Chapter 265 - Points

Chapter 265 - Points

Elder Cai kept silent for several long moments before muttering, “It looks like I won’t have to secretly give them some bonus points. At this rate, they’ll manage to get to sixty! Hmm. Maybe that brat’s strength is related to his stomach. Where did Zhuo Shi even find these little monsters? Especially that Tang Wulin and Gu Yue…”

The first trial tested spiritual power, the second, combat ability, while the third tested for adaptability and courage. The subsequent fourth, fifth, and sixth trials tested talent, a second profession, and willpower. As for the seventh trial, it was a marathon of endurance!

Indeed, it would push their bodies to the limit.

When Tang Wulin and the others arrived at the room of the seventh trial, they were surprised to find other examinees still present.  

Time mattered less for this trial of endurance. It was split into three tests: running ten kilometers, squatting fifty kilograms one thousand times, and one thousand chin-ups. Any exam taker who finished all three tests would be awarded six points, while finishing within an hour would net them full marks. Every additional ten minutes would cost them one point, down to a minimum of six.

These tests would be the same no matter what type of soul master the examinee was.  Beyond a shadow of doubt, power-type soul masters held the advantage in this trial.

Fairness was not a concern. Had the trials been fair, the first one would not have tested spiritual power, seeing how power-type soul masters clearly lacked in that area. Just like in the first trial, this one would see many souls master eliminated from the exam. It was difficult for any single soul master to score well in all of the trials since they each favored different types of ability. This was also the reason why Shrek Academy’s acceptance rate was so low.

Even so, this trial was kinder than the others in that it had no hard restriction on time. Thus, hours after the exam started, there were still some examinees working hard to obtain those six points.

Hearing the trial’s requirements, Tang Wulin cast a nervous glance at Gu Yue and Xu Xiaoyan. Both he and Xie Xie could easily pass the tests, but it would prove difficult for the two girls since they weren’t physical types!

They scored a total of zero points in the fourth and fifth trials, so they had to make it up by getting high scores in the following ones. However, this trial fundamentally worked against Gu Yue and Xu Xiaoyan.

Suppressing his anxiety, Tang Wulin asked, “Teacher Shen, how many trials does the exam have? And how many points do we need to pass?”

Shen Yi said, “There are ten trials and you need sixty points to pass.”

Tang Wulin immediately took to calculating. If we need sixty points and we can get a maximum of eighty points, then we only have twenty points of leeway. With how many points we each have now, Gu Yue and Xu Xiaoyan should still be able to pass if they get zero points in this trial. But who knows how hard the last three trials will be?

“Can you tell us what the remaining trials will test?” Tang Wulin asked.

Shen Yi answered immediately, “I can’t.”

Tang Wulin continued, “Then can you tell us how many points each of the three endurance tests are worth?”

“Two points,” Shen Yi said.

Tang Wulin made a few more calculations before turning to Gu Yue and Xu Xiaoyan. “You two only need to run ten kilometers. Xie Xie, we’ll complete all three. Let’s get started,” he told them, his voice resolute.

They didn’t need to go out to run, they had specialized soul treadmills.

Neither of the girls inquired about Tang Wulin’s calculations. They both trusted that someone as stingy as him would definitely have the necessary practice with numbers,

Tang Wulin began running on the soul treadmill, his pace mysteriously fast. As an agility-type soul master, Xie Xie could burst with even greater speed on this straight path, yet Tang Wulin would not lose out in a long distance run.  

Shen Yi walked over to the side of Tang Wulin’s treadmill, eyes wide at his speed. “Why do you only want them to score two points? Aren’t you worried that they won't be able to score enough points later on?”

Tang Wulin said, “Their bodies aren’t that strong, so it’s basically impossible for them to finish the chin-ups and squats. If I urged them to complete those, they would end up wasting not only their time but also their stamina, which would put us at a disadvantage in the later trials. I would rather have us conserve our strength and do our best in the final three trials. After all, we did score quite well in the trials we got points for. We still have a chance this way.”

