Chapter 294 - A Turn for the Worse

Chapter 294 - A Turn for the Worse

Tang Wulin’s group shared looks of dismay, their hearts filling with apprehension. In the past, Elder Cai had proclaimed they needed to become battle armor masters before the age of twenty in order to enter the inner court. They finally understood where her outrageous demand had come from: she was the headmaster of the outer court! As such, she had the authority to impose such requirements on them!

Elder Cai wore a mask of indifference. “Shrek Academy has never forced its students to cultivate nor is our education compulsory. There is an annual minor exam and a major one every three years. Failing the minor exam twice will result in expulsion. So, the number of students  in each grade will decrease in the next three years.

“For those in the sixth grade who have yet to meet the graduation requirements, I hope you will all work hard and fulfill them before you turn thirty-five. As for our new students, you have the option to relax and take it easy, but then you might not be here in three years.

“Of course, Shrek Academy will not hold back in your education. You can ask for guidance from your teacher and make use of the numerous facilities on campus. Naturally, you must exchange contributions points to utilize them. You new students will soon realize the importance of contribution points.

“Now, on the eve of the new academic year, let us celebrate Shrek’s generations of honor and glory, and to many more generations of magnificence. But whether you’ll be part of the glory or left on the sidelines in the future will be up to you.”

That’s it? Isn’t her speech a bit too short?

And here Tang Wulin had thought the opening ceremony at Eastsea Academy had been brief. It never crossed his mind Shrek Academy’s would make record time!

Even so, he learned many new things from Elder Cai’s speech. Shrek Academy’s elimination system lived up to its fame. Anyone who wanted to graduate from Shrek would have to put in blood, sweat, and tears, progressing step by step until the day they stood at the world’s summit.

I have to work hard! Tang Wulin subconsciously clenched his fists.

With the ceremony concluded, the teachers in the air split up, each heading to their respective classes. The eyes of Tang Wulin and his friends shimmered when they saw Wu Zhangkong and Shen Yi flying toward them.

So Teacher Wu and Teacher Shen are our teachers… Wait, what? Why is she flying here too?

Their smiles stiffened. Someone they never wanted to interact with again was soaring through the skies in the four’s direction.

Her lips curled into a mocking smile as she locked her eyes on them.

No way… No way. No way!

Yet there was nothing they could do to stop her.

“I will be personally managing this year’s new class. Beside me are my assistant teachers, Teacher Shen Yi and Teacher Wu Zhangkong. Now to the classroom.”

The moment these words left Elder Cai’s mouth, Tang Wulin’s eyes went wide, Xie Xie’s jaw dropped, Xu Xiaoyan gasped, and Gu Yue’s lips began to quiver.


What is this?

They had never expected Elder Cai to do such a thing.

Just how far will she go to trouble us? How much does she hate us?

After Elder Cai finished speaking, she flew toward the school building, leading the way for the rest of the class. Unknown to Tang Wulin and the others, Elder Cai’s lips curved into a sly smile, her eyes shimmering with satisfaction.

There was a reason she hadn’t lost any sleep over Gu Yue’s rejection. As the headmaster of the outer court, she had them in the palm of her hands from the moment she stopped them from entering the inner court.

That was why she stipulated that they would have to become battle armor masters before the age of twenty just to enter the inner court. Not even Zhuo Shi could go against her words in this case. The division of labor between elders of the Sea God’s Pavilion were clear and absolute, and the the outer court was Elder Cai’s jurisdiction.

“Her schemes are cunning and her foresight is deep!” Tang Wulin lamented. Compared to this veteran, they were the most naive of rookies.

The three teachers landed further ahead, leaving the students to hurry after them. Perhaps Tang Wulin and the others were relegated to the back of the congregation due to their working-student status, even though they had initially been at the front.

The school building felt different from how it did during the exam. Although the four felt depressed from Elder Cai’s presence, because they were now Shrek Academy students and their previous instructor, Wu Zhangkong, would still be teaching them, their situation couldn’t be too bad.

They entered the outer court’s classroom for the first grade, which was on the first floor.

It was a lecture theater large enough to hold three hundred people. Elder Cai ascended the platform and stood behind the lectern. On the side, Shen Yi said, “Students, please take your seat according to what I announce. Tang Wulin, row one seat one.”

Row one seat one? I’m the first one called? Tang Wulin suppressed his surprise as he scrambled to his seat.

Row one seat one was neither on the left edge, nor the right, but dead center.

“Gu Yue, row one, seat two!” This seat was on Tang Wulin’s right.

“Xie Xie, row one, seat three!” And this was on Tang Wulin’s left.

“Xu Xiaoyan, row one, seat four!” She sat next to Gu Yue’s other side.

Their seats were the closest to the lectern, no more than five meters apart. They were practically within arm’s reach of the lectern and in full view of whoever stood there.

Each of them pulled odd faces once they took their seats. A dark cloud settled over Xie Xie, and Xu Xiaoyan was pale as a ghost. On the other hand, Gu Yue seemed to handle herself better, maintaining a semblance of calm with only her brows furrowed. They all knew Elder Cai had arranged for them to sit in this spot.

Because they had offended the head instructor before school started, there would be hard days in store for them.

Xie Xie shot a look at Tang Wulin, as if asking for the next course of action. Tang Wulin gave him a slight nod, acknowledging his concerns but affirming their lack of control over the situation.

Apart from waiting to see her plans unfold, there was nothing else they could do.

With rest of the students seated, the lecture theater was only one-third full.

“Elder Cai, there should be 101 students in this year’s new class, and I’ve counted 101 students. Everyone is present,” Shen Yi reported.

Elder Cai didn’t pay any mind to Tang Wulin and company, indifferently saying, “I believe you’ve all heard what I said at the opening ceremony, so I won’t be repeating any of that. Here at Shrek Academy, your teachers will show you the door, but it is up to you to step through it. Your success here depends on your own efforts. Well, that’s enough about that. Today you will be familiarizing yourselves with how things are done here. Teacher Shen will explain the rules and education style in a moment. Teacher Shen, if you will.”

Elder Cai made to leave immediately after finishing her speech. Before she exited the lecture theater’s doors, however, she flicked a glance at Tang Wulin’s group.

All four of them let out a collective sigh of relief once she left. Without a doubt, it was better for them if she wasn’t present. In fact, it would be best if she wasn’t managing the class of new students.

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