Chapter 307 - Duskgold Bear Martial Soul

Chapter 307 - Duskgold Bear Martial Soul

Shen Yi had said that this small forest would be filled with the students of the first grade. Tang Wulin was appalled that Yang Nianxia would brazenly shout like this, revealing himself the instant the battle royale started.

Tang Wulin leaned forward as he stealthily dashed through the shadows of the bushes toward Yang Nianxia’s voice. He had to join up with Yang Nianxia immediately and change their location before they were surrounded.

Sure enough, he quickly located Yang Nianxia by following his booming voice.

Yang Nianxia stood in the middle of a clearing, a perplexed look on his face as he swept his gaze through his surroundings. He was tall and muscular and practically had a giant target painted on his back.

Just as Tang Wulin was about to join up with Yang Nianxia, he noticed something and stopped, remaining in the bushes.

A figure quietly approached Yang Nianxia from behind him. It was truly strange. A shadow on the ground was the only sign of someone approaching, but no one was there to cast it.  

But when the shadow reached Yang Nianxia, it suddenly burst into existence in the shape of a person. The shadow person threw a garrote around Yang Nianxia’s neck and pulled.

What martial soul is that? It’s so strange. Although Tang Wulin was startled, he didn't rush out to save Yang Nianxia. Their alliance wasn’t that solid to begin with, and he had to be cautious of any enemies that appeared. Only the heavens knew how many people had set their sights on Yang Nianxia now.

The assailant braced themselves against Yang Nianxia, taking advantage of their difference in height to push off of Yang Nianxia’s back to strangle him.

This was an illusory world in which even death wasn’t real, so the attacker showed no mercy and immediately aimed for a fatal blow.

Yang Nianxia’s body instantly went stiff as he resisted the force pressing against his neck. The fact that his attacker aimed for a vital part like his neck from the very beginning meant that they were a fairly powerful agility-type soul master. Three soul rings rose from under the attacker’s feet, but only his second ring lit up.

Yang Nianxia jabbed his elbow backward, intent on striking the attacker’s chest.

However, since the attacker stood on his back, his elbow couldn’t reach.

Yang Nianxia ferociously stomped the ground and his body began expanding. He quickly grew from 190 centimeters to 250 centimeters tall. Although his transformation wasn’t as drastic as Yuanen’s Titan Giant Ape, Yang Nianxia’s hair became dark-gold, a dark-gold luster covered his skin, and three purple soul rings rose from his feet.

This guy…

Tang Wulin’s eyes widened in shock.

Seemingly sensing that his advantage was gone, the assailant kicked off of Yang Nianxia and put some distance between them.

At that moment, Yang Nianxia’s first soul ring lit up and dark-golden light erupted from his body.

The light revealed the true form of the illusory figure behind him, slowing them down as well.

Yang Nianxia’s hand shot backward to catch the enemy by their ankle. With a firm grasp on the enemy’s ankle, he smashed them into the ground like a rag doll.

An instant later, the ambusher’s body disappeared in a flash of light.

After confirming his victory, Yang Nianxia returned to his normal appearance, minus the clothes that had been torn apart by his transformation.

“Tang Wulin! Gu Yue! Where are you two!” Yang Nianxia shouted, clearly having no intention of stopping.

As he watched from the shadows, Tang Wulin felt a chill go down his spine.

Just as expected, no one who passed the entrance exam can be considered weak! He might be exposing himself while looking for us, but he has the strength to do so! His powerful martial soul and strange soul skill allowed him to easily take care of that ambusher. That wire didn’t even do anything to him!

I shouldn’t go out yet. He looks honest, but he has a cunning heart. He’s an excellent teammate candidate!

“What are you hollering for?”

Three figures emerged from the forest, a group of two boys and one girl. All of them had two purple soul rings and one yellow soul ring. The girl led the way. She had a dazzlingly pretty face and was an even match for Xu Xiaoyan in the looks department, but she was far more arrogant. A dark-green snake coiled around her right arm, surrounded by a gloomy aura.

The two boys behind her were average in terms of height and looks, but their faces were identical.

The moment he saw the twins, Tang Wulin couldn’t help but recall the twin sisters he had encountered at the Skysea Alliance Tournament. He had lost to their powerful soul fusion skill back then. Considering the fact that these two boys were also twins, he wondered if they also had a soul fusion skill.

Since classes had just started, Tang Wulin was still unfamiliar with his classmates. He didn’t know who was powerful and who was weak!

Judging by the sound of the voice, it was clear that the girl had spoken.

Yang Nianxia responded with an innocent smile.

“Hi, I’m Yang Nianxia. I’m looking for my teammates right now.”

The girl stepped forward. “I’m Zheng Yiran. You should just withdraw right now and save yourself from some pain. The position of class president is already mine.”

Yang Nianxia stared at her in astonishment. “Didn’t the teacher say we need to fight for the position? How is the position already yours?”

Zheng Yiran frowned. “Are you stupid? I obviously meant that no one else is worthy of being my opponent. It’s guaranteed that I’ll beat everyone here and become the class president. Alright, enough of this nonsense. Zheng Long. Zheng Hu. Send him on his way.”

“Yes, young miss.” The two boys behind her shot forward, their first soul rings twinkling as an aura of darkness enveloped them.

A green tint appeared on their skin as they dashed toward Yang Nianxia. They opened their mouths and shot green lights straight at him.

Yang Nianxia stood there as if he had been stunned, not moving an inch. Then he suddenly released his martial soul and his body swelled once more.

Isn’t he being too cocky? Tang Wulin frowned from his position in the bushes.

The two green lights struck Yang Nianxia. He shuddered as a dark-green hue corrupted the golden luster that covered him.

“Ah! Poison!” Yang Nianxia cried out as a sudden trembling gripped him.

Zheng Long and Zheng Hu approached Yang Nianxia with lightning speed. Their martial souls could only faintly be discerned as a jade-green haze. Death clung to them, and the surrounding plants wilted wherever they went.

It was poison, just as Yang Nianxia said. It was a rarely seen poison-attribute martial soul! Considering the fact that they had passed the Shrek entrance exam, they had to be powerful in their own right. That Zheng Yiran, who seemed to have a similar martial soul, was also there. They likely hailed from a family of poison-attribute martial souls.

Tang Wulin’s horizons were truly broadened today. Since entering Shrek Academy, he had seen countless rare and powerful martial souls.

In the blink of an eye, Zheng Long and Zheng Hu reached Yang Nianxia.

Yang Nianxia trembled more intensely than before as each of the twins raised a foot to kick him, a transparent jade-green spike sprouting from their feet. Although the spikes were beautiful, the association of the color with their martial souls took away from that.

If the two spiked kicks struck Yang Nianxia’s neck, his bid for class presidency would definitely be done.

Even so, Tang Wulin did not act. Yang Nianxia wasn’t really his comrade after all. Besides, considering how crafty Yang Nianxia was, Tang Wulin was confident that he wouldn’t lose to just two poison-attribute soul masters.

“So poisonous! How scary!” Yang Nianxia wailed.

But just as the two spikes were about to stab him, he stopped trembling.

His arms shot out like lightning to grab each twin by the ankle.

A grim smile formed on his lips. “Isn’t that enough now?”

He stomped on the ground, dispelling the green haze on him with a burst of dark-golden light.

The light made the air tremble, and when it struck Zheng Long and Zheng Hu, their bodies went weak.

They had been completely sapped of strength.

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