Chapter 369 - The Mighty Diamond Baboon

Chapter 369 - The Mighty Diamond Baboon

Even back when soul beasts littered the land, Titan Giant Apes and Diamond Baboons would be at each other’s throats the moment they laid eyes on each other. Diamond Baboons knew they couldn’t kill the Titan Giant Apes, but they would rather die trying. Yuanen Yehui bore no grudge against this Diamond Baboon, but as soon as she unleashed her Titan Giant Ape martial soul, her eyes went crimson with fury. The Diamond Baboon beat its chest and roared, then dropped onto all fours and bounded toward her.

Tang Wulin understood how powerful this baboon was and chose not to use his bluesilver grass. It couldn’t possibly stand up to the baboon’s strength as it currently was. Instead, he opted to use his Golden Dragon King abilities, immediately activating Golden Dragon Body. A brilliant golden soul ring appeared beside him as he devoured a red bean bun, and charged at the baboon.

“Yuanen is just becoming less and less womanly,” Xie Xie muttered to himself. He sighed, then rushed over to join Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui, approaching from the Diamond Baboon’s flank like a proper agility-type soul master.

Once the three rushed out, Yue Zhengyu unfurled his pure white wings and used his second soul skill, a holy sword materializing in his hand. Gu Yue directed the elements in the air, her hands moving nonstop.

Every single one of them acted in perfect sync!

As the rest of her team sprang into action, Yuanen Yehui crashed into the Diamond Baboon, the air around them exploding into a frenzied gale.

With Diamond Titan activated, she stood a little over five meters tall. Although her frame was far bulkier than before, she was still a far cry from the Diamond Baboon’s muscular mass. She also couldn’t match its overwhelming physical strength. The clash sent her flying, but the baboon only staggered back two steps.

The red bean bun had boosted Yuanen Yehui’s strength by no small amount, but she was still lacking in comparison with the Diamond Baboon.

Just as the Diamond Baboon recovered from the recoil, Tang Wulin arrived.

Standing before the towering ten-meter tall baboon, Tang Wulin resembled a baby. However, his blood essence surged within him, its flow reversing as a dragon roared from the depths of his body. Although he had eaten numerous pork buns after the previous trial, his blood essence hadn’t been fully replenished. Yet the Bloodthirst Bean Bun more than made up for him not being in peak condition. It made him feel the same as when he had eaten those ten gigantic bowls of noodles. It made his blood boil, and his blood essence flowed in reverse, breaking through the eighty-five percent bottleneck to reach ninety percent! His blood essence bubbled with power. Under the effects of Golden Dragon Body and the bloodthirst of the red bean bun, his strength reached an all-time high!

Tang Wulin clenched his clawed hand into a fist and sent it straight at the Diamond Baboon!

At precisely this moment, the Diamond Baboon made a mistake. All of its attention was focused on Yuanen Yehui. It saw Tang Wulin as a nuisance and only raised its left hand up to swat at Tang Wulin as if he were a fly.

Golden dragon claw and palm met.

The impact sent Tang Wulin flying away and he slammed into the wall like an artillery shell, embedding deeply within. While his strength was great, Tang Wulin still couldn’t compare with Yuanen Yehui, let alone the Diamond Baboon. 

However, the Diamond Baboon hadn’t come out unscathed.

Although Tang Wulin’s punch was nowhere near as powerful as the baboon’s casual swat, there was still a matter of difference in the sizes of their hands. With all of Tang Wulin’s strength concentrated on his comparatively tiny fist, the pressure he exerted was far higher, and this was without taking in consideration his claw’s crushing effect.

The same instant Tang Wulin was sent flying away, a crunch could be heard as the Diamond Baboon’s left hand exploded, leaving a bloody hole half a meter in diameter on its palm. The Diamond Baboon grimaced, roaring its rage to the sky. Pain seared its nerves, and its entire arm began to twitch.

