Chapter 298 - Meteoric Iron

Chapter 298 - Meteoric Iron

“Hey!” Yuanen shouted. Seeing that he was about to be left behind, he quickly ran after the two. After all, he still needed to get his first-grade thousand refining.

Tang Wulin’s surroundings blurred as they flew. He struggled within the man’s grasp, but the scorching energy enveloping him made all attempts futile. Several seconds later, his body lightened and he found himself standing in an unfamiliar location.

It was in a large, messy room. Two shelves lined the walls, filled with an assortment of metals that made Tang Wulin’s eyes light up. If not for his teacher back in Eastsea City, it would have been near impossible for him to obtain some of the truly precious metals on the shelves.

A large forging table stood in the center of the room, its sparkling silver exterior a clear testament to its grade.

T-this workshop is enormous!

“You can spirit refine?”

Tang Wulin turned around and came face to face with the red-haired eccentric. “Who are you? Why did you bring me here?”

“Answer my question first. Can you spirit refine?” the man insisted.

Tang Wulin answered, “I succeeded once by chance.”

The red-haired man’s brows jumped, then he pointed to the forging table. “Good. Then show me your luck again.”

Tang Wulin shook his head. “No, I won’t try it. Last time was a fluke. I don’t even have three soul rings yet, how can I even hope to succeed? I’ll be gravely injured if I fail. I’m not doing it.”

“You don’t have your third ring yet?” Taken aback, the red-haired man scratched his head as he took in this piece of information.

“That’s right, I’m only thirteen years old right now! You can’t expect everyone at my age to have three soul rings.” Tang Wulin exclaimed.

“Indeed, that’s a bit too low.” The man nodded seriously. “Then thousand refine for me. I want to watch.”

Tang Wulin instantly hatched a scheme in his devious mind. “Alright, I’ll thousand refine for you. But I have a condition.”

The red-haired man rubbed his forehead. “You have a condition for me? Fine! I’ll accept one condition. Tell me, what is it?”

“You let me forge any metal I like in here and keep it after I’m done,” Tang Wulin stated.

“No problem.” The man answered without the slightest hint of hesitation as he nodded.

“Then can you tell me how to use this forging table? I’ve never touched one this expensive before,” Tang Wulin said.

The man used a few simple words to explain the mechanics of the forging table. With his years of forging experience, Tang Wulin instantly grasped how to use it.

“Okay. I’m going to start now.” Tang Wulin walked over to the shelf of metals as he spoke.

Just a while ago he had agreed to first-grade thousand refine for Yuanen. Now, luck had practically delivered a shelf full of metal to his doorstep. Although he also had the metals obtained from participating in the competition on behalf of the Eastsea Blacksmith’s Association, those were his own. It was best if he didn’t use them, as he still needed to make money and earn contribution points at the Tang Sect. Fortunately for him, he had obtained some rare metals for a relatively cheap price back in Eastsea City

Tang Wulin sood before the shelf and inspected each metal. When he spotted two chunks of metal on the lowest shelf, he smiled anddidn’t hesitate to take them.

“Hey! Not those ones,” the red-haired man shouted.

The two chunks of metal Tang Wulin held in his arms were ashen-gray, as remarkable as random stones on the ground.  

“Didn’t you say I can choose anything? Are you going back on your word now?”

“Only those two won’t do. You only need to thousand refine once, what do you need two for?” The man’s cheeks ached as he tried to conceal his agitation.

“Why can’t I use two? Efficiency is important to us blacksmiths, so to save time I usually forge two metals at once! Since I have a one hundred percent success rate, this is the most efficient way for me to forge.”

Tang Wulin put the two chunks of metal in the forging table as he spoke and began the calcining process.

This forging table was truly advanced. With enough space to calcine five different metals at once, any blacksmith of sufficient skill could continue forging without stopping with this table. Moreover, its advanced soul battery meant it could reach higher calcining temperatures.

“You…” The man anxiously rushed over when he saw what Tang Wulin was doing, but he was too late. The two metals already entered the furnace.

Tang Wulin beamed at him.

Anger blazed in the red-haired man’s eyes. “If you can’t thousand refine, no, if you can’t least second-grade thousand refine it, then you’re dead! You’ll work for me until you pay off those two chunks of meteoric iron.”

Meteoric iron was a first-rate metal that didn’t form naturally on the Douluo Continent and could only be extracted from meteorites. It was extremely dense and heavy, but its most interesting trait was the unusual energy contained within it. Weapons forged from meteoric iron possess a penetrating effect, so it was a common material for the weapons of powerful mechas.

However, meteoric iron was just too rare. Few were fortunate enough to even lay their eyes on it. Even Tang Wulin was only able to recognize this unassuming metal because of the countless detailed lectures on metals found within the world Mu Chen had given him.

Although this piece of meteoric iron had a dull gray appearance, Tang Wulin’s Purple Demon Eyes would never let the dark golden lines running through them go unnoticed. These two chunks were undoubtedly the most precious metals in the room and were the only pieces of meteoric iron present. It was no wonder that the red-haired man was distressed.

Of course, Tang Wulin also had another reason for choosing it. Meteoric iron was impossible to spirit refine, so it was only used for one-word battle armor or mechas. This trait drastically lowered its value, such that only mecha pilots and a few battle armor masters would use it.

If not for this fact, the red-haired man never would have permitted Tang Wulin to forge it.

The calcining soon finished, and Tang Wulin pressed a button to make the blazing-red chunks of metal emerge.

“I’m going to start then?” Tang Wulin glanced at the man.

The man nodded. “Kid, you better be careful with that.”

Tang Wulin responded with a radiant smile, choosing to let his actions speak for him. Two hammers appeared in his hands in a flash of golden light. Then he struck down.

A series of booms reverberated throughout the room, pleasantly surprising Tang Wulin.

Last time he had been fortunate to forge his thousand refined hammers to spirit refined, but hadn’t had the chance to test them out yet. This single strike, however, was all he needed to determine the wonders his spirit refined hammers.

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