Chapter 305 - The Battle for Class President

Chapter 305 - The Battle for Class President

“Today we will be electing the class representatives.” With Elder Cai absent as usual, Shen Yi took charge of the lectures while Wu Zhangkong stood to the side in silence. He swept his icy gazy over the entire class.

“Here at Shrek, strength reigns supreme. We have already tested your characters, so we don’t care who becomes a class representative. A class battle will be held, and the final victor will be the class president. Those who demonstrate exceptional talent will fill in the other positions. There are seven representatives in total. One class president, two vice-presidents, and a council made up of the four secondary professions.

“Don’t look down on the position of class representative. Each representative will be in charge of different parts of the class and receive bonus contribution points. The president and vice-presidents are the leaders and represent the whole class. Each month the class president will receive one thousand contribution points, the vice-president six hundred, and the members of the profession council will each receive five hundred points. As long as a representative can become a battle armor master by twenty-five years of age, they will automatically be admitted into the inner court upon graduation. Also, they may take the graduation exam at any time they wish. Remember, you must graduate from the inner court by the time you turn thirty-five. Don’t even dare to proclaim yourself a member of Shrek otherwise. Anyway, these seven positions will be filled in today. First, I will declare Tang Wulin as the blacksmith representative.”

Tang Wulin did not expect this at all.

“Stand up. Let your classmates get acquainted with you,” Shen Yi said.

Tang Wulin stood up, turning around to face all of his classmates.

Everyone’s gazes landed on Tang Wulin, each with different reactions. The girls instantly brightened the moment they saw him, for one simple reason: he was handsome!

Tang Wulin, at the young age of thirteen, stood 165 centimeters tall and was only a head shorter than an adult. Long eyelashes accentuated his large eyes. With a lean build and a radiant smile, his pretty-boy look  easily captured the hearts of the girls.

The boys, however, did not look too kindly on him. Just by the fact that they attended Shrek Academy was enough to attest to their genius status and so they all naturally regarded themselves highly.

“Teacher!” A student in the back row raised his hand.

“Speak,” Shen Yi said.  

“Why doesn’t he need to compete for the blacksmith representative position?” The young man stood up, revealing his unbelievably muscular build. He stood over 190 centimeters tall and had a deep voice. Oddly enough though, his eyes were extremely small. So small, that they were like slits.  

“Yang Nianxia, you’re not exactly wrong. Tang Wulin doesn’t need to compete for the blacksmith representative position because no one can compete with him. He’s a fourth-rank blacksmith.” Shen Yi’s words roused the entire class.

Fourth-rank blacksmith? A fourth-rank blacksmith who’s not even fifteen years old? That’s just ridiculous!

Yang Nianxia froze, stunned. Originally, he had objected because he himself was a third-rank blacksmith, a remarkable achievement for his age.

Now, however, words failed him—he couldn’t hope to compare to a fourth-rank blacksmith!

He stared at Tang Wulin in shock. Though he could not accept it just yet, he sat back down.

Tang Wulin gave Yang Nianxia a nod, his expression unchanging.

“Any other questions?” Shen Yi swept her gaze across the class.

Little did the class know, Shen Yi was still understating Tang Wulin’s level. After all, he had yet to receive his badge for the fifth rank and couldn’t spirit refine at the moment.

Everyone changed their suspicious attitudes within an instant. Although Shrek Academy students constantly competed against each other, assisting each other was also possible. After all, it would be foolish not to form close ties with talented people. Everyone was painfully aware that they could not become battle armor masters through their own efforts alone. They would need outside help, and their classmates were their best bet.

These students, having come from all over the continent, had all heard numerous tales of Shrek Academy that instilled caution into their hearts. Everyone knew that they had direct all their efforts into self-improvement.

In the end, they were all geniuses that made it into Shrek Academy.

Seeing no one else object, Shen Yi smiled. “Good, that’s settled then. A competition will be held for the other positions. The contest for the president and vice-president seat will start in a moment. We’re going to a practice field where you can fight to your heart’s content. There’s only one requirement to become the class president: survive until the very end. The two runner-ups will be the vice-presidents. Let me remind you, it’s not a fight to the death. As long as your four limbs or your torso touches the ground, you will be eliminated.”

“Of course, if you wish to withdraw from the position, that’s fine too. There are many perks to being the class president, but the responsibilities are just as heavy. If there’s one benefit that makes it worth it though, it would be the extra credit you receive when you take the inner court entrance exam in the future, and the greater influence on campus. As I’m sure you all know, the highest authority in Shrek City and Shrek Academy is the Sea God’s Pavilion. Nearly all the elders of the Sea God’s Pavilion were past class presidents or vice-presidents. The Academy has six grades and only six classes, so there are only six class presidents in total. Every one of them has a higher chance of making it into the inner court.”

How can she say withdrawing is fine? Now she’s just trying to provoke us!

Still standing up, Tang Wulin clearly saw Shen Yi’s words ignite a fire in the eyes of his fellow classmates.

And he was no exception. There wasn’t anyone who didn’t want to stand above their peers This was especially true at Shrek Academy. But in order to climb to the top, they had to fight.

“Alright, you have fifteen minutes to prepare. Naturally, you can also form groups, it’s up to you. We will only observe the battles.”

Fifteen minutes to form teams?

Tang Wulin’s heart thumped. He understood the underlying meaning in Shen Yi’s words. This wasn’t merely a test of their individual strength; in order to become the class president, it would take more than a single person’s power.

The Shrek Academy entrance exam already weeded out every weakling. Right now, wisdom was more important than strength.

Tang Wulin sat down silently. He sent a meaningful look to Xie Xie. Then, in a voice only audible to his teammates, Tang Wulin said, “Xie Xie, Xiaoyan, you two go make another group. Understood?”

A knowing smile instantly appeared on Xu Xiaoyan’s lips. Xie Xie, though taken by surprise,  soon curled his lips into a mischievous grin.

Understanding Gu Yue’s temperament, Tang Wulin did not tell her to do the same. She was too prideful to take the initiative to form her own group.

The reason why they weren’t teaming up this time was simple. After being seated together, they were already perceived as their own clique. Now that Tang Wulin was the blacksmith representative, even more eyes were on him. There was just too much attention on them right now.

If they wanted to take full advantage of the ensuing chaos, first they had to take the heat off of themselves.

The lecture theater soon grew rowdy as people turned towards the person sitting next to them in search of comrades.

With only three positions available, the teams remained small. If the team was too big, there would be conflicts over who received the positions!

Though strangers at first, the classmates soon became friendly.

“Can I join you guys? I’m a control-type soul master, so I’ll definitely be useful. I don’t want to be class president, I’m just afraid of getting hurt. If you’ll have me, I’ll withdraw when we’re the only team left.”

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