Chapter 313 - Twin Souled Wu Siduo

Chapter 313 - Twin Souled Wu Siduo

Tang Wulin’s team worked in perfect concert with Wu Siduo. While she soared into the air, Dark Bear Yang Nianxia charged toward the shield youth like a tank, his soul rings twinkling and his dark-golden hair shining radiantly.

He soon entered the range of the shield youth’s Pull, but he wasn’t trying to avoid it in the first place.

At that moment, Luo Guixing demonstrated his astonishing battlefield control ability that made him the core of his team.

Inches before Yang Nianxia crashed into the shield youth, the youth disappeared in a silver flash of light and Yang Nianxia charged through thin air.

The two agility-type soul masters instantly appeared at Yang Nianxia’s sides, dashing around him and toward Tang Wulin and Gu Yue in the backline.

It was clear that Yang Nianxia’s might easily suppressed both agility and defense-type soul masters, so when the shield youth reappeared, he stood at Luo Guixing’s side.

Luo Guixing’s eyes glinted as his first and second soul rings lit up. Silver light flashed around Yang Nianxia.

Spatial soul skills were powerful because no one could do anything to avoid being teleported. In the blink of an eye, Yang Nianxia found himself fifteen meters away from his previous position and rooted in place by Spatial Lock.

This short-range teleportation and Spatial Lock would probably only slow him down by two or three seconds, but on a battlefield, victory or defeat could be decided in that time.

With Yang Nianxia teleported away, Tang Wulin and Gu Yue were left wide open for the two agility-type soul masters to swoop in. It only took them a second to close the distance.

Meanwhile, the shield soul master thrust his shield into the air with a grunt. Soul power flooded out of him to form walls around him, Luo Guixing, and Xu Xiaoyan.

Their remaining two teammates stood behind them. One had his hands raised into the air, conjuring a giant bird of fire that soared into the air. The other was their support-type soul master. Light bloomed around him, flowing out to empower the soul power of his teammates. Soul power amplification was a powerful support ability that scaled with the user’s growth. Its influence was tremendous and could turn the tide of battle, especially for a seven-man team.

Luo Guixing’s smile had already vanished from his face. An eerie calm set in him, his eyes shining with a light as if they were able to see through everything.

The impromptu cooperation between Wu Siduo and Yang Nianxia’s team was undoubtedly the greatest challenge he had ever faced, but he was confident in his victory. He wasn’t fighting them alone. He had a team with him. He firmly believed that the power of an individual person was limited, but that of a team was infinite. Furthermore, as the team’s leader, it was crucial for him to have the skills that allowed his teammates to display their full potential.

Luo Guixing had complete control of the battlefield. The firebird melted the incoming icicle hail and the shield youth trampled the bluesilver grass into oblivion.

Yang Nianxia had been teleported away since he was the most important foe on the battlefield. Although Wu Siduo was powerful, Luo Guixing was confident that his team would be able to defeat her.

He currently needed to weaken his opponents and solidify his advantages, so his first priority was to get rid of the weakest two-ringed enemy. After doing so, he would be able to consolidate his team’s strength and focus it on eliminating Dark Bear Yang Nianxia and Hell Wu Siduo.

In a flash of blue light, bluesilver grass wound itself around Gu Yue’s waist. Tang Wulin used the grass to pull Gu Yue into his arms and dropped to one knee, activating Bluesilver Impaling Array to form a shield around them.

The two agility-type soul masters charging toward Tang Wulin weren’t fools. The instant the bluesilver grass erupted from the ground, they leaped into the air. However, the grass was too thick, and they soon lost track of their targets.

Meanwhile, Yang Nianxia broke free of the spatial restraints and charged at Luo Guixing with a roar. Wu Siduo, on the other hand, finally displayed the might of someone in ranked in the top ten.

Light exploded from Wu Siduo as she soared through the air. Her aura was completely different from what it had been just moments before.

Her fourth soul ring lit up and she split into three clones, each of which dove in different directions. The clones were transparent, as if they were made of murky water.

Then her second soul ring lit up. Its radiance combined with the splendor of her fourth ring to illuminate the sky. Claws of shadow filled the sky, completely encompassing the firebird and the shield wall.

She was meeting force with force! Even though speed was her forte, she chose to clash with them head-on!

A continuous rumbling resounded throughout the forest as the claws struck the shield wall and the firebird. Luo Guixing’s face darkened as he stared at Wu Siduo. He knew all too well just how much of an advantage Wu Siduo has because of her higher cultivation base. Her reputation wasn’t just empty words.

The shield youth and the soul master who summoned the firebird groaned as they fought the storm of claws. Though they trembled before Wu Siduo’s might, they barely managed to hold on due to the soul power amplification from their support.

A silver vortex appeared once more. Luo Guixing, with his thousand-year soul skill, was the only one who could contend with Wu Siduo.

However, the instant the silver vortex appeared, Wu Siduo’s second and fourth soul rings went dim. Instead, her first soul ring shone. With a sudden burst of speed, she shot through the air and sped toward the support-type soul master like a laser.

It was Hell Rush!

This was Wu Siduo’s true aim. She didn’t climb to rank 9 through brute force alone! No, she had been carefully planning her moves the entire battle.

Yet at that moment, an ice spear shot at her from the side, intercepting her mid-rush.

The spear gleamed with a cold light. Anyone hit by it would definitely be in for a bad time.

Wu Siduo had just used a succession of soul skills, so she clearly had to be running low on soul power.

Luo Guixing turned around and gave Xu Xiaoyan a thumbs up.

Although Xu Xiaoyan only had two soul rings, she always managed to act at crucial moments throughout the competition for class presidency, making her move at just the right time to change the tide of battle. She didn’t need any direction from Luo Guixing to blend in and cooperate with her teammates. It could be said that she was the glue that kept the team in sync. As a result of this, they approved of her despite her low cultivation base.

At that instant, however, something completely unexpected occurred.

Wu Siduo’s mouth curved into a frightening smirk. She didn’t move to dodge the ice spear. Instead, her four purple soul rings vanished and were replaced by a single purple soul ring. White light exploded from her body. White hair appeared all over her, and power surged through her flesh.

Her single soul ring flared bright, and right before the ice spear struck her, she slapped it with a golden-clawed hand, shattering it into a puff of frost.

She then crashed into the support-type soul master.

Light flashed.

He was eliminated.

“Twin martial souls!” Luo Guixing blurted.

The situation was just as he said. In that instant, Wu Siduo’s four soul rings were swapped with a single soul ring and her martial soul transformed. There was only one possible explanation for this.

She had twin martial souls!

Very few knew about this fact.

Luo Guixing wasn’t the only one shocked by this. Even her impromptu ally, Yang Nianxia, was dumbstruck!

Though she only had one soul ring for this martial soul, her cultivation base still reached at least rank 40, so her single soul skill’s might was equivalent with that of a fourth ring’s!

Upon landing, Wu Siduo didn’t pause for even an instant. Shrouded in an aura of golden light, she charged at the soul master that summoned the firebird, barrelling through the bird that barred her path.

Just as the ranged-type soul master was about to be crushed by Wu Siduo, a silver flash teleported him off to the side.

Although he had saved his ally, Luo Guixing’s power wasn’t limitless. Doing this meant that he had to turn his back to the battlefront against Yang Nianxia.

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