Chapter 256 - Golden Soul Ring

Chapter 256 - Golden Soul Ring

Tang Wulin shot forward like a rocket, activating Bluesilver Impaling Array as he propelled himself into the air.

The Earth Demon Rhinoceros charged straight into his array, its large and thick body barely restrained for a moment.

Tang Wulin took advantage of the opening to edge closer and, drawing all his strength into his fist, punched it right in the face.

The rhinoceros roared, lowering its horns to counter the fist.

In terms of strength, the Earth Demon Rhinoceros would rank in the top three among soul beasts of the same level. The Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear, however, would only rank in the top ten.


It was like being hit by a train. Tang Wulin flew back like a cannonball, his entire arm numb from the impact. Still, he flung a strand of Bluesilver Grass to bind the rhinoceros’s neck like a lasso.

The Earth Demon Rhinoceros also recoiled from the clash. Although it hadn’t been hurt, Tang Wulin was proud of his achievement. After all, the Earth Demon Rhinoceros was feared for its sheer brutal strength!

Tang Wulin took the opportunity to survey his surroundings while midair. This place reminded him of the beast arenas of old; a place where people with courage and riches gathered, a place where soul masters fought each other or soul beasts, a place that seduced others with the promise great rewards. And this place felt the same.

The Earth Demon Rhinoceros’s strength was formidable, its defense surpassing even that of the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear. All it lacked was attack power.

He pulled hard on a strand of Bluesilver Grass and, like a compressed spring, he went flying through the air as the tension released in a burst of muscle and adrenaline. Xie Xie, positioned at the rhinoceros’s side, chose this moment to act. His second soul ring lit up as he activated Light Dragon Storm.

With his rich combat experience, Xie Xie pinpointed the rhinoceros’s head as its weakest point. The best target.

Agility-type soul masters had the most explosive attacks among their peers. Xie Xie was no exception.

The Earth Demon Rhinoceros twitched in its effort to pursue Tang Wulin, giving Xie Xie the perfect opportunity to strike. He took it.

Though such an attack could not breach the rhinoceros's thick skin and even thicker defenses, It still stung. This was enough to accomplish Xie Xie’s objective.

Grunting in pain, the rhinoceros raised its right foot and stomped. Tang Wulin, still in mid flight, grabbed the strand connecting to Xie Xie and pulled him into the air.


Yellow light exploded outward as the rhinoceros’s foot descended, only dissipating after traveling for twenty-five meters in radius. A little more and it would have reached Gu Yue and Xu Xiaoyan.

It was War Stomp, an attack soul skill that possessed formidable paralysis effects.

Tang Wulin had been quick enough to evade it, but Xie Xie was one step too late as he lost control of his body to a numb sensation. He urged his soul power into motion, circulating it throughout his body.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin landed on the rhinoceros’s head. Golden scales ripped across his skin as his arm transformed into his supreme golden dragon claw.

Among all the elements, earth had the strongest defense and stability. Rarely could the other subdue it; as such, the biggest obstacle in defeating an Earth Demon Rhinoceros was breaking its stalwart defense. Even so, this posed no problem for Tang Wulin. As long as he could penetrate its hide, then his golden dragon claw’s crushing effect would take care of the rest. The rhinoceros’s defeat was only a matter of time.

However, something unexpected happened.

The instant his golden dragon claw materialized, his body blazed with heat as fire seared his blood. His two purple soul rings vanished.

And in their place, a golden soul ring appeared.

A golden soul ring?

Both Xu Xiaoyan and Gu Yue were dumbstruck by this unprecedented scene, completely forgetting to prepare their soul skills. Even Xie Xie, who was planning for a second assault from the air, gaped at the sight.

The golden soul ring shone with resplendent light, showering Tang Wulin in a splendid gold. No longer were the scales on his arm and the claw a dull color. Now, they dazzled brighter than a diamond.

A powerful aura of of blood essence gathered around him while his body swelled with power.


The Earth Demon Rhinoceros threw its head back, hurling Tang Wulin off.

Too preoccupied with the changes in his body, Tang Wulin missed his opportunity to attack. He only managed to raise his scaled arm to block the rhinoceros’s horn.

This time, he neither trembled nor did his arm go weak from the impact.

Confused, he took in the golden glow of his body. Gu Yue called out, “Be careful!”

Yellow light surged in his direction, earth spikes following in its wake. Having just landed on the ground, he braced himself for the onslaught.  

Yet, a strange scene played out. Just as the earth spikes stabbed him, the golden light merged with his skin and he was sent flying into the air, unharmed.

Tang Wulin groaned as the impact ran through, but he quickly came to a realization.

That golden light strengthened my body?

Is this the surprise Old Tang spoke of?

With no time left to ponder, he spun in mid air and grabbed the strand of Bluesilver Grass wrapped around the rhinoceros’s head, diving down like a hawk.

His reinforcements finally arrived. Still in flight, Xie Xie split into three clones that headed for the rhinoceros. Another set of three shadows followed behind them, hidden from sight.

The strongest suit of his Shadow Dragon Dagger was its ability to stay hidden within the shadows. In this hairbreadth of a second, Xie Xie displayed the full might of both of his third soul skills, combining them into Twin Dragon Clones!

Both Light Dragon Clones and Shadow Dragon Clones could create three clones each, a total of six clones. Each one zipped toward the soul beast, assaulting it from a different angle.

Two of them attacked head-on, aiming straight for the eyes. No matter how strong the skin, the eyes would be weak points.

As if understanding this, the Earth Demon Rhinoceros used its thick eyelids to shield against Xie Xie’s barrage.

Because the Twin Dragon Clones required maximum control and soul power, Xie Xie was unable to utilize other soul skills simultaneously; but he didn’t need to. The disruptive effect of six clones attacking at the same instance was enough.

Without pausing, Xu Xiaoyan activated Starlight Shackles beneath the rhinoceros, binding it in place. The chains prevented the rhinoceros from charging at the two girls. Despite being effective for just an instant, the shackles had upset the soul beast’s center of gravity and sent it toppling.

Stars littered the sky. Though it was just an illusion, such a sight was enough to set off her soul abilities. Xu Xiaoyan’s Starwheel Ice Staff accepted the night as fact, granting her the absolute control of her Starlight Shackles.

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