Chapter 308 - Jade Snake Zheng Yiran

Chapter 308 - Jade Snake Zheng Yiran

Yang Nianxia ruthlessly slammed the twins onto the ground. Zheng Long and Zheng Hu disappeared in two flashes of light before Zheng Yiran could even react.

“You!” She stood there, stunned beyond belief. Never had she expected that the twin’s poison would be ineffective against Yang Nianxia.

“Hi Zheng Yiran, I’m Yang Nianxia. Please advise me.” Yang Nianxia, without giving her a chance to process the situation, charged toward her like an unstoppable tank.

“You’re seeking death!” Zheng Yiran screamed. A bright green haze covered her as she dashed forward. The snake curled around her arm glowed, then spat green mist at Yang Nianxia.

Yang Nianxia snarled. Dark-gold light burst from his body, disintegrating the mist when they touched. He reached her an instant later.

Zheng Yiran regarded him with icy eyes as she still rushed forth, clearly not intending to dodge. Yang Nianxia was just about to smash into her, when her body went soft as if her bones had liquified and her arm shot out to meet his fist.

Light exploded around her, concealing which soul skill she used. A split second later, she wrapped herself around Yang Nianxia, constricting him.

She lifted up her now jade-green right hand and stabbed it at his neck. At the same time, the snake on her arm glowed again and sprayed another puff of mist at Yang Nianxia’s face.

Yang Nianxia’s third soul ring lit up and he howled, his already enormous bulk growing to three meters in height. Dark-gold fur sprouted all over his body like a bed of steel needles. Light exploded from his body in an attempt to throw Zheng Yiran off of him.

However, unlike Zheng Long and Zheng Hu, she held fast onto Yang Nianxia like glue. Even as the light increased in intensity, she held on. The two were locked in a stalemate.

At that moment, a palm appeared out of nowhere and gently rested on Zheng Yiran’s back. She trembled, then stiffened as a layer of blue frost spread across her back.

Yang Nianxia roared as he tensed his muscles, shattering Zheng Yiran’s frozen body into brilliant shards of ice. A second later, and all that remained of her was a few particles of light.

A girl with long black hair flashed next to Yang Nianxia’s side. She wasn’t particularly pretty, but she had a particular air about her. It was Gu Yue.

She had teleported in and used frost palm on Zheng Yiran, instantly turning the tide of battle.

Yang Nianxia’s body rapidly shrunk back to normal and he turned to Gu Yue to give her a thumbs up.

Gu Yue responded with a polite smile, holding her hands behind her back as if this matter wasn’t worth mentioning.

To Tang Wulin’s astonishment, Gu Yue’s eyes darted toward the bushes he hid in for a fleeting second before shifting away.

Wow! The Spirit Sea realm is amazing. Her perception is so keen now, she instantly discovered me.

Yet, even so, she did not call out to him, nor did he come out.

“Gu Yue, what should we do now?” Yang Nianxia asked with an innocent look on his face.

“Weren’t you doing well just now? Continue.” Gu Yue walked toward the bushes Tang Wulin hid in once she finished speaking.

“But my soul power will run out!” Yang Nianxia said with a wronged expression.

“That’s your problem.” Gu Yue didn’t look back. Instead, she crouched down and entered the bushes.

She casually sat next to Tang Wulin.

At that moment, Tang Wulin’s eyes flashed and his right arm shot out like lightning.

A ding rang through the air as a pair of sharp talons were knocked away by Tang Wulin’s arm. They had been aimed at their backs.

Spears of bluesilver grass shot out from the ground and shook the surrounding bushes so violently, they released two people whose bodies were paralysed.

In the same instant, a pair of meter-long wind blades flew out and turned the two attackers into flashes of light.

Tang Wulin hadn’t turned around the entire time. Even now, he only revealed a smirk as he gave a thumbs up behind him.

A figure crawled forward not too far from behind Tang Wulin and picked up a strand of bluesilver grass. Not a sound came from this person, as if he had completely blended in with the environment. It was precisely Xie Xie.

The team he had formed with two other agility-type soul masters had eliminated five other people beforehand. After all, agility-type soul masters had both speed and attack power Ambush was their forte.

But when Xie Xie’s two teammates had set their eyes on Tang Wulin, neither sensed their impending doom.

It was a pity. They had been betrayed. After spending all these years together, Tang Wulin and Xie Xie didn’t need to verbally communicate.

As soon as Xie Xie realised that the person within the bushes was Tang Wulin, he pinched a strand of bluesilver grass found everywhere because he knew of Tang Wulin’s grass surveillance network.

After being warned, Tang Wulin had passed this on to Gu Yue with a signal only their team knew.

The tragic fates of the two agility-type soul masters played out afterward. The most important part of this chain of events, though, was that they had never suspected Xie Xie’s betrayal.

Once restrained, only one path left for agility-type soul masters. It wasn’t that they weren’t strong, but their advantage lay in ambushing and guerilla tactics. With their speed, it naturally lowered the strength of their defences.

Yang Nianxia noticed this commotion and approached the bushes, his pupils contracting in shock when he saw two flashes of light. However, he soon regained his calm and gave a thumbs up. He ran over to join Gu Yue in the bushes.

“Y-you! When did you get here?” Yang Nianxia exclaimed, surprised to see Tang Wulin in the bushes as well.

Tang Wulin gave a wry smile. “I just got here a moment ago.”

A naive smile formed on Yang Nianxia’s lips. “Oh. Keep watch for me then. I need to recover some soul power.”

They had already eliminated six people within a few short minutes. Moreover, all of their opponents had been powerful, especially that Zheng Yiran with her tyrannical poisonous martial soul. Despite this, the Duskgold Bear’s stalwart defences restrained her martial soul and she met her demise at the hands of Gu Yue’s frost palm. Of course, victory wouldn’t have been so easy for them had she not been so arrogant.

Yang Nianxia sat down and began meditating without a hint of worry. He had complete faith in Tang Wulin and Gu Yue to protect him.

Tang Wulin and Gu Yue exchanged a look. They didn’t speak as Tang Wulin willed his buesilver grass into the ground to link with the surrounding plants. He poured soul power into the plants through his grass, empowering them to mask their aura.

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