Shen Yi smiled. “Excellent. What a thorough analysis.”

Tang Wulin and Xie only took about ten minutes to finish their runs. They then immediately tackled the second test, squats!

Tang Wulin could do fifty-kilogram squats like they were nothing, and he didn’t slow down one bit for the whole duration. Xie Xie was in a similar situation since he had a sturdy body as an agility-type soul master. Even without using soul power, he would still swiftly clear the squats. But fortunately, this trial didn’t restrict the usage of soul power!

It was during this test that the might of Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon King bloodline revealed itself. Not even ten minutes later, he had finished one thousand squats then began his one thousand chin-ups.

Thirty minutes had yet to pass when he finished all three tests.

Gu Yue and Xu Xiaoyan had both taken about twenty minutes to finish their ten kilometer runs. They were resting by the side while waiting for the others.

Xie Xie lagged behind Tang Wulin, taking forty-five minutes to finish all three tests. Even so, it was enough to get a full score.

Not in any rush to continue, Tang Wulin and the others rested for fifteen more minutes. As long as they left within an hour of starting, Tang Wulin and Xie Xie would get full points. The girls just had to give up on the other two trials and they would be fine.

“Teacher Shen, how many points do we each have now?” Tang Wulin asked.

Shen Yi glanced at a form she was holding. “After the seventh trial, Tang Wulin, you have fifty points.” She couldn’t help but glance at Tang Wulin when she read that. Excluding the points lost in the fourth and fifth trials, he currently had a full score! So far, he received maximum points possible on every trial.

“Gu Yue, thirty-eight points. Xie Xie, forty-eight points. Xu Xiaoyan, forty points.”

Since Gu Yue had conserved her strength in the earlier trials and only completed one of the endurance tests, she had the lowest number of points of the four.

Tang Wulin and Xie Xie were both in the safe zone, with them being only short by ten and twelve points respectively. In any case, it was impossible for them to directly enter the inner court, so they only had to meet the minimum passing threshold.

On the other hand, Gu Yue was in a tough spot. She only had a leeway of eight points in the next three trials. In other words, she couldn’t lose more than three points on each trial. If she did, then she would be eliminated. Although Xu Xiaoyan’s situation wasn’t as precarious, it wasn’t much better either.

After resting and adjusting their bodies, Xie Xie’s fatigue was relieved while Tang Wulin was already in tip-top shape. As for the two girls, considering they had only run ten kilometers, they fared quite well. With the wealth of soul power they possessed, it only took them a moment to get back to top condition.

The eighth trial would soon be upon them.

Tang Wulin calculated their possible points while formulating a plan.

“The eighth trial is a comprehensive battle. You will fight a current student of Shrek Academy. The available opponents are random, so your luck will also be a factor. Last ten minutes against your opponent to pass. Defeat them, and you will receive full points. Alternatively, marks between six and ten will be awarded based on your performance.”

Upon hearing that the following trial would be a battle, Tang Wulin let out a sigh of relief. He was sure that, at the very least, Gu Yue wouldn’t face any difficulties this time around.

As for Xu Xiaoyan, it would depend on her luck.

Tang Wulin looked up to survey the sky’s color. With seven trials behind them, evening twilight now covered the horizon.

His heart thumped as he asked, “Teacher Shen, will the four of us take this trial together or one at a time?”

Shen Yi glanced at him. “You’ll take turns.”

“Great. Then can we decide on the order?”

Shen Yi said, “There will be ten opponents for you all to choose from, so it isn’t just your strength being tested, but also your judgement. There are both strong and weak people hidden among the ten. Some may naturally restrain you, while others may be restrained by you. This means a large portion of your performance will be determined by your choice of opponent.”


They now found themselves in a large, circular room, much larger than the previous few trial rooms. While they were taking the seventh trial, Shen Yi was preparing the current one, which meant that their ten possible opponents were already waiting for them.

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