Chapter 276 - Three-eyed Golden Lion

Chapter 276 - Three-eyed Golden Lion

To young boys and girls like Tang Wulin and the others, gems were nothing more than pretty stones. They were far more interested in the kind of place a Three-eyed Golden Lion would choose to reside in.

“Do you think we can take the gems?” Xie Xie gazed at the mountain of jewels longingly.

“Don’t be so greedy,” Tang Wulin said. “Do you see me trying anything? If anyone could just waltz in and take those gems, why would Shrek even leave them for us? Use your common sense.”

After they turned another bend, the cave opened up into a wide open space. A growl reverberated through the air, and a figure shrouded in golden light pounced at them.

Not good!

The instant he heard that growl, goosebumps appeared all over Tang Wulin’s body. He instantly came to the conclusion that a second Three-eyed Golden Lion lived here!

Three-eyed Golden Lions were beasts that could fight head-to-head with a ten-thousand-year Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear!

Tang Wulin and the others no longer had a chance to escape since this one noticed them.

“Run!” Tang Wulin shouted as he exploded with golden light. He activated Golden Dragon Body and his right arm swelled with power. His right hand transformed into a claw as he swiped at the incoming golden figure.

He held nothing back in the face of death. Three meter-long dark-gold blades of light shot from his claw.

The golden figure dropped to the ground with a metallic thud, landing near Tang Wulin. Tang Wulin retreated seven or eight steps backward before finding his footing. He stood firm, waves of blood essence rolling off of his body.

At that moment, his teammates got into their usual battle formation. Their refusal to obey his order filled him with joy.

Gu Yue had created a shield of water to cover Tang Wulin’s retreat.

Instead of surprising him, her action delighted Tang Wulin.

“Even if it doesn’t seem as powerful as the other one, we still need to be careful,” he said, holding his claw in front of them protectively.

They could now make out the appearance of the beast shrouded in golden light. While similar to the Three-eyed Golden Lion they saw before, this one was much smaller! It was probably best to call it a miniature Three-eyed Golden Lion.

This Three-eyed Golden Lion stood less than one and a half meters tall, and its shoulders were about two meters wide. Aside from its size and the fact that its third eye wasn’t open, it was identical to the one they saw before.

“Is this… a juvenile Three-eyed Golden Lion?” Xie Xie cried. “Could we be any luckier?”

“Luckier?” Tang Wulin glanced at him.  

“Having a third eye is the strongest trait of Three-eyed Golden Lions,” Xie Xie said. “Although they can only open their third eye upon reaching a certain level, they can become super powerful once they do! They can also bring a good fortune to their companions. This one isn’t that powerful though. I’d say that it’s probably at the ten-year level, maybe the hundred-year level at most. This is an amazing opportunity for us! Xiaoyan, don’t let the fact that it’s probably a hundred-year soul beast bother you. If you can absorb its soul ring, it’ll be more powerful than a ten-thousand-year soul ring! It could even yield a soul bone! Soul bones from Three-eyed Golden Lions are ranked number one you know!”

Gu Yue furrowed her brow and whispered to Tang Wulin. “Is this a good idea?”

“I think we can do it,” he answered.

Tang Wulin had just knocked the Three-eyed Golden Lion down, but it wasn’t such an easy nut to crack. Although its defenses were formidable, its scales bore a few deep claw marks. They were no match for Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Dreadclaw.

Tang Wulin was a bit weaker than the lion, but the difference was negligible. Their first clash had only sent him backward a few steps, after all.

Tang Wulin had no cowardly thoughts. He stepped forward and beckoned to the lion, welcoming this challenge with open arms.

“Come. Let’s fight.”

Bluesilver Grass flew out from under Tang Wulin as he swiftly advanced toward the lion, and his three teammates released their martial souls.

Tang Wulin was in peak condition. He held his claw to his chest as he rushed forward. His blood essence surged, but his golden soul ring grew faint while his two purple soul rings became distinct. The three soul rings emitted a purple-gold light.

This was the first time since breaking the second seal that Tang Wulin used both his bloodline power and his martial soul at the same time. He felt his blood essence envelop his Bluesilver Grass, slowly changing its innate nature.

However, this change wasn’t something that would finish in just one or two days. Just like when he broke the first seal, it would take a while for him to fully adapt to his new power. Given enough time, his Bluesilver Grass would evolve once more.

Bluesilver Grass swarmed toward the Three-eyed Golden Lion as Tang Wulin activated his first soul skill, Bind!

The lion was quick to retreat, disappearing in a flash. Its body burst with golden light, shooting out a beam of light that resembled lightning at Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin snorted. Not moving a single inch, he brought his Golden Dragon Body to full power, his blood boiling as he struck out with his claw.

Tang Wulin and the luminous Three-eyed Golden Lion met with an explosive boom. He was forced to back a few steps, but the lion completely overpowered.

Strengthened by both his soul power and bloodline, Tang Wulin’s golden dragon claw soared to new heights of power. Its nails were now longer by an inch, and more importantly, it consumed much less soul power. Since his greatest weapon was now fueled by his blood essence, it could be used much more freely.

Stone spikes sprouted out of the ground around the lion on after another, imprisoning it.

The lion’s golden light flared up, instantly demolishing the stone prison. Having freed itself, a dangerous light flashed through its eyes as it leaped out of the remains of the prison.

A wave of dizziness struck Tang Wulin and Gu Yue, forcing them to take two steps backward.

The Three-eyed Golden Lion took advantage of this opening to slash its claws at Tang Wulin, its strike aiming to disembowel him!

In that instant, three figures descended like a tornado to obstruct the lion.

Light Dragon Storm!

His Light Dragon Clones and Light Dragon Storm combined to unleash a terrifying attack. A series of sounds reminiscent of a knife tapping glass rang out as he used an onslaught of attacks to hold the lion in mid-air.  

As expected of a juvenile Three-eyed Golden Lion, its defenses were sturdy. However, it wasn’t without weakness. Although it was quick and excelled at both physical and spiritual attacks, the strength of its body wasn’t really that impressive. At the very least, it wasn’t tough enough to endure the endless assault from the class zero team.  

“Xiaoyan, we’re blitzing it!”

As Tang Wulin said this, his second soul ring lit up and his Bluesilver Grass surrounded the lion in the spiky embrace of the Bluesilver Impaling Array.

A blitzkrieg strategy was their only option since the adult Three-eyed Golden Lion could return at any moment. Once it returned, any hope of survival would be gone.

Bizarre golden light gushed from the lion to hold off the grassy spears. The Bluesilver Grass went limp when they touched the light, barely failing to pierce the lion.

But at that moment, a starwheel appeared beneath the Three-eyed Golden Lion, and its body instantly went stiff.

In a flash of silver, two figures appeared right in front of the lion.

It was Gu Yue and Tang Wulin.

Gu Yue’s control over space allowed her to bring one person along when she teleported short distances.

No other ability could have been more appropriate for this situation.

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