Chapter 314 - Self-Soul Fusion Skill

Chapter 314 - Self-Soul Fusion Skill

Gritting his teeth, the shield soul master charged forward and attacked with his shield!

Yang Nianxia had suffered quite a bit after being helplessly teleported out of the fray by Luo Guixing. Now that he had finally rejoined the chaos, he couldn’t bear to restrain his strength.

A boom tore through the air as Yang Nianxia smashed the shield out of the shield youth’s hand and sent him flying backward. Before the youth could hit the ground, Tang Wulin sent a strand of bluesilver grass shooting out from behind Yang Nianxia to wind its way around the youth's waist. Then Tang Wulin yanked backward, flinging the young shield soul master right into Yang Nianxia's fist.

White light blossomed, signaling the youth’s elimination.

Yang Nianxia turned around to face Tang Wulin and Gu Yue. To his surprise, he found no trace of the two agility-type soul masters from Luo Guixing's side they should have been fighting with.

They already got rid of those two?

Yang Nianxia was shocked. Tang Wulin is just a two-ringed control-type soul master… Was he actually able to suppress those two agility-types? But... this is Shrek Academy! None of the people here are weak. Maybe Gu Yue’s strength is the reason they won?

However, his conjecture only went that far. They were just temporary allies after all.

With the mysterious disappearance of his two agility-type teammates in addition to the other two losses, Luo Guixing’s face twisted into a frown. In spite of that, he didn’t give up. He conjured up another silver vortex, but this time, it expanded from his body to repel instead of pull.

Be it Wu Siduo who rushed him from the rear or Yang Nianxia charging at him from the front, both were repelled.

Silver light exploded from Luo Guixing’s body, engulfing Xu Xiaoyan and the firebird soul master.

“We’re leaving!” he cried.

At that instant, however, the silver light around him became chaotic, the spatial energy going out of control.

This is bad!

The power of space was mysterious and terrifying. Any other element becoming chaotic wouldn’t be as dire. If a soul master lost control of any other element, they could simply run away, but escaping from chaotic space was easier said than done.

The spatial energy that was supposed to teleport them away exploded, and a rift opened up in the sky. Wave after wave of terrifying energy lashed out at Yang Nianxia and Wu Siduo.

Luo Guixing shouted defiantly, but in the next instant, the spatial rift swallowed him up.

The firebird soul master was swallowed along with him, and the chaotic space crushed and tore the two of them apart. A second later, all that remained of them were a few particles of light.

In the limbo before awakening to reality, Luo Guixing wracked his brain trying to understand how the space he always had perfect control of suddenly went into disarray at that moment.

In reality, he had been careless. With both his soul and spiritual power exhausted, his control had slipped.

In the aftermath of Luo Guixing's failure, a solitary figure landed on the ground. Without the slightest hesitation, she threw her arms high up in the air.

“I surrender! I surrender! I’ll follow whoever wins!”

It was Xu Xiaoyan.

Luo Guixing’s team had collapsed in an instant, and she was the only survivor out of the original seven. Wu Siduo’s stern expression didn’t waver. Yang Nianxia, on the other hand, heaved a sigh as he relaxed. However, his gaze was glued to Wu Siduo.

If Tang Wulin’s team didn’t count Xu Xiaoyan, they outnumbered Wu Siduo three to one. Not only had she exhausted a lot of her strength in the battle against Luo Guixing’s team, using thousand-year soul skills one after another, she had also switched to her second martial soul and used its soul skill. Even for a four-ringed soul master, her soul power reserves would be nearly depleted. Now was the time for Tang Wulin’s team to strike! If they could win against Wu Siduo, then the position of class president was as good as theirs.

Wu Siduo narrowed her eyes at Yang Nianxia. She stood there staunchly, golden light flashing around her body.

“We’ve got no time to lose!” Yang Nianxia shouted then charged at Wu Siduo.

Yang Nianxia knew all too well that, if they let Wu Siduo recover, not even the combined power of his entire team would be able to defeat her and her four purple soul rings. They either defeated her now or never!

Even as he charged at Wu Siduo, he did not forget about Xu Xiaoyan.

“We have more people,” he cried. ”Join us!”

Yang Nianxia had to take advantage of everyone he could. Even if his words only distracted Wu Siduo for an instant, it would be worth it. Besides, Xu Xiaoyan was only a two-ringed soul master. He didn’t really care if she joined them.

But he failed to notice that, as he rushed forward, Tang Wulin and Gu Yue simply stood by!

"Okay!" Xu Xiaoyan said, accepting his offer, but she didn't even raise her staff as he continued charging forward.

Yang Nianxia and Wu Siduo collided, the air around them whipping into a frenzy.

The Duskgold Bear was a formidable martial soul. Wu Siduo’s second martial soul was also an assault-type, yet the clash had actually forced her a few steps backward. Her exhausted soul power left her at a disadvantage.

Yang Nianxia’s confidence soared as he saw her fall back. The dark-golden light around him shone more intensely as his third soul ring lit up, and he grew to become three meters tall. He didn’t hesitate at all when it came to attacking a girl, resolutely sending the brute force of his fist to smash Wu Siduo.

At that moment, Wu Siduo accelerated, a black light streaking out of her body.

She’s switching martial souls?

Yang Nianxia rejoiced. He didn’t fear her four-ringed martial soul at all. From what he saw of her in the previous battle, he understood that her first martial soul was an agility-type. Her cultivation base was higher than his, but she was depleted right now.

Aside from strength, the Duskgold Bear also possessed a formidable defense. With his third soul skill now activated, Yang Nianxia was confident that Wu Siduo wouldn’t be able to break through his defenses. In addition to that, he had Tang Wulin and Gu Yue for backup. His victory was all but assured.

Just as Yang Nianxia began to revel in his impending victory, something strange started to occur to Wu Siduo. A black aura appeared around her, but the golden light didn’t disappear. Both auras fused into a chaotic radiance of dark-gold as the golden hair on her body took on a crystalline luster. Her human form disappeared and she became a transparent white tiger.

What’s this? Yang Nianxia stared at her with dull eyes. He had never heard of something like this happening before. There’s no way this is a martial soul avatar! Even if her martial soul is the White Tiger, she would need to be a seven-ringed Soul Sage to manifest her avatar! She’s just a four-ringed Soul Ancestor!

The thought only crossed his mind for a split-second before he had to snap back to attention as the Hell White Tiger swiped at him. Try as he might, there was nothing he could to do dodge it. An instant later, a white light flashed. Another contestant was eliminated.

Tang Wulin and Gu Yue were dumbstruck.

“Is that… a self-soul fusion skill?”

To execute a soul fusion skill, two highly compatible soul masters were needed. When they came into contact with each other, their martial souls would fuse and release an explosion of power.

This reminded Tang Wulin and Gu Yue of their battle against the twin sisters that unleashed their soul fusion skill to instantly reverse the tide of battle. The power that Wu Siduo currently displayed exceeded that of the twin sisters and was well beyond what Tang Wulin and Gu Yue could comprehend. In Tang Wulin’s mind, there could only be a single reason for the strength she just exhibited.

It had to be a self-soul fusion skill!

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