Chapter 255 - The Potential of a Little Monster

Chapter 255 - The Potential of a Little Monster

Tang Wulin himself found this phenomenon strange, but dismissed it. With a cold snort, he dispelled some of the black dragon’s crushing pressure. Now that Xie Xie was surrounded by Tang Wulin’s blood essence, he was finally able to regain his composure.

Though Xie Xie could not perceive Tang Wulin’s blood essence, he felt an unshakeable sense of security standing next to him. As long as he was next to Tang Wulin, everything would be okay.

“Huh.” Shen Yi appeared from around the corner of a stone pillar, an elderly man following behind her. The old man wore a dark-green robe, his face the very definition of surprise. He nodded in approval when he saw Tang Wulin. “Not bad. He has the potential of a little monster. It has been many years since I’ve last seen someone capable of withstanding the Gold-eyed Black Dragon King’s pressure.”

Unknown to class zero, the mural above them was painted by a Title Douluo who specialized in painting. However, the only reason it could invoke such terror in their hearts was because it was painted with one drop of blood from the strongest soul beast in the Great Star Dou Forest, the fearsome Gold-eyed Black Dragon King.

The drop of blood obtained from the legendary battle between the dragon and Shrek Academy’s most powerful members.

This mural tested the spiritual power of examinees. The longer they lasted, the higher their score.

Shen Yi was also astonished. She had originally labelled Gu Yue as the most promising student of class zero, but now, Tang Wulin had emerged as another promising student.

In the long history of this Black Dragon Hall, no one had ever used their own aura to resist the might of the mural. Examinees had always been forced to resist it with their own strength.

“Elder Li, this trial’s score…?”

Elder Li glanced at Tang Wulin. “Give that boy full marks. As for the other three… I suppose luck is an aspect of one’s strength. Give the rest eight points.”

“Thank you, Elder Li.” Shen Yi’s eyes lit up with joy.

Without needing to be told, the four students turned to the elder and bowed.

The elder smiled humbly. “I’m just giving face to that old fellow, Zhuo Shi. It doesn’t change the fact that you were all late!” He made to leave, but turned back once more to give Tang Wulin an approving nod before walking off. His actions were incomprehensible.

“The exam is split into many trials. Each trial has a maximum score of ten points, but to pass you need a minimum of six and your points are totalled at the end of the exams. Points will be deducted for failed sections and added for full-score sections. So actually, your luck was pretty good for the first section.” Shen Yi nodded in satisfaction.

“Follow me.”

We’re done the first trial already?

Xie Xie gave Tang Wulin a thumbs up. They had only realized then that the trial tested their spiritual power. The greater their spiritual power, the longer they could endure the pressure.

Although Xie Xie’s spiritual power surpassed the norm, he still fell flat compared to Shrek’s standard; if not for Tang Wulin, he would have failed this trial.

Gu Yue’s score could have been higher, but it would’ve been impossible for Xu Xiaoyan and her to get eight points.

The realization that they had just passed their first trial hit them hard, and they subconsciously moved to assume their battle formation as they walked. Tang Wulin stood at the front as the spear head, Xie Xie slightly behind him, while  Xu Xiaoyan and Gu Yue were in the backlines.

After passing through a corridor, they arrived in another hall. Shen Yi stopped and spun around to face the four students. “Wait here. The second trial will begin in a moment.”

She left without explaining the content of the next trial. It was already generous of Shrek Academy to let them to take the exam despite being late. Unlike the other examinees, they did not need to line up and as such could only power through the trials without resting.

With a glance, Tang Wulin signalled to  Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan, who then immediately sat down cross-legged and began meditating. They were a bit spent after resisting the spiritual pressure of the previous trial.

Gu Yue, however, shook her head, indicating she was fine.

At that moment, the hall darkened as if night had descended.

But it was just noon! It’s too soon for it to be night time!

Mysterious silver lights lit up on the ground. They wove together, presenting a dazzling scene while the night sky painted on the domed roof transformed into a boundless expanse of space that seemed almost impossibly real.

Gu Yue’s brows jumped in surprise while Tang Wulin roused the barely rested Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan.

The silver pattern on the floor gradually faded away. At that moment, it was as if they were floating in the starry sky of a magical world.

“Hold hands!” Tang Wulin ordered as he grabbed Xie Xie with one hand and Gu Yue with the other. Gu Yue held Xu Xiaoyan’s hand and she, in turn, took Xie Xie’s, completing the circle.

Two purple rings rose beneath Tang Wulin as Bluesilver Grass burst from his body to wrap them all in a protective barrier.

Without knowing what the enemy was, this was the only action he could take. Once their safety was secured, they would have leeway to formulate a response plan.

Suddenly, their surroundings changed.

Light appeared in the still night. Now, however, they found themselves in a large space.

Where are we?

Just as they thought this, a deafening roar broke the air and the tyrannical pressure slammed into them.

A soul beast appeared before them, a monstrous thing over ten meters long and five meters tall. Two horns jutted out of its skull, one slightly longer than the other. Its skin looked as tough as armor, encasing its scarlet eyes.

“It’s an Earth Demon Rhinoceros. It should be at least three-thousand-years,” Xie Xie said solemnly.

They had never encountered such a beast in the spirit ascension platform since it wasn’t an inhabitant of the forest, but a lord of the savanna.

Although it was not as mighty as the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear of the forest, its strength was not to be underestimated.

“Its attribute is earth,” Gu Yue judged.

Tang Wulin remained silent, only making a few hand signals.

Gu Yue and Xu Xiaoyan turned around and ran to open up distance while Xie Xie rushed to the side.

Sparkling strands of Bluesilver Grass bound their waists, connecting the four teammates. In a flash of golden light, a small snake appeared on Tang Wulin’s shoulder.

Goldlight had grown much since three years ago. It was  about half a meter in length and as thick as a chestnut now. Meanwhile, its golden scales had transformed and appeared similar to those on Tang Wulin’s right arm, thicker and sharper than before.

Goldlight slithered down his left arm and coiled around his forearm, its eyes sparkling gold.

The Earth Demon Rhinoceros let out another thundering roar and pawed the ground twice before charging at Tang Wulin.

Rather than fear, Tang Wulin felt his blood rouse and shouted in unstoppable excitement This was the perfect opportunity to test his growth after breaking the second seal!

Which was why, instead of retreating, he charged forward to clash head on with the beast!

Xie Xie had positioned himself to the side at that moment, while a yellow light blossomed on the ground in front of the rhinoceros.

The earth softened as Gu Yue gestured with hands enveloped in yellow light. Not only could the earth element be used to harden the ground, it could also create a marsh.

The crimson eyes of the Earth Demon Rhinoceros were full of bloodthirst. Just before it fell prey to the marsh, a yellow light appeared beneath its feet and the earth hardened again. Without slowing down, it continued to charge at Tang Wulin.

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