Chapter 375 - Eyes

Chapter 375 - Eyes

Gu Yue snorted, indignant about their situation. 

Tang Wulin pressed his lips into a meek smile. “They think it’s impossible for us, so we’ll just have to show them. Gu Yue, we’ll still use magic silver in your armor. But heavy silver isn’t suitable for you. That means no jade silver either. I think essence gold would be a better alternative. Magic silver and essence gold can be forged together into spirit gold, an alloy with great elemental amplification properties.” 

“Okay. I’ll just listen to you,” Gu Yue said immediately. “What about you then? What are you going to use?” 

“For me… I’ll still try my hand with heavy silver as the base since I’m so familiar with it. It’s also very dense, perfect for a foundational metal. Then I’ll add star iron to form star silver.” He rubbed his chin. “Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. Star silver is really strong, has good soul power amplification properties, and can give way to so many possibilities when I add more metals to it in the future. My bloodline might be special, but I can’t rely on just it. I have to think about how to grow my bluesilver grass as well, so star silver is the most suitable metal for me right now. The two alloys are about as hard to forge as jade silver. Well, actually, your spirit gold is a tad bit more difficult, but I think I’ll be able to pull it off. As for how high the harmony rate will be… that’ll be up to luck.” 

“It’s settled then. Since you already have heavy silver and magic silver, I’ll go get some star iron and essence gold for you,” said Gu Yue.  

“You will?” Tang Wulin stared at her in astonishment. Star iron and essence gold were far more valuable than heavy silver or magic silver. The only reason he had decided on these alloys was because Yue Zhengyu was providing him with heavy silver and magic silver. 

Gu Yue had never talked about her family before and always lived a simple life, seldom indulging in any luxuries. He always thought her situation was similar to his own. 

“Where are you going to get all that money from?” Tang Wulin asked. 

“You don’t have to worry about it. Just focus on forging. I’ll handle the metal. We have lots of metal at the Spirit Pagoda, you know? And I’m the vice-chairman’s direct disciple.” 

“Don’t force yourself! We can work on it together, and if worst comes to worst, I can just sell some of my alloys to get the funds necessary. They should fetch quite a sum if I do.” 

“It’s fine, I can handle this,” said Gu Yue.  

Her determination moved him, bright like a flame. “Let’s tell Xiaoyan and Xie Xie about this when we get back. We’ll let them practice with their group first, then once they’re more skilled, we can help them make a one-word armor as well.” 

“Okay. I’ll head back first,” said Gu Yue. “There’s a lot I have to change in the designs now that we’re going to use spirit alloys. The original circuit core isn’t suitable anymore. I’ll need to think about this.” 

Wu Siduo and Luo Guixing’s concerns had made sense. If Tang Wulin couldn’t guarantee high harmony rate alloys, then it was too risky for them to make their one-word battle armor with alloys. This was also why Tang Wulin agreed to find another maker. 

Since those two weren’t making their battle armor now, he had to find someone else to fill the gap. As for who, he had no clue. 

Originally, he had originally been uncertain about this plan, but Wu Siduo and Luo Guixing’s attitude toward him and Gu Yue helped him steel his resolve. Everyone had their own pride and Tang Wulin was no exception. 

He convinced himself that he could prevail through his efforts. Although his martial soul was the trashy bluesilver grass and his Goldlight had been a defective spirit soul, through sheer perseverance, he grew stronger. Now he was the class president of Shrek Academy’s first grade. Even Goldlight evolved to become Goldsong. Compared to everything that he had been through, this challenge was nothing. A speck at the bottom of his shoe. No matter what obstacles came his way, he’d face them one step at a time. 


A cool evening breeze greeted Gu Yue once she stepped outside. She frequently left campus for the Spirit Pagoda to handle her personal affairs. 

Not long after she passed through the gates, a glossy black SUV pulled up in front of her. A tall man got out of the driver’s seat and walked over to open the door for her. 

If Tang Wulin were present, he would have been shocked. It would have been the most luxurious soul car he had ever laid eyes on. 