Yet it wasn’t given a single moment of reprieve. Holy light descended from the heavens at that moment, bathing the Diamond Baboon in flames that ate away at its flesh! Although the Diamond Baboon wasn’t of darkness-attribute, holy flames burned the soul in addition to flesh. This was one of the defining traits of a Holy Angel.

The excruciating pain of its flesh burning and the bloody hole in its palm was too much for the Diamond Baboon. It went crazy, its eyes bleeding red while its golden hair stood on end, the gold color rapidly replaced by scarlet.

Entering its enraged state, the Diamond Baboon’s strength multiplied as its intelligence, low to begin with, disappeared entirely. It couldn’t feel the pain from its palm anymore. It exploded into action, throwing its enormous bulk at Yuanen Yehui.

The enraged Diamond Baboon was terrifying. Its originally gigantic body grew even more muscular, its height now twelve meters. A simple swing of its arms left aftershocks in their wake. The baboon was difficult enough to deal within its normal state, so there was no way they could stand against it now that its abilities were increased by fifty percent.

“It’s not at the ten-thousand-year level yet, so its enraged state can’t last more than ten minutes. We just need to survive for that long. Be careful everyone,” warned Yuanen Yehui.  

She hadn’t expected the Diamond Baboon to be so easily enraged. Despite her surprise, her heart remained calm. She already knew that unless they were able to utterly suppress the Diamond Baboon, then it would become enraged sooner or later, and sooner increased their odds of victory.

Yuanen Yehui leaped to the side as the Diamond Baboon thundered towards her. She was still under the effects of the red bean bun, and wanted to take advantage of it to run away while she still could. She understood that fighting the enraged baboon right now would only lead to defeat.

Tang Wulin had slid down onto the ground long ago. He got up and frowned at the enraged Diamond Baboon, pondering how they would overcome this challenge. The red bean buns’ effect would end in three minutes, but the Diamond Baboon’s enraged state would last far longer. In their weakened state, a single strike from the powered-up baboon would eliminate them.

An idea popped into his head and he spun towards Yue Zhengyu. “Zhengyu, don’t eat your red bean bun yet. Conserve your soul power,” Tang Wulin shouted.

“Roger that!” Yue Zhengyu hovered in the air, wondering what Tang Wulin had planned even as he agreed. He kept shooting holy light at the baboon.

In the previous trial, because he couldn’t reconcile with Yuanen Yehui, the majority of the workload had been shifted to Tang Wulin. Yue Zhengyu wasn’t satisfied with this. His pride didn’t allow himself to be a burden on someone else. If he wanted to properly work together with his teammates, then he could only force himself to accept orders. His confidence in Tang Wulin had improved over time as well, the original scorn he held toward Tang Wulin gone. Tang Wulin’s overwhelming victory against the Demon Lizard Dragon had left deep impression on him. He had defeated it within seconds! Regardless of what stars had aligned to produce such a result, only the outcome mattered! It was only after facing the thunder beast and their current foe, the Diamond Baboon, that he understood the true difficulty of the spirit soul tower.

“Gu Yue, use the wind element to lighten us!” shouted Tang Wulin.

Gu Yue was conjuring an ice spear in front of her. Green, gold, and blue, it was, a three-element attack. Soul power fluctuated from within it as the immense power caged by the ice fought for its release. It had taken her over a minute to shape the spear, and considering her cultivation level and spiritual power, it was anything but weak.

A distance away, Yuanen Yehui struggled to survive. Even boosted by the red bean bun and facing the Diamond Baboon in such a large hall, the baboon’s speed had risen to insane heights in its enraged state. It chased after her in a craze, nearly overtaking her with its long strides several times. “Yuanen, change to your Fallen Angel and fly into the air! Zhengyu, prepare to take us up!” Tang Wulin orderedas he shot bluesilver grass at Yue Zhengyu, Xu Lizhi, Xie Xie, and Gu Yue.

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