Chapter 359 - Entering the Tower

Chapter 359 - Entering the Tower

No one knew just how deep Shrek Academy’s foundation ran, and neither did anyone know how rich or how many masters the Spirit Pagoda had.

“Gu Yue, where’s the spirit soul tower?” Tang Wulin asked.

No trace of the awkwardness from the heated car ride remained.

“It’s inside the headquarters,” said Gu Yue. “It’s not actually a physical building. Think virtual. The technology used to make it is even more advanced than what was used for the spirit ascension platform. The tower is one of the Spirit Pagoda’s most important assets. Follow me everyone.”

They climbed the stairs to the entrance. After registering their identities, they could step foot within.

“When did getting admittance into the Spirit Pagoda headquarters become so fast? They’ve really raised their efficiency!” exclaimed Yue Zhengyu.

Tang Wulin glanced at Gu Yue. He recalled her flashing a badge at the staff member while they were registering.

The first floor was a majestic hall larger than those of other Spirit Pagoda branches Tang Wulin had visited.

Murals covered the walls, stretching along the domed ceiling. Although these murals weren’t eye catching in size, through sheer number they depicted an epic tale of an age long gone.

Tang Wulin spun around in place as he searched for the mural that began the tale. He spotted it a moment later. It hung above the center of the domed ceiling, a gigantic eye of a color Tang Wulin could not put into words. A simple glance and it were as though it was sucking out one’s soul.

A Spirit Eye? Is that the Spirit Ice Douluo’s martial soul?

Each mural in the Spirit Pagoda headquarters depicted scenes from the Spirit Ice Douluo’s legend.

Tang Wulin could spot Shrek Academy among the artwork. This hadn’t surprised him as The Spirit Ice Douluo was originally a Shrek Academy student! The murals recorded all of his great accomplishments.

“The murals are beautiful. Look, that’s the Spirit Ice Douluo’s wife, Dragon Butterfly Tang Wutong.” Xu Xiaoyan pointed at a mural. “The legends say that together with the Spirit Ice Douluo, they have a grand total of four amazing soul fusion skills!”

Tang Wulin followed her finger and took in the image of a gigantic blue butterfly, a golden ‘V’ emblazoned on its back. The word beautiful couldn’t begin to describe her. She was a goddess.

“Let’s go. We have business to take care of.” Since Gu Yue was familiar with the hall, the murals didn’t affect her much. She took the lead, heading deeper into the building. 

This section of the hall was vast and empty. The only things present were a reception counter and some elevators. Gu Yue led them to a red elevator, flashing her badge. The door opened and she ushered everyone in.

“The red elevator is specially reserved for high-ranking Spirit Pagoda members!” Yue Zhengyu exclaimed. “Gu Yue, just who are you?”

She spared him a glance, then shook her head in silence.

The elevator ascended for a full minute before coming to a stop. They had their breaths stolen away the moment they stepped out of the elevator.

Through the glass walls of the pagoda, a sea of clouds stretched as far as the eye could see. They could vaguely make out the shape of Shrek City through the gently billowing clouds and mist.

Gu Yue fetched her soul communicator from a pocket and dialed a number. She stepped to the side, talking in hushed tones for a minute before rejoining her friends.

Beneath the youths were milky-white patterns stretching across the floor. Coupled with the scenery outside, the impression that they were floating high above the clouds was inescapable.

Farther in was a silver sliding door. After knocking a few times, Gu Yue  slid it open and continued to escort her teammates.

Before them stood a perfectly put together and spacious room.

Sitting behind a desk was a tall woman in her thirties. She had a neat look to her, red hair falling straight down her back like a curtain. The woman was the most beautiful decoration within the room, her mere presence bringing life to it.

She smiled warmly after recognizing the identities of her visitors, walking over to greet them and revealing her black uniform.

“Welcome to the Spirit Pagoda. I’m Gu Yue’s teacher, Leng Yaozhu.”

“Hello, senior,” everyone said in unison.

