Chapter 284 - Master Craftsman

Chapter 284 - Master Craftsman

As Tang Wulin absorbed the scarlet light, the golden veins snaking their way across his skin grew more pronounced. In a blink of an eye, golden scales rippled into existence across his right arm, his blood essence growing vigorous.

The light vanished from Zhuo Shi’s eyes and he directed Tang Wulin’s body down to the floor, a finger withdrawing the scarlet aura with a curl. However, something out of the ordinary occurred, as the light prepared to leave Tang Wulin’s body. The golden pattern on his skin issued out a dragon’s roar, sucking back the scarlet light, not permitting it to leave.

Zhuo Shi was baffled out of his wits. He waved his hand, cutting off the aura’s connection to Tang Wulin, leaving only a bit of the scarlet light for Tang Wulin’s body to gobble up. After the majority of the scarlet light was absorbed, Tang Wulin became visible. The golden lines mapping out his body slurped up the aura’s remnants.


The three from class zero gaped as they took in the bizarre sight, but Shen Yi knew exactly what was happening! Without a doubt, Tang Wulin was devouring Zhuo Shi’s soul power. Considering Zhuo Shi’s cultivation level, it was obvious his soul power would be extremely dense. Yet a kid with only two soul rings was gobbling it up. This meant Tang Wulin’s martial soul restrained Zhuo Shi’s!

H-how is this possible! Teacher’s martial soul is the Scarlet Jade Dragon! It isn’t some second-rate dragon, it’s a supreme martial soul possessing a true dragon’s bloodline.

Zhuo Shi thrust out his finger and poked Tang Wulin with a beam of red. A groan released from Tang Wulin’s lips, and he slowly flicked his eyes open.

Tang Wulin felt cosy, something he hadn’t experienced for a long time. He was less feeble than before and his soul power was filled to the brim. Soon his blood essence would reach its normal level through the help of soul power circulation.

He sat up, rubbing his head. His pallor gave snow a run for its money, after losing so much blood. But in the end, he had succeeded.

“Grandteacher.” Tang Wulin rose and saluted.

Zhuo Shi wore a gentle expression. “You four, follow me.” He turned around and strode away.

Gu Yue ran to Tang Wulin’s side in an effort to steady him.. “Are you okay?” she asked softly.

Tang Wulin nodded, a wry smile on his lips. “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

She let out a breath of relief. “Why did you do something so risky? Do you know how much danger you were in just now? If you had overdrafted any more of your energy, you might have sustained permanent injuries!”

Tang Wulin opted for a meek smile, not a word of argument leaving his mouth.

Class zero’s members followed Zhuo Shi and Shen Yi out of the room. Although Zhuo Shi gave the appearance of walking slowly, they had to use their soul power to keep up with him.

Where are we going?

Tang Wulin pondered over spirit refining as he followed behind Zhuo Shi.

He had profited from a disaster this time. Somehow, he was able to pull through and succeed despite not yet having his third soul ring. He never expected to triumph, but solely by coincidence, his hammers had also been made of heavy silver and were blood sacrificed, enabling them to absorb the metal he had forged. Tang Wulin studied his hand. He could feel the blood connection between him and the hammers.

Normally, thousand refined metals could not evolve and become spirit refined. The circumstances this time, however, were too abnormal. In fact, a miracle had occurred, facilitated by his blood sacrificed hammers and blood essence.

Though he did not have the time to examine his hammers at the moment, he expected them to be incomparable with before. He had given them some of his life force, and in turn, they became an extension of his existence. It was a mystical sensation.

He also felt his soul power strengthened and more harmonious with his blood essence after succeeding at spirit refining.

In reality, his soul power was nowhere near the level necessary to spirit refine. His blood essence helped him make up for his lacking soul power.

Because Tang Wulin’s blood essence carried the energy of the Golden Dragon King, it could be considered an unconventional source of energy for him. He could use this energy to improve his combat ability through Golden Dragon Body, the soul skill from his golden soul ring.

So, though he only had two rings, if his blood essence soul ring was counted, he would have three rings in total.

To succeed at spirit refining, a blacksmith needed conviction, and it was only because he possessed such firm conviction that he succeeded. The first spirit refining was the most important to a blacksmith. Subsequent attempts would proceed much more smoothly.

Of course, Tang Wulin didn’t dare attempt it again before he obtained his third soul ring. The danger of having an insufficient cultivation base was terrifying. It was just like Gu Yue said; he couldn’t count on his luck. If he had overdrafted any more of his energy and the damage had been irrecoverable, failing the trial would be the least of his troubles.

However, succeeding at spirit refining meant he had ascended to the level of a Master Craftsman.

Tang Wulin overflowed with pride. He was a thirteen-year-old Master Craftsman, the youngest in history to accomplish spirit refining. He had set a heaven-defying record.

He was certain no one but him could accomplish such a feat.

The four chased after Zhuo Shi through the campus until he finally slowed as someone came into view.

It was a person they were all extremely familiar with.

He kneeled with his back straight and proper, long blue hair cascading over his shoulders and making for a picturesque scene.

Tang Wulin yelped in surprise and rushed over to his teacher’s side. “Teacher Wu?”

Indeed, it was their teacher, the white-robed man who carried a blue sword, cold as the frozen heavens, Wu Zhangkong.

At the sound of Tang Wulin’s voice, Wu Zhangkong raised his head. He watched as his four students sprinted toward him, Shen Yi and the mountain-like Zhuo Shi trailing behind.

When his gaze fell on Zhuo Shi, trembles gripped his form. His icy face thawed to reveal a tumult of emotions warring within him.

Before his students even reached him, he turned to Zhuo Shi and kowtowed, his head dropping to the ground.

Once close to Wu Zhangkong’s side, his four students stood behind him with thumping hearts as the witnessed this shocking scene. Tang Wulin kneeled down next to Wu Zhangkong, paying respects to Zhuo Shi as well. He may not be aware of the circumstances surrounding his teacher and Zhuo Shi, but he was smart enough to know what he should do.

At his example, Xie Xie, Xu Xiaoyan quickly got on their knees, leaving Gu Yue standing behind Tang Wulin. Rather than kneel, she sat down beside Tang Wulin.

Zhuo Shi faltered mid-step. He no longer approached with the ferocity of a dragon, but his expression kept its stiffness. A few steps later and he was right before Wu Zhangkong.

“Stand up.”

“Thank you, Teacher.” Wu Zhangkong met his gaze, surprise coloring his eyes.

“I’m not your teacher. I don’t have a disciple as troublesome as you,” Zhuo Shi coldly said.

Wu Zhangkong hung his head in silence, though something unexpected happened in the next instant.

“These granddisciples though, I’ll recognize them.”

Wu Zhangkong’s eyes popped wide and he kowtowed once more. “Thank you, Teacher.” He understood his teacher better than anyone else. Zhuo Shi was stubborn, strict, and uncompromising. Although he did not explicitly state he forgave Wu Zhangkong, he did not rule out the possibility either.

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