Chapter 339 - Dragon Shocks the Heavens

Chapter 339 - Dragon Shocks the Heavens

Arriving at the small house, Tang Wulin and Wu Zhangkong saw that the lights were on. They entered the living room, but no one was there to receive them.

“Wait here,” Wu Zhangkong pointed to a chair, then headed for the stairs. “I’m going to find Teacher.”

Despite Wu Zhangkong’s directions, Tang Wulin chose to remain standing. After a short period of waiting, Wu Zhangkong returned with Zhuo Shi. Seeing Tang Wulin, Zhuo Shi’s eyes lit up and he rushed over to his granddisciple. Only, something seemed different. His eyes narrowed as he stared at the boy intently.

“Grandteacher!” Tang Wulin said respectfully.

Zhuo Shi raised a hand, silencing him.

A moment later, his stern expression changed into surprise. “Your blood essence improved so much in just a week? What happened? You had a breakthrough, right?”

“Yes, that’s right,” said Tang Wulin. “The food here is very nourishing. After eating a lot, I discovered that it improves my blood essence. Eating is basically a way for me to cultivate my blood essence.”

Silence descended as Zhuo Shi stood there in shock. He eats to cultivate? I know we’re famous for raising monsters here at Shrek, but I’ve never heard of anything like this before! Food-type soul masters can cultivate by eating, but it’s their soul power that improves, not their blood essence!

Generally, richer blood essence strengthened the body so that it was more suitable for cultivation. However, Tang Wulin’s ridiculously vigorous blood essence had reached the level of becoming a part of his strength.

His miraculous eating cultivation method was definitely one of the strangest cultivation methods at Shrek Academy.

Tang Wulin continued to recount his experiences in the past week. When he reached the part about accepting Feng Wuyu as his teacher, Zhuo Shi’s eyebrows twitched in alarm.

However, immersed in his own story, Tang Wulin did not notice.

It took him a full half-hour to summarize his entire week.

“Not bad. You’ve broken through very quickly, so you can try spirit refining now and truly become a fifth-rank blacksmith. Keep up the good work.” After saying this, Zhuo Shi turned around and went back upstairs.

That’s it?

Tang Wulin stood there with a blank expression. He had expected advice from his grandteacher, but his expectations shattered in the face of reality. To the side, Wu Zhangkong frowned.

“Teacher Wu, Grandteacher, he…” Tang Wulin cast doubtful eyes at Wu Zhangkong.

Wu Zhangkong only shook his head and said, “Follow me. I’ll help you catch up on what you missed in class so you can resume class without any issues tomorrow.”


Tang Wulin followed Wu Zhangkong to his room. Shrek Academy’s teachers covered material at a punishing pace. Missing even a single class would put someone far behind their peers. One of Tang Wulin’s goals today conveniently happened to be catching up on the lectures.

Once Zhuo Shi arrived on the second floor, his calm expression finally cracked. Fury blazed into life within his eyes as he ran into his room, whipped out his soul communicator, and rapidly dialed a number.

“What do you want? If it’s nothing, I’m hanging up,” answered an impatient voice.

“If you dare hang up then I’ll destroy your house!” Zhuo Shi yelled.

“What crawled up your ass and died?” the person replied angrily.

“Feng Wuyu you old bastard! When did I give you permission to take Tang Wulin as your disciple?” Zhuo Shi spat out in rage.

“Why do I need your permission?” Feng Wuyu said in disdain.

Zhuo Shi snorted. “Tang Wulin is my granddiscple! What do you have to say now?”

“You’re his grandteacher?” Feng Wuyu asked in shock. “Bullshit! Stop lying. I already checked, he’s from Eastsea City. How could you possibly be his grandteacher?”

“My disciple, Wu Zhangkong, taught Tang Wulin at Eastsea City. You got anything to say now?”

“Wu Zhangkong? The one you cut off ties with?”

“I was just letting him get some experience outside. Who said I cut off ties with him? He brought back wonderful students to pay respects to me this time, you know! Explain your actions!”

