Chapter 312 - Hell Wu Siduo

Chapter 312 - Hell Wu Siduo

Luo Guixing’s first soul skill: Spatial Lock! Using its powerful imprisonment ability, he had neutralized the two students earlier. The soul skill could not completely freeze the target and could only root them in place for a moment, so it required precise judgement to be used effectively, something Luo Guixing did not lack.

Judging by the charging girl’s momentum, he ruled out breaking into a direct confrontation.

But at that moment, everyone’s eyes went wide. The girl’s body became illusory and soul rings rose from beneath her.

One ring, two rings, three rings, four rings! A total of four purple rings appeared around her!

“Wu Siduo!” Half of the students present shouted in unison, including Tang Wulin.

They had just mentioned her and now she appeared. Then it struck Tang Wulin why Yang Nianxia had only asked for her cooperation because he recognized her.

Although Luo Guixing’s team was larger than theirs and in good condition, it was difficult to say which team would come up at the top, especially with the rank 9 Hell Wu Siduo and rank 27 Dark Bear Yang Nianxia on their side.

Even at the same soul level, the gap between soul masters could be as great as that of the heavens and the earth. It was a rare opportunity for them to eliminate Luo Guixing’s large team as well as establish a relationship with Wu Siduo. Yang Nianxia’s actions would benefit them immediately as well as in the long run.

Wu Siduo twisted in the air as if boneless, leaving an afterimage in a forward dash.

An aura of darkness shrouded her now, but this darkness was different from that of Xu Yucheng’s. She seemed more agile than before, an otherworldly air clinging to her form.

Her figure flickered as she suddenly accelerated, appearing before Luo Guixing’s team in a flash of lightning.

This wasn’t the first time most of Luo Guixing’s team had worked together. The shield youth did not falter at Wu Siduo’s mad dash, his three soul rings lighting up in an instant.

With that, Wu Siduo abruptly changed direction, shifting her charge toward the shield-wielding youth.

The shield youth had activated his thousand-year soul skill, Pull! The skill allowed him to attract the attention of his enemies for ten seconds. For defense-type soul masters, this was a soul skill with tremendous use.

Not a single person in Shrek Academy could be considered ordinary.

It only took an instant for him to draw Wu Siduo’s charge toward him.

A boom thundered through the air.

Defense-type and control-type soul masters naturally restrained agility-type soul masters to a degree, but what happened was the entire opposite.

Just before Wu Siduo and the shield youth collided, the youth’s expression blackened, and a second later, he was sent flying backward.

Wu Siduo’s first soul ring dimmed while her second lit up. She continued her charge like a civet, countless afterimages of slashing claws tearing through Luo Guixing’s team.

She had single-handedly decimated the entire team! This was the strength of the greatest genius of the first grade, Wu Siduo!

The two agility-type soul masters barely managed to brandish their blades in defense against the claws.

However, they could do nothing in front of Wu Siduo’s mighty cultivation base. The disparity between four and three rings became apparent now, and the two soul masters went reeling backward, blood spurting out of their mouths in scarlet arcs. Luo Guixing’s flank was now exposed.

All of a sudden, a whirlpool of silver light swirled around Wu Siduo, engulfing the rest of her shadow claws and dragging her body from mid-air into its belly.

A grunt, and Wu Siduo’s body flickered, becoming more illusory than before. She brought her hands together above her head, form bursting with a sharp sword’s aura, and an enormous blade of pitch-black light materialized in her hands, contrasting with milky skin. She swung the blade down ferociously at the silver vortex.

In an explosion of black and silver, the vortex disintegrated, the blade of black light scattering into nothingness. Luo Guixing retreated two steps back, groaning. White light struck him and the two agility-type soul masters from the back, restoring their strength. The shield youth had also recovered by now and once again used his soul skill to draw Wu Siduo’s attention in a charge.

This was the strength of a team. Wu Siduo might possess explosive strength, but Luo Guixing had survived her fierce combo. Now it was time for his team’s retaliation.

And retaliate they did. A wheel of ice appeared above Wu Siduo’s head, melting into a threads of blue light rendering her movements into a snail’s pace.

Xu Xiaoyan only had two soul rings, no doubt about it. But that did not mean her control ability was weak. Afraid of being left behind by her teammates, she had worked hard to improve in the last three years. Though usage of her Starwheel Ice Staff was limited to nighttime, she had slowly mastered all of her ice staff’s soul skills. Her impressive spiritual power helped her utilize them with maximum efficacy.

Wu Siduo felt trapped in a quagmire under the effects of both the shield youth’s and Xu Xiaoyan’s control skills. Wrapped in such a tough situation, she fought to steady her breath.

In a moment’s glance, a blue vine pulled her to the side. Despite not completely out of harm’s way, she was outside of the shield youth’s soul skill’s range.

With a roar, the transformed Yang Nianxia barreled past her. He smashed his fists into the ground. The earth shuddered, rocks peppering Luo Guixing’s group. And then Wu Siduo was free.

A giant icicle floated above Luo Guixing’s team. Wu Siduo felt a tug on her waist again and next thing she knew, she was whisked to the side.

It felt warm, like being kept in someone’s embrace. Turning her head, Wu Siduo found herself staring straight at a pretty face, mesmerized by large eyes framed with long eyelashes.

It’s him…

As students of the same class, she recognized who he was: the blacksmith representative, Tang Wulin.

“I'll send you over.” As he held her by the waist, his eyes never left the battlefield. He rotated his body halfway, strength poured into his muscles, and then he exploded! In an instant, Wu Siduo found herself soaring into the air.

All in the blink of an eye!

Tang Wulin wasted no time in activating his second soul ring. Underneath Luo Guixing’s team bursted Bluesilver Impaling Array while a hail of icicles fell from above.

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