify for yourselves. If me and my team aren’t selected to represent our class, I will resign from being the class president.” 

Tang Wulin paused to let his words sink in, directing his gaze toward Wu Siduo, Luo Guixing, Xu Yucheng, Yang Nianxia, and Zheng Yiran. His eyes flickered gold, his pupils narrowing into vertical slits as he stared them down, blood essence surging within his body. “But if my team wins, don’t you dare provoke me!” 

His declaration struck everyone mute. The crowd parted as he made his way to the front of the classroom, confidence dripping from his body.

“Report your groups to me here,” Tang Wulin said.  

Luo Guixing was the first to approach him, a faint smile on his lips. “Class president, here’s my group of five.” 

The two locked gazes. Luo Guixing wore his usual insincere smile, which contrasted with Tang Wulin’s serene expression. No one could fathom their thoughts.

An explosive aura around the two, akin to a ticking time bomb, kept the rest of the class holding their tongues. One by one each group signed up, letting slip not a peep in the process. Some looked at Tang Wulin with eyes of contempt. Some sneered, others were indifferent, and some even showed sympathy. 

However, there was no one who truly saw him for who he was. Luo Guixing’s team of five rankers was powerful, especially with a top ten ranker like Wu Siduo amidst them. On the other hand, the cornerstones of Tang Wulin’s group were him and Gu Yue. Compared to them, Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan weren’t anything special. Even with the addition of the two new students, no one believed they could overcome that golden team. 

“You may all leave now,” Tang Wulin said after accomplishing his duty, promptly making for the door. 

Gu Yue, Xie Xie, Xu Xiaoyan, Xu Lizhi, and Ye Xinglan followed him out. 

The moment the last of their team left the classroom, everyone exploded into chatter.

“Who does he think he is to provoke the Five Greats?” This statement mirrored the majority’s thoughts. 

Yang Nianxia frowned and motioned to Luo Guixing. “Why is he so confident? 

In terms of strength, he should fall a bit short of us. Gu Yue’s the one we should be concerned about. Even so, that only makes two of them who are worth something.”

“Please. Confidence? It looks to me like he’s just bluffing,” Zheng Yiran said mockingly. “Things have already progressed so far, but he just refuses to admit defeat. Now we just have to come up with the best method to knock him down in the class tournament. Didn’t he say he would resign if they’re defeated? Let’s see if he keeps his word when the time comes.” 

Luo Guixing narrowed his eyes. “It wasn’t merely coincidence or luck that Tang Wulin became the class president. Strength also played a role. Besides, I’m certain he wouldn’t make such a declaration without some basis. He probably knows those two new students. I don’t think that Ye Xinglan is any ordinary person.”

“So what?” Wu Siduo didn’t seem one bit concerned. “Just me alone is enough to deal with their entire team.” Her words rang true. With Hell White Tiger, there was no one in her soul ring level that could stand against her. Not only that, she had four soul rings! Because Tang Wulin had just gained his third ring, she barely gave him another thought. 

Not only did they join hands to target Tang Wulin, they also wished to fight in the match against the second grade. Defeating those stronger than them yielded the most course credit, and like how water flows downstream, a team of five powerful people would result in a powerful team! 


The first thing Tang Wulin did after leaving the classroom was pay a visit to the teachers’ office, handling the matter of his previous group’s division. He didn’t explain the situation to them. If he did, it would have have come off as him complaining. His pride forbid him from doing that. 

As soon as he concluded his business in the teacher’s office, he led his teammates to his blacksmith’s workshop. From start to finish, his expression was nothing less than tranquil. 

They were isolated from the world once the door shut behind them. Tang Wulin swept his gaze across his teammates and said in a low voice, “I’m sorry. I’ve dragged you all into my troubles. I’ve been neglecting my responsibilities as class president too much and that has lead to the current situation.” 

Gu Yue frowned. “How can you be blamed for that? They were clearly targeting all of us. And so what if they’re working together now? What do we have to be afraid of?”

Tang Wulin smiled wryly at her response. “I’m not worried about that. Actually, I brought you all here to discuss the plans Gu Yue and I had for the future. Perhaps you guys will be interested in joining in. I won’t lie, there are a few quirks that need to be hammered out, but if we succeed, our future growth will be tremendous! 

“Luo Guixing and Wu Siduo withdrew from our group, so I went to the teachers’ office and applied to form a new mecha making group with the six of us here. But we’re not going to make mechas.” The corners of his lips tilted upward. “We’re going to make battle armor. 

Ye Xinglan’s eyes went wide at the mention of battle armor, her gaze firmly fixed on Tang Wulin. 

Tang Wulin explained his and Gu Yue’s plan regarding the usage of spirit alloys for their one-word battle armor. 

Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan could only listen passively. Their knowledge on blacksmithing was surface-level at best, but from the vibrant way in which Tang Wulin spoke of spirit alloys, they understood that such metal was powerful and challenging to work with. 

However, Xu Lizhi and Ye Xinglang were from the inner court. It was impossible for them not to know how amazing spirit alloy was. 

Ye Xinglan’s expression finally broke from its usual cool indifference. “I never expected such ideas from the outer court. Count me in.” 

Tang Wulin faced Xu Lizhi. “How about you?” 

Xu Lizhi grinned. “Count me in too.” 

Xu Xiaoyan and Xie Xie exchanged a look, their expressions grim. 

Forcing out a bitter smile, Xie Xie said, “Boss, I’ve been working hard, but I can’t advance in my profession in just one or two days. There’s nothing I can do to contribute to this plan!” 

Tang Wulin shook his head. “Don’t worry about it and take it easy. We still have time. We have six years to make a one-word battle armor. This method might require more time than the normal way, but if we’re successful, we’ll speed through making two-word battle armors. The normal way won’t be able to compare.”

He turned to Xu Lizhi and Ye Xinglan. “So, what are your professions?” 

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