Chapter 32 – Heavy Silver Storage Rings

Chapter 32 – Heavy Silver Storage Rings

Mang Tian said, “This is what I made yesterday. Both of them posses one-eighth of a cubic meter of space. It’s just enough for you to use.”

Tang Wulin stared at Mang Tian in shock. In his three years of learning at the elementary academy, in addition to Mang Tian’s words, he was well aware of what they were. “Teacher, are these storage soul tools? This… I can’t accept them. They’re too valuable.”

Mang Tian said, “These are storage soul tools of the lowest grade. They don’t even have a soul power battery, so only a Soul Master can use it by pouring their own soul power into it. It’s really not worth that much money. You’ve already worked for me for so long and your wages weren’t that high either. You can count this as a bonus.”

Tang Wulin was stammering as he said, “But I’ve already accepted your Heavy Silver.” A storage soul tool. It was actually a storage soul tool! He didn’t even dare to think of obtaining one, but now, two were right in front of him. His teacher was even gifting it to him. How could he not want them? It was just that he had already received too much from his teacher.

Mang Tian pulled Tang Wulin’s hand and slipped the Heavy Silver Ring on. The ring adjusted its size to fit his wrist just perfectly.

Afterwards, he did the same with the other arm.

Although these rings seemed dull, when Tang Wulin looked at them, they seemed full of meaning to him. Tang Wulin couldn’t help but tear up a bit at the sight of those rings.


Mang Tian had a wooden expression as he said, “The fist doesn’t leave the hand, music doesn’t leave the mouth. For us blacksmiths, it is the hammer that doesn’t leave our hands. Are you going to carry your hammers around with you when you roam the streets? You must remember, Blood Sacrificed Thousand Refined metals must be used frequently. Your aura, your blood vessels, and your soul power will all nurture it. The longer you’re with it, the stronger the bond. If you grow powerful enough in the future, it might even gain another refinement effect.

“Good then. Go home now and pack up your things. Come visit me one more time before you leave for Eastsea City.”

Tang Wulin suddenly recalled something and said to Mang Tian, “Teacher, you previously said this is your own work. Could it be that you’re a Soul Guide Master?”

Mang Tian went silent for a moment. “I can be considered one, but I’d rather just be a blacksmith. I’m not able to walk too far on the path of a Soul Guide Master. You’ll understand why in the future. Now run along and go properly cultivate your soul power. You must remember that soul power is the foundation of everything. Even if you have innate divine strength, it will still have its limits. Moreover, on the Douluo Continent, no matter the occupation, soul power is crucial once you reach the upper levels. In the future, you definitely can’t fuse with just any spirit soul.”


“Try out your Heavy Silver Rings. You just need to insert some soul power into them and use your mind to control it. Then it’ll store or take out any items you want.”

Tang Wulin nodded, then picked up his two Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammers.

As the era changed, soul tools began to penetrate deeply into human society. In fact, not all soul tools needed soul power to operate. The name simply stuck due to it being the original name that was used long ago.

Humanity had already learned how to exploit the power of the wind, water, sun and so on. With these new methods, they have been able to manufacture energies similar to soul power. This new energy was used in every trade, especially in the development of soul mechas. Soul mechas have already been turned into the main combat weapon of the federation.

Even Tang Wulin had encountered soul tools in his life. For example, the soul lamp in his home, or those vehicles powered by soul energy on the roads. There were many more kinds of soul tools. Even the forging station in front of him was a soul tool. Even with how prevalent it was in society however, this was still the first time that he owned a soul tool himself.

Furthermore, Tang Wulin clearly knew from the storage soul ring’s carved array inscriptions that it wasn’t a low grade soul tool like his teacher said. This was a soul tool that was specially handmade. Its market price was definitely high.

He still accepted this gift. Tang Wulin really did like them and he did need these Heavy Silver Rings. He engraved his teacher’s kindness into his heart. Such a great kindness couldn’t be thanked with simple words, so he didn’t say anything.

A dim silver light twinkled as Tang Wulin controlled the rings with his thoughts. He felt the weight in his hands disappear as the two Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammers entered the Heavy Silver Rings around his wrists. One eighth of a cubic meter of space couldn’t be considered big, but it was still enough to hold one of the Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammers with some room to spare. For these kinds of short forging hammers, their length didn’t even exceed 50 centimeters.

Urging on the Heavy SIlver Rings would consume a bit more soul power, but the amount was still miniscule. Even a Soul Master with rank 11 soul power like Tang Wulin wasn’t burdened by it.

With another thought, soul power poured into the rings and the two hammers reappeared once more in his hands. This was undoubtedly the mysterious magic of the storage soul tool.

Mang Tian nodded. “You run on home now. Just remember my warnings.”


On the road home, Tang Wulin was practically basking in joy. His Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammers had a peak special effect and he received a pair of Heavy Silver Rings. This was already a great surprise for him and they had already become his most precious things.

“Zi Ran, have you really decided?” Lang Yue said as she looked at her husband with eyes full of distress.

Tang Ziran let out a sigh. “My weakness has already affected our son’s future. I can’t go on like this. For the sake of our son, how can this be considered difficult? I have already promised them.”

Lang Yue said with eyes on the verge of tears, “But if it’s like that, then who knows how long it’ll be before we can see our son again…”

Tang Ziran said, “If only Lin Lin was an ordinary child… Then he could live an ordinary and happy life with us. However, our son isn’t ordinary at all. On the contrary, he’s outstanding. If it wasn’t for my weakness, then maybe he would have been able to fuse with a good spirit soul. Then he would definitely be able to progress even further on his path and accomplish great things.

“Mang Tian told me that Lin Lin has a tenacious temperament and he’s far more mature than his peers. Moreover, he’s naturally talented in the field of forging. As long as Lin Lin continues learning under him, Lin Lin will definitely surpass him in the future. Mang Tian is already a six star master blacksmith. What kind of level will Lin Lin reach if he surpasses Mang Tian?

“And no matter how much he forges, he is still a Soul Master. His soul power and spirit soul still count as his foundation. As his father, I’ve already acted so timidly for so many years. So many years of serenity. Now it’s our son’s time. I have decided. I will fight for our son’s sake from now on.”

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