Chapter 291 - Give Me Her Number!

Chapter 291 - Give Me Her Number!

“Haven’t you heard of Shrek’s Sea God’s Fated Date Festival?” Xie Xie’s wide eyes drilled into Tang Wulin’s. “I heard if you are in the inner court and are of a certain age, you’ll qualify to participate in the festival. It’s a grand occasion for everyone in the inner court! Even us outer court students can catch glimpses of it later.I’m not sure about the details, but apparently the festival has been held ten thousand years straight! Countless couples sprang up there. Legend has it the Spirit Ice Douluo and the Dragon Butterfly Douluo started dating at this festival!”

Tang Wulin was not amused. “You’re already thinking about those things at your age? We’re too young for that stuff. Besides, you have to get into the inner court first if you want to participate! We still have a long ways to go, you know? Think about the student number two who beat you into a pulp during the trials. He’s that strong and he’s not even an inner court student.”  

“I’ll figure it out once I have a target. And we definitely have a shot at making it into the inner court if we give it our all.” Xie Xie bounced up and down from his seat.

Tang Wulin smiled, raising his cup. “Congratulations everyone! We’ve made it into Shrek Academy. Let’s consider this a late celebration.”

Gu Yue and Xu Xiaoyan perked up when they heard Tang Wulin’s words, their ice cream forgotten on the table. The four exchanged smiles. Not just anyone can get accepted into Shrek Academy!

Calling it the continent’s number one academy was no understatement. Merely the entrance exam alone tested so many aspects: strength, potential, secondary profession, character, and patience among other things. It was a thoroughly comprehensive exam. Failing a single trial would have greatly hindered their chances of making it into the academy.

Yet now, they sat there as students of Shrek Academy. Wu Zhangkong and Eastsea Academy hadn’t wasted their time grooming the four afterall.

Expectation filled their hearts. They all wondered what they would learn here at Shrek Academy, and just how different it would be from a mundane academy such as Eastsea Academy.

“Waitress, over here!” During the four’s celebration, the person at the table next to them shouted.

They turned a deaf ear to the commotion, but that was only the beginning.

“Give me your number.” The stranger’s words were coated with arrogance.

Who dares to be so demanding in Shrek Academy?

Tang Wulin and the others turned to check out who this self-important person was.

A  young man sat at a neighboring table. He didn’t wear a Shrek Academy uniform, and instead accentuated his handsome features with a white suit. He seemed about one or two years older than Tang Wulin and his group. His hair was reminiscent of spun gold, combed back and held in place with some product, not one hair out of place.  

A strange air exuded from the depths of his mystical golden eyes, as if his existence itself radiated light.

Of all the customers in the drink shop, only Tang Wulin could rival this person in the looks department. Even so, Tang Wulin was no match for the golden-haired young man’s overbearingness.

The waitress stood in front of him. She wore a long black skirt and a white apron. She had jade-white skin, short fiery-red hair, and a pair of large and beautiful black eyes. Her beauty made men want to protect her.

“I’m sorry, that is out of the scope of my job responsibilities,” she politely responded.

“Then what will it take for me to get your number?” he asked.

The waitress shook her head and turned around to leave.

“What kind of service is this? Get me your manager.” The man slammed his palm on the table, instantly attracting the eyes of the surrounding customers. Yet for some reason, those wearing the Shrek Academy uniform averted their gazes when they saw it was this young man making the commotion.

“Please wait a moment.” After saying this, the waitress scurried off.

A few moments later, a middle-aged man came forward to the table. “Sir, may I ask what the problem is? I am the manager of this drink shop.”

“Give me her communicator number.” The young man pointed at the waitress.

The manager made a regretful face. “My apologies, but I cannot divulge the private information of the staff.”

The young man raised a brow. “Then what do I need to do to get her number?”

“I’m sorry that we can’t help you. Please don’t make things difficult for us. I can’t tell you her private information no matter what.” The manager’s tone was polite, but firm.

The pressure within the shop increased tenfold.“Get me your boss.”

Though the manager hesitated, brows dipping, he nodded in the end. “Please wait a moment.” He turned around and left.

True to his word, the manager returned soon after, a richly-dressed middle-aged man in tow.

“Sir, how can I help you?”

“I want that waitress's number.” Once again, he exhibited the arrogance of someone used to getting their way.

The owner of the shop didn’t flinch at the demand. “I heard your request from the manager, but I’m sorry, we won’t divulge the private information of our employees no matter what. Please excuse me for being unable to help you.”

The young man narrowed his eyes. “So you won’t agree no matter what?”

The owner nodded.

“Fine.” The young man rose from his seat and snapped his fingers.

A finely dressed man stood up from a nearby table and approached the scene, giving the young man a slight bow. “Young master, what is your command?”

“Negotiate with the owner. I want to buy this drink shop.”

The owner was stunned, but his expression soon turned ugly. “Sir, I’m sorry, but I have no intentions of selling.”

Stepping forward, the butler greeted the owner with a smile. “Hello, I am Sun Bo. How about we speak in private?” He handed a golden card over to the shop owner as the words left his mouth

One look at the card and the owner’s eyes went wide with shock. He obediently nodded to the butler’s suggestion and led the butler away to discuss matters.

While the corner of Xie Xie’s mouth twitched, Tang Wulin sighed at the farce. “These city people sure know how to play.”

Gu Yue coldly snorted.

Contrary to her companions, Xu Xiaoyan was all smiles. “So, do you guys think he’ll be able to get that girl’s number?”

Tang Wulin shrugged. “We’ll see soon enough. I never expected to have such a show play out in front of us when we’re going out for drinks. The shop owner seemed stubborn, but that young man is probably from a wealthy family. Let’s see if the owner can be swayed by money.”

Just as Tang Wulin finished speaking, the butler and the shop owner returned.

“Young master, I have negotiated a price with Boss Yang over here, and I’ve already sent payment. From now on, this drink shop is your property.” The butler spoke with measured disinterest as if this was a normal occasion.

The young man nodded, flicking his gaze back at Boss Yang. “Give me her number.”

From the beginning, the young man had not bothered to restrain his voice. Everyone around could hear him loud and clear, flabbergasted expressions plastered over their faces. For the sake of a single girl’s number, he spent loads of money to acquire this drink shop. The shops in Shrek Academy’s perimeter had unimaginable property values. Not just anyone could waltz in. As such, the golden-haired young man’s background was a topic of high discussion for spectators.

Boss Yang sighed, approaching the red-haired waitress.

At this scene, Tang Wulin shrugged once more. “It seems money can sway anyone.”

A moment later, the waitress walked over to the young man.

“What do you want?”

The young man smiled. “Nothing much. I just thought you were pretty and wanted to get to know you better.”

Without uttering another word, the girl began unbuttoning her apron.

“I didn’t tell you to undress!” the young man shouted, flabbergasted by her actions.

Snorting, the girl threw her apron on the table. “I quit, so I’m not your employee anymore.” She turned to leave.

The young man’s smile grew wider as he mirrored her actions. “Even better!” he said as he chased after her shadow.

“I can’t believe something like this can happen in Shrek City. Really, if this is tolerated, then what isn’t?” Xie Xie shot out of his seat and followed the two.

Unable to stop Xie Xie, Tang Wulin went after him.

Even if you want to fight for justice, at least pay the bill first! He thought this as he threw some bills on the table.

With one foot out the door, Tang Wulin felt a powerful wave of soul power rippling through the air, golden light permeating the sky and dispelling the shadows of the night.

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