“Explain my ass! You’re just conveniently his grandteacher whenever you want, huh? What have you given him? What have you taught him? Are you tell me you didn’t refuse to eat for half a month after that disciple of yours left? Stop bullshitting me.” Feng Wuyu didn’t budge at all.

“You! Fine, have it your way! Let’s fight! Whoever wins gets to be his teacher!” shouted Zhuo Shi.

“As if! You can fight all by yourself. Why should I bother? He’s already taken me as his teacher and I’ve given him benefits. Just try to get him to back out,  I won’t lift a single finger if he does. He’ll just become infamous as someone who turns his back on his teachers then.” Feng Wuyu hung up after leaving these words.  

Zhuo Shi held the communicator to his ear, stunned at the droning dial tone of an ended call. Then he threw it on the floor and stomped, raging, “Bastard! That old bastard! How shameless can he be!”

Meanwhile, Feng Wuyu was roaring with laughter. He had been meditating when the call came in, but now he was dancing with joy.

“I didn’t expect I could infuriate that old bastard Zhuo Shi just by accepting this disciple of mine! Ha! I’m so happy I could die. Hurray for my disciple! Hahaha!  Zhuo Shi, you old bastard, you’re always bullying me, but this time you can’t do anything!”

Unaware of the commotion he had caused, Tang Wulin spent the night catching up on the content he missed with Wu Zhangkong. With his teacher’s permission, Tang Wulin didn’t return to the dormitory and remained within the room to meditate.

Minutes before the break of dawn the next morning, Tang Wulin woke up to Wu Zhangkong’s call. Together, the teacher and student went outside and looked towards the east, waiting for the rising sun to practice the Purple Demon Eyes.

As the last hints of purple clouds vanished over the horizon and they finished practicing their Purple Demon Eyes, Tang Wulin asked, “Teacher Wu, where’s the Tang Sect branch in Shrek City? Shouldn’t I go with Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan to report?”

“It’s in Shrek Inner City and is actually very close to the campus. I’ll bring you three later.”

“Oh, okay.”

Tang Wulin’s stomach growled at that moment. He looked up at Wu Zhangkong in embarrassment. “Teacher, can I go back to the outer court to eat breakfast?”

“Just stay here to eat.”

“But I…” stammered Tang Wulin. “But I think my appetite is bigger than before.”

“Teacher will be able to provide you with one meal at least. Come on, let’s go.”

They turned around and made their way back to the house. Zhuo Shi was outside, casually waving to them as he did his morning exercises.



Wu Zhangkong and Tang Wulin respectfully greeted Zhuo Shi.

Zhuo Shi glanced at them. “Tang Wulin, come here.”

“Yes.” Tang Wulin walked over.

“Watch carefully,” said Zhuo Shi. He slowly raised his right hand, circling it in front of him before pushing outward.

His actions were utterly simple. If observed from afar, it would seem like he was just an ordinary old man doing his morning exercises. Yet, Tang Wulin couldn’t see anything except for this move.

When Zhuo Shi had raised his right hand and drawn a circle with it, Tang Wulin had, for a split second, thought that his grandteacher had become the very center of the world. A dragon’s roar resonated from deep within himself and his blood essence frantically surged through his body in response. His mind shuddered and his vision went blurry.

It was as if a dragon within him roared at the sky and shocked the heavens.

In Tang Wulin’s eyes, the moment Zhuo Shi thrust his palm out a crimson-scaled dragon filled with terrifying majesty and tyrannical blood essence rushed out. The world trembled before its might. The air in front of the palm rent apart and revealed darkness, as if space itself had been torn.

The surrounding space continued to tremble for a few minutes. When it finally faded away, so too did the darkness in Tang Wulin’s vision. Everything returned to normal.

“You can use the power of your bloodline like this. Go back and comprehend it. This move is called Dragon Shocks the Heavens. My martial soul is the Scarlet Armored Dragon so when I use it, the move is called Scarlet Dragon Shocks the Heavens.” After saying this, Zhuo Shi turned around and entered the house.

Tang Wulin stood frozen, completely unresponsive to his words. He raised his palm in a dazed manner, his body swaying slightly as  he copied Zhuo Shi’s actions. Golden light flashed around his body from time to time.

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