Gu Yue entered the vehicle. The interior flaunted red leather seats and tanned wood covers accented by shiny metal linings and gems. 

She took her seat calmly. “Prepare ten tons of essence gold and star silver for me.” 

“Yes, young miss,” answered the driver.  

“Let’s get going to the Spirit Pagoda then.” 

“Understood.” The black SUV pulled onto the road and sped off. Despite how fast the vehicle was going, Gu Yue didn’t experience a single bump or hear anything from outside. She relaxed into the soft leather seats, leaning against the window as she watched cars zoom by. As she stared out at the world, her eyes gradually lost focus. 

A while later, the SUV rolled to a stop in front of the Spirit Pagoda headquarters. Once again the driver got off to open the door for Gu Yue, a hand hovering protectively over her head as she got disembarked. 

As Gu Yue headed toward the Spirit Pagoda headquarters, the driver returned to the vehicle and drove off into the darkness. 

Gu Yue made straight for the elevator and up to Leng Yaozhu’s office. 

“Oh, you’re here?” Leng Yaozhu smiled in greeting. “Your mom just called me and asked how you were doing. She’s really worried about you, you know!” 

Gu Yue laughed. “What’s there to be worried about? With you around, who would dare harm me?” 

The corner of Leng Yaozhu’s mouth quirked up a bit, but it wasn’t quite a smile. “Yueyue, I found out about your little secret now.” 

“What secret?” Gu Yue asked suspiciously.

Leng Yaozhu smirked. “Your eyes.” 

“My eyes?” Her confusion was evident by her creased brows. 

“There’s something different about your eyes when you look at Tang Wulin. You weren’t looking at him like he was just anybody. So, you’ve got something going on with him?” 

“I don’t!” .

“I’ve looked into Tang Wulin’s background. He obtained a defective spirit soul from us in the past yet he was still able to make it into Shrek Academy. Unbelievable.” 

Gu Yue’s expression darkened. “You investigated him?” 

Leng Yaozhu chuckled. “Of course I investigated the person our little princess is interested in. But you don’t have to worry. We won’t interfere with your life. If you really do like him, then that’s that. As a student at Shrek, he’s got the qualifications to be with you. Your family is really open-minded too, so they won’t act all melodramatic about it. Just don’t forget that you’re only thirteen years old. It’s too early for you to be thinking about this kind of stuff. If you’re serious about wanting to date him, then at least wait a few years until you two are both more mature.” 

Gu Yue blushed, blurting out in a fluster, “No way! Stop talking such nonsense, Teacher! We’re just classmates and nothing more!” 

“Mhm. Sure. If that’s what you want to call it,” Leng Yaozhu said with an eyebrow raised. “That Tang Wulin’s quite a catch though. He might not be very powerful right now, but he shows great potential. I watched his battle with the Demon Lizard Dragon, and was shocked when he completely suppressed it with his aura and killed it in one hit. You guys wouldn’t have made it to the twelfth floor if not for him. If my guess is right, he has a draconic bloodline. I’m not sure which one it is, but it’s definitely inclined towards pure strength. 

“Although the Demon Lizard Dragon is a land dragon, its draconic blood is quite strong. The fact that he could suppress it shows how formidable his bloodline is. Though, it’s a pity about his martial soul. A strong bloodline won’t be enough to make up for that. Are you sure he doesn’t have twin martial souls?”  

Gu Yue frowned. “I’m not sure either. His body’s situation is special. HIs bloodline can produce a golden ring, but I’m absolutely certain it’s not an actual soul ring. The aura is completely different. He’s able to use that power even without a single drop of soul power in his body.” 

“Hmm. Let’s just watch for now then. It’s really a pity that the Tang Sect has already snatched him away,” said Leng Yaozhu, sighing. “Otherwise, I’d definitely have recruited him. Those other kids are quite something as well. They may not be as talented as you, but they can still be considered geniuses. Well, that’s to be expected from Shrek.”

“Let’s begin,” Gu Yue said. 

“Mn.” Leng Yaozhu waved her hand and a metal door on the side of the room opened.

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