Chapter 272 - Nice Acting!

Chapter 272 - Nice Acting!

Student number six finally made his move, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. Is this girl a comedian? How did she make it all the way to the eighth trial? Did she give up on all the previous trials? Does that mean she’s just going through the motions of taking the trial now?

But when he thought of the guillotine trial, a shiver ran down his spine. No way, that trial isn’t that easy! I can’t underestimate her just because of how delicate and strange she looks.

A flash of light lit his surroundings and, a crystal ball, flickering with opaque light, appeared in front of him. His three soul rings moved to hover above it.

Tool martial soul: Crystal Ball.

“Crystal, crystal, deviate!” He shouted, ignoring the ice wheel in the air. It was just a slow plaything that posed no threat to him.

His first soul ring lit up and white filled his eyes. The crystal shone in response. Suddenly, Xu Xiaoyan’s ice spear changed paths mid-flight and instead, flew toward the ice wheel that slowly spun in the air.

His move was quite clever, using Xu Xiaoyan’s ice spear to attack her own ice wheel.

This isn’t good! Xu Xiaoyan’s heart thumped. If she let him have his way, then she would lose this match! Left without a choice,, she chose this critical moment to reveal her cards.

Purple light shone within her eyes, stunning her opponent.

Xu Xiaoyan’s Purple Demon Eyes wasn’t any weaker than Tang Wulin’s, powerful enough to disturb her opponent’s mind despite his strong spiritual power. His control over the ice spear slipped.

Xu Xiaoyan waved her staff, regaining control of her ice spear. With spiritual power over two hundred points now and an elemental control-type martial soul,long distance control was her forte.

The ice spear traced an arc in the air, aiming at student number six again.

At this moment, everyone’s attention was focused on the ice spear. No one noticed the ice wheel speeding up. Though it wasn’t much, there was a clear difference.

Xu Xiaoyan raised her staff high in the air, an air of divinity enveloping her.

“The stars in the heavens that shine forever tranquil, grant me strength! Starwheel!”

Lines of resplendent starlight descended onto her Ice Staff, transforming it into the Starwheel Ice Staff

Her first soul ring lit up again, a golden starwheel appearing beneath student number six.

The moment Xu Xiaoyan used her Purple Demon Eyes, she dropped her epitome-of-clumsiness act and her moves became smooth like a cat’s! Everything, including her ice spear, changed under the influence of her mutated martial soul.

Once her staff transformed into the Starwheel Ice Staff, it cut her connection with the ice wheel and ice spear.

And only now did the others notice the ice wheel above student number six’s head. No longer supported by Xu Xiaoyan’s Ice Staff, it plummeted under the weight of the hammer straight toward student number six’s head. At the same moment, the ice spear arrived before him.

The dazed student number six abruptly discovered that the ice spear had appeared right in front of him.

His second soul ring lit up. His Crystal Ball followed suit, light spiralling out to disintegrate the ice spear into specks of ice element that quickly melted. He had used his second soul skill, Decomposition.

In a certain sense, Xu Xiaoyan had chosen the weakest of the ten available opponents. Student number six was an support-type soul master, and was not suited for direct participation in battles.

But this did not mean he was weak. His forte was givings others a taste of their own medicine.

His instincts screamed warning.He raised his head just in time to see the spinning hammer fall toward him.

Is she trying to distract me with the ice spear so her hammer will hit me? Isn’t her plan weird?

But if I get hit by that hammer, even I will…

He subconsciously tried to take a step to the side, the easiest way to evade the hammer.

However, something strange happened.

The starwheel underneath him illuminated. He hurriedly roused his soul power to activate his third soul skill, but it was too late.

Chains of starlight shot out of the ground and bound him tightly. His head still looking upward, he could only watch in horror as the hammer descended and arrived before his eyes in a flash.

That hammer would surely knock him out, or even break his skull!

However, no matter how he struggled or urged his soul power to move, his body remained motionless.

This was the absolute control of astrological-attributed soul skills!

Bullets of sweat ran down student number six’s forehead. The hammer had stopped an inch above his head.

Shen Yi took the hammer in her hand, curiously weighing it before moving to stand in front of Xu Xiaoyan. An odd smile peeked out. “Girl, nice acting!”

Xu Xiaoyan smiled sweetly, “Thank you for your praise.”

Though those thousand refined tungsten hammers weren’t light, they weren’t heavy for a two-ringed soul master. Even a ranged-type soul master wouldn’t stagger when holding it. Xu Xiaoyan had purposely pretended to stagger under the weight of the hammers to draw everyone’s curiosity and mislead her opponent into , giving her the chance to set up her attack. This was why Shen Yi had called it an act.

This girl would have lost if she made the slightest mistake. Who would’ve thought a metal hammer without the slightest bit of soul power would be the deciding factor in this match?

The greatest weakness of the Starwheel Shackles was its lack of offensive power. Apart from that, it also immobilized Xu Xiaoyan during its use, meaning she could not follow up with an attack.

So, Tang Wulin had secretly given her one of his heavy silver bracelet rings when he whispered the battle plan into her ear, telling her how to take out the tungsten hammer.

He hadn’t needed to instruct her any further than that. She knew best how to take advantage of her frail appearance to win.

Shrek Academy’s students may have plenty of combat experience, but they were sorely lacking in emotional matters. Xu Xiaoyan, being the little enchantress pampered by the elders in her family, would have them in the palm of her hands in such a battle.

Ten points!

Apart from Xie Xie, the other three all received ten points.

After the eighth trial, Tang Wulin had sixty points, Gu Yue had forty-eight points, Xie Xie had fifty-one points, and Xu Xiaoyan had fifty points.

With two trials left, their chances of passing were great. Of the four, only Tang Wulin no longer needed to worry as much about the following trials. It was for this reason that Tang Wulin had gone all out in the eighth trial.

“Let’s move on to the next trial.” Complex emotions twisted within Shen Yi’s heart.

Senior brother’s four disciples are really excellent. Though their martial souls aren’t spectacular, they don’t need to be; after all, not everyone has a mighty martial soul. The only one who stands out in this regard is Gu Yue. That Xie Xie has homogeneous twin martial souls, but they can’t compare with true twin martial souls. While Xu Xiaoyan is quite capable, the restrictions on her abilities are too harsh.

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