Chapter 322 - Everyone Schemes

Chapter 322 - Everyone Schemes

Tang Wulin smiled. “It’s just as you say. This is first-grade thousand refined meteoric iron. I’m sure you know of its high quality. Unfortunately, because of how arrogant it is, it’s impossible to spirit refine it. So, its limit is first-grade thousand refined. But this is still the best material for a mecha or one-word battle armor. If you’re interested, then make me an offer.”

Indeed, the metal in his hands were the two chunks of meteoric iron he had obtained from Feng Wuyu. He could sell them to Yuanen, but that would mean he couldn’t gouge him for a high price: they had too good of a relationship for such schemes.

Not only was meteoric iron rare, it possessed many amazing qualities. Because of this and several other reasons, these two pieces of first-grade thousand refined meteoric iron were comparable to spirit refined metals of other kinds. He would be ashamed if he couldn’t sell these two pieces for a high price! No way was he missing a single contribution point. After all, those points added up to pay for expensive meals.

“State your price,” Yue Zhengyu said.

With a flip of his hands, the two metals vanished from sight. “I guess you’re not that interested then.” Tang Wulin spun on his heel to leave.

“Hey! Hold on a second! How can you be so impatient?” Yue Zhengyu hastily called out.

The number one priority for people their age and cultivation level was to become a one-word battle armor master.  As a result, top quality metal was in high demand at Shrek Academy. It was a miracle for meteoric iron to even be put on sale!

“I don’t have too many points,” Yue Zhengyu said helplessly. “I just resumed my studies here at the Academy. But what I do have is money. Since it’s impossible to buy points with money, why don’t I just pay you with money?”

Tang Wulin’s pulse quickened, his greed creeping to the front of his mind. But in the end, he shook his head. “No. I’ll only accept contribution points or spirit items.”

“Spirit items? What spirit items do you want?”.

“I want a thousand-year Earth Dragon Crystal, Ice Essence, Dragon Spiritgrass, and Longevity Grass.”

“Are you a bandit? That’s robbery!” Yue Zhengyu huffed, shaking his head. “Do you think I’m an idiot? The total value of those four spirit items is way higher than that of your two pieces of meteoric iron. There’s no comparison! Just a thousand-year Longevity Grass is already so much rarer than meteoric iron. It can extend longevity, you know? Anyone who eats it will have their lifespan increased by five years! You can search as hard as you want, but it’ll be a miracle if you find it on the market. And even if you do, it’d cost an arm and a leg! No deal. You’re asking for far too much. At best, I can get you two of the four spirit items.”

“Two?” Tang Wulin was taken aback. He quickly regained himself, however, a smile blossoming on his lips. “Alright. We’re both working students so I understand how hard things are for us. Two is fine. I want a thousand-year Longevity Grass and a thousand-year Dragon Spiritgrass. Sound good?”

Yue Zhengyu rolled his eyes. “Tell me how you got these two pieces of meteoric iron first.”

Tang Wulin didn’t hide anything. He explained how he was abducted by Feng Wuyu, forced to thousand refine some metal, and came out of it successful.

“So you’re telling me you first-grade thousand refined these two pieces yourself? And at the same time?” With each question, Yue Zhengyu’s eyes sparkled brighter and brighter.

Tang Wulin nodded. “There’s no point for me to lie about it. If you don’t believe me, then just ask Elder Feng. Here, take a look at my fourth-rank blacksmith’s badge.”

Yue Zhengyu carefully accepted the badge in his hands. After a moment of inspection, he nodded. “Yeah. This badge is definitely real. Alright. You’ve got a deal then. I’ll get you a thousand-year Longevity Grass and a thousand-year Dragon Spiritgrass. It’ll take me about a week, so don’t you dare sell the meteoric iron in the meantime!”

“It’s settled then.” Tang Wulin held out his hand. In a matter of seconds, Yue Zhengyu accepted and they shook hands.

One step out of Yue Zhengyu’s room, Tang Wulin sported a fox-like expression. He had originally aimed for one spirit item, and even then he hadn’t thought he’d get it. Although meteoric iron was valuable, it was not much rarer than other metals. It couldn’t compare in rarity or value with spirit items. Tang Wulin estimated each piece of his meteoric iron to be worth about two or three million federal coins. So, about five or six million in total.

Each of the listed spirit items was necessary for breaking his third seal, and any one of them alone was well worth over six million federal coins. Yue Zhengyu had been spot on about Longevity Grass. It was extremely rare with few opportunities to purchase it. Money was important, but even more so was life.  Throughout the ages, lifespan increasing spirit items were always the most expensive.

So, Tang Wulin had fought to contain a grin when Yue Zhengyu offered to pay with two spirit items.

For the previous seal, he had barely been able to buy the four required spirit items after saving up money for three years straight. But now, he was already halfway done for the third seal!

With this stroke of luck, he could relax and focus on cultivation for a while.

However, with his back turned to Yue Zhengyu, he didn’t see the older youth’s expression.Yue Zhengyu revealed a similarly sly and fox-like smile.

“Working students really are geniuses! He has to be at the peak of the fourth rank to first-grade thousand refine! I’ll butter him up for now and make him feel like he’s in the superior position. Then he’ll give priority to my requests in the future! My clan doesn’t lack in money or spirit items anyway.” He laughed, mischief thick in his voice. “That guy’s only about thirteen years old too. I’ve never heard of a fourth-rank blacksmith so young. Moreover, he’s at the peak of the fourth rank! I have to forge a firm connection with him!”

In Yue Zhengyu’s view, not just anyone could act like a rich man. A rich man had to be knowledgeable. By suffering a loss now and giving Tang Wulin the illusion of the upper hand in their relationship, he would become one of Tang Wulin’s favorite customers! For the rich, networking was far more important than money. Fledgling businessmen could never compete with the networks of old money.

The chances of treasure falling into old money’s hands were higher than for new money. The reason was simple: established businessmen could leverage their connections for access to these treasures!

Tang Wulin’s mistake had been only considering the market price of meteoric iron. He had failed to consider his value as a blacksmith prodigy. Yue Zhengyu had eyes for the future and sprang at the chance to create a favorable relationship. No matter how one thought of it, Yue Zhengyu had been cheated in their deal, but he still came out ahead!

Shen Yi stood at the lectern, a stern expression on her face. “Before I start teaching today, I want to say two things. First, for the council representatives, count the number of people in your profession after class and have them register for the appropriate association. Of course, membership is not required. But they will receive preferential treatment if they join. All of you will also need the backing of the associations to progress in your profession, otherwise you’ll have to pay for the costs out of pocket. Naturally, the price is in contribution points.

“Second of all, Wu Zhangkong will be instructing the class today.” Shen Yi nodded to Wu Zhangkong, offering her position at the lectern to him.

Teacher Wu! Tang Wulin subconsciously straightened his posture.

Once Wu Zhangkong ascended to the lectern, he swept his icy gaze through the whole class like a winter tide. The entire lecture theater’s temperature seemed to drop a few degrees, everyone’s focus sharpening.

“Today is the first official day of class. The curriculum here will be nothing like what you’re used to. For any questions about your martial souls or what cultivation path to take, you may ask Teacher Shen or me after class. Today, we will be going over the basics of mecha making.” Mecha making? Tang Wulin’s gaze was devoid of their usual spark as he stared at Wu Zhangkong. Teacher Wu, why are you teaching us that? Aren’t we working to become battle armor masters?

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