Chapter 338 - Heartwarming

Chapter 338 - Heartwarming

I may have used most of that spirit item’s energy to break the third seal, but it was originally meant to boost my soul power. Well, my body has gotten a lot stronger after breaking it anyway. Even though my soul power rose above rank 30. I’m not sure how much higher it is now. Maybe around rank 32?

Tang Wulin had finally made it out of the bottom of the pack. He rejoiced, tears practically streaming down his cheeks. Now that he had three soul rings, his soul power circulated throughout his body with more vigor than before, and the soul power within his dantian liquefied. This was a major power spike for him. Now, he had to use the Mysterious Heaven Method to liquefy the rest of his soul power. Only then would his cultivation sit firmly at the three-ring level.

Tang Wulin didn’t know what Feng Wuyu fed him, but it was definitely worth the five spirit refinings he promised. He had saved all the money he would have spent on getting the spirit items needed for the third seal! Furthermore, according to Old Tang, he now had until he was sixteen to break the fourth seal.

As he ran along the path toward the inner court, Tang Wulin felt invigorated by the cool night air. He now felt free, and his stomach digested his large dinner while he ran, so his entire body brimmed with energy. Even his soul power recovered rapidly under the influence of his blood essence.

Wu Zhangkong stood waiting at the gates. His expression was as icy as usual, but something stirred in his eyes when he saw Tang Wulin. Before Tang Wulin could even call out to him, Wu Zhangkong appeared before him in a blur. He grabbed Tang Wulin’s wrists and felt his pulse.

“Three rings?” Wu Zhangkong asked in astonishment.

“Mn.” Tang Wulin nodded, his excitement clear as day.

Three soul rings was a dividing line for soul masters. Soul masters born with an innate soul power of three or less would generally never overcome the wall that was obtaining three rings. Most would spend their entire lives withering away as two-ringed soul masters. Additionally, one could only call themselves a true soul master upon reaching the three-ring level.

“What did you do?” Wu Zhangkong asked.

“Elder Feng fed me some treasured spirit item and then helped warm my meridians. After that, I broke through.”

“Why did he do that?” Wu Zhangkong asked.

“He wanted me to learn blacksmithing from him and start practicing spirit refining, but I needed to reach rank 30 before I could.”

Wu Zhangkong stared at Tang Wulin blankly for a moment. “So that’s how it is. What spirit item did you eat?”

This question left Tang Wulin stupefied. That’s right! I have no idea what Elder Feng fed me!

“I… I forgot.” Tang Wulin gave him a troubled smile.

“Come in first.” Wu Zhangkong turned around and walked into the inner court. Tang Wulin hastened to follow. Once they arrived at the shore of Sea God’s Lake, a boat floated over to receive them. It was Tang Wulin’s second time coming to this lake, yet the sight of moonlight reflecting off of the limpid lakewater and the refreshing breeze set his heart at ease. The scene brought him joy, and the loneliness, stress, and depression from his last few years of cultivation were wiped away in an instant. His heart felt unburdened here.

Sensing the change in his student, Wu Zhangkong turned to see Tang Wulin, eyes closed and breathing the air in deeply. Instead of disturbing his student, he simply waited.

Ten minutes later, Tang Wulin opened his eyes. “This place is really beautiful. I definitely need to make it into the inner court. I’ll be able to come here if I do, right?”

Wu Zhangkong nodded. “Yes, now get in the boat.”

Tang Wulin followed Wu Zhangkong aboard the boat. With a wave of Wu Zhangkong’s hand, a breeze began pushing them straight toward Sea God’s Island. The boat gently cut through the water, its passing current seemingly filled with life as though it were blood coursing through a vein.

Tang Wulin stood at the bow of the ship. He felt free and content, basking in the moist evening breeze.

“Teacher Wu, my bloodline’s power improved again. The process took a long time, so I was absent from class,” Tang Wulin said.

“Your bloodline improved again?” Wu Zhangkong stared at Tang Wulin in shock.

“Mn.” Tang Wulin took in a deep breath then punched the empty space before him. The air exploded with an audible bang, the force rebounding from the punch and causing the boat to sway. Wu Zhangkong clearly sensed that Tang Wulin’s punch had created a two-meter shockwave. Tang Wulin wasn’t using Golden Dragon Body right now. That power had come from the strength of his body alone. He was just as surprised as Wu Zhangkong. My strength has increased by about fifty percent. If I summon my golden scales, I should be able to exert over five thousand kilograms worth of force! Then, if I add on the power up from Golden Dragon Body, a single one of my punches would be as powerful as a soul skill!

As Tang Wulin thought about the possibilities, his eyes full of excitement, Wu Zhangkong’s face grew pensive. “It looks like your bloodline is improving in a good direction. Was this quick evolution caused by that spirit item Feng Wuyu gave you? What price did he have you pay?”

“I owe him five spirit refinings. Once I’m able to spirit refine, the first five successful products will be his as payment.”

“That’s definitely worth it,” Wu Zhangkong said.

Tang Wulin scratched his head in embarrassment. “Elder Feng originally wanted ten spirit refinings, but I didn’t agree, so he lowered it to five.”

Wu Zhangkong stared at Tang Wulin in shock. “Just refining your meridians is worth more than that. Elder Feng’s martial soul is the Blazing Fire Dragon, so his control over fire is extremely precise. With his current cultivation level, he can purify meridians with his flame, and it’ll be like having your muscles and bones completely cleansed. However, doing this is very exhausting for him and consumes the source energy of his martial soul. He rarely offers to do this for anyone. Do you have any idea what it costs to get him to do this for someone?”

This sudden question took Tang Wulin by surprise. “There’s a price on it?”

Wu Zhangkong nodded. “It costs ten million contribution points.”

“Huh?” Tang Wulin gaped.

Ten million? Ten million contribution points?

Wu Zhangkong icy’s expression thawed into a gentle, rarely seen smile. “Don’t let the price scare you. Elder Feng set it so high because he didn’t want to help just anyone refine their meridians. The fact that he offered to do it for you shows just how much he values you.”

“I understand,” Tang Wulin said, warmth blossoming in his heart.

Tang Wulin originally felt apprehension toward Feng Wuyu. After all, the crazy old man had abducted him in their first encounter, so he had only wanted to avoid him. Only the heavens knew what sort of crazy things the madman would do. However, as Tang Wulin spent more time with him, Feng Wuyu agreed to cover his meals, lowered the price from ten spirit refinings to five, and had now refined his meridians. Each time, Tang Wulin warmed up to the crazy old man even more. Some things didn’t need to be said aloud, and in Tang Wulin’s heart, he had already fully accepted Feng Wuyu as his fourth teacher.

He was the type to treat every one of his teacher's like a lord for the rest of his life.

As they approached the island, the boat slowed down and came to a stop just short of the shore. The two of them disembarked, and Wu Zhangkong led Tang Wulin along the path they took last time.

“Teacher, are we going to Grandteacher’s place?” Tang Wulin asked quietly. In his mind, Sea God’s Island was a sacred land, so it would be disrespectful to shout in such a place.

“Your grandteacher said to come back after a week. Did you forget already? ”

“Eh…” Tang Wulin really had forgotten. Ever since he came to Shrek Academy, his days had been packed with new experiences and constant cultivating. He had forgotten such an important matter amidst all the hustle and bustle.

It’s a good thing Teacher Wu reminded me…

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