Gu Yue’s teacher? It was Tang Wulin’s first time hearing this. Out of everyone in the group, only Yue Zhengyu seemed to react to her self-introduction. His brows wrinkled as if he were trying to recall an important fact.

“I’m happy to get to know young talents from Shrek Academy like you all,” Leng Yaozhu said. “Well, let’s not delay any further then. I’ll escort you to the spirit soul tower.”

She made for the door with a gentle grace, her body exuding the unforgettable charms of a mature woman.

Leng Yaozhu… Leng Yaozhu… Just where have I heard that name before? Try as he might, Yue Zhengyu couldn’t figure out what the name was associated with.

Tang Wulin cast a questioning look at Gu Yue, but she responded with a smug smile.

Right! There’s no way the Spirit Pagoda wouldn’t see how talented Gu Yue is! Her teacher’s probably some big shot here.

Leng Yaozhu led the seven students down a corridor. Whenever they ran into another staff member, the staff member would stop and stand to the side in deference, their head slightly bowed as they snuck glances at the students.

They soon arrived before a large golden elevator. Leng Yaozhu pressed her hand on the door and it immediately slid open.The students followed her in.

The elevator was spacious enough to accommodate a dozen people, not to mention a mere eight. The interior was painted a sparkling gold, energy humming in the air.

With a jolt, the elevator sprang into motion. It came to a stop seconds later, ushering the group into a circular hall several hundred meters in diameter and fifty meters tall. At the top of the roof sat a triangle with a gem dangling from its midpoint. It emitted a faint golden light.

At the center of the hall was a lofty hexagonal platform, a flight of stairs leading to its top. It gave off the impression of an altar. The platform covered at least one hundred square meters, and in the center was a golden door towering fifteen meters.

All sorts of equipment were littered throughout the room, staff members bustling about.

Leng Yaozhu’s arrival hadn’t affected them. Only those that noticed her stopped to salute before continuing with their work.

“You kids can go now. I’ve already arranged things for you.” She pointed at the large golden door.

“Thank you, Teacher.” Gu Yue smiled. Rather than treat her teacher respectfully, she was more intimate in their interactions.

Leng Yaozhu beamed a doting smile. “It’s your first time entering the spirit soul tower, so don’t be careless. It isn’t the same as the spirit ascension platform. Everything you encounter in there is real. Pay attention to your safety. I’ll be monitoring you all from outside, so the moment you’re in danger, I’ll bring you out.”

“Thank you, senior.” Tang Wulin stepped forward and expressed his gratitude as the team captain.

She examined him for a moment, then warmth entered her smile. “I take it you’re Tang Wulin?”

“Mn. I am.”

Leng Yaozhu sighed and shook her head. “It’s a real pity. I’d definitely want to recruit you if you hadn’t joined the Tang Sect. Well, alright then. You kids go on now. We can continue that topic after you’re done. I’m opening the spirit soul tower.”

The moment those words left her lips, the surrounding staff members immediately changed gears and saluted Leng Yaozhu, shouting out, “Yes, Ma’am!”

Yue Zhengyu’s eyes lit up. He remembered who she was now. But at that moment, Tang Wulin gave the order to enter the door.

Gold filled their eyes the second they stepped through the doorway, their figures vanishing into the golden light.

Watching them disappear, Leng Yaozhu revealed a trace of disappointment in her eyes. “Weren’t we like this back then too? Seeing them, I’m reminded of how we used to be,” she muttered. “But you’ve long since forgotten about me.”

Unlike entering the spirit ascension platform, the seven students weren’t hit with a wave of dizziness. Instead, everything felt normal, as if they had walked through an ordinary doorway. The gold faded from their vision, eyes sharpening as they took in their surroundings.  

They found themselves in a large hall. Thick pillars jutted out from the ashen-gray brick floor to support the ceiling. The hall was humongous, over one thousand square meters in area, empty apart from them. The place felt ancient, like they had travelled back in time.

Not a second after they finished examining their surroundings, the golden door behind them disappeared. Then, right before their eyes, an illusory pagoda formed, layer after layer swirling into existence.

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