Chapter 232 - Blazing Demon Lions

Chapter 232 - Blazing Demon Lions

Just as the words left Tang Wulin’s mouth, Gu Yue shot a green light spiraling into the air. The light transformed into a viridescent bird, which soared through the skies and into the horizon.

A beat later, a second light followed… then a third, and fourth. They all blasted off in different direction.

Tang Wulin waited for the results of the reconnaissance before moving forward in any direction. Although there was little of threat in the elementary spirit ascension platform, things could still go wrong. If they encountered another hundred-year Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear like in their first trip, class zero would be in dire straits again. Such a soul beast was too domineering! A single claw swipe could take their lives!

“It’s a pride of lions.” Less than half a minute later, Gu Yue announced, “There’s activity from them on the left.”

These were Blazing Demon Lions. They were one of the top predators in the spirit ascension platform and had chased them during their first rebellion period trip.  

Tang Wulin turned to Gu Yue. “Can you determine how many?”

Gu Yue lowered her voice. “Judging from their tracks, about fifteen. Maybe more?”

Eyes narrowed, Tang Wulin’s mind revved into action as he formulated a plan. A pride of Blazing Demon Lions typically had one Blazing Demon Lion King leading numerous lionesses. Most likely, the king would be at the thousand-year level. The strength of the lionesses, on the other hand, was unknown. If they were also of the thousand-year standing, then taking on the pride would prove difficult for class zero. Chances were, they would not escape unscathed from such a battle.

“We’re going in the other direction.” Tang Wulin hesitated before steeling his resolve.

“Captain, we can do it. I still remember that time they slaughtered us. It’s our turn now.” Xie Xie stared at Tang Wulin with expectant eyes.

Tang Wulin knitted his brows. “If there are two or more thousand-year beasts, we’ll be in trouble. I can’t risk everyone for this.” Even in the spirit ascension platform, he was responsible for his entire team as their captain.

Xie Xie said, “Captain, think about it like this; nothing really challenges us in the elementary spirit ascension platform anymore. So, in order to improve, we need to be pressured. In the end, this is the spirit ascension platform, you know? It’s not an actual battlefield. If there’s something that can challenge us, then we should give it a shot. I think we’ll be fine even if there are two thousand-year beasts.”

Tang Wulin shifted his gaze to Gu Yue. “What do you think?”

Gu Yue said, “I agree with Xie Xie. We can’t improve without facing any difficulties. Let’s try it. If we’re no match, we can still escape.”

Finally, Tang Wulin turned to Xu Xiaoyan and she giggled. “I’ll listen to whatever you say, Captain.”

Tang Wulin aimed his gaze toward the sky. “Gu Yue, you’re in charge of reconnaissance, but make sure you maintain a safe distance. We’ll start when night falls.”

Despite being resolute in his decisions, he never forgot to put his team’s safety first. Once night spread its wings over the horizon, Xu Xiaoyan’s full potential would be unleashed, her Starwheel Ice Staff power further enhanced by a second ring. In turn, their overall strength would skyrocket.

Additionally, the Blazing Demon Lions were weakened by the night due to the decreased fire element density.

Gu Yue summoned a wind bird larger than the previous ones and set it flying toward the lions. Tang Wulin turned, advancing in the same direction slowly and quietly.

In the elementary spirit ascension platform, they were the only ones who dared face a thousand-year Blazing Demon Lion. Other teams composed completely of three-ringed soul masters wouldn’t last even a minute.

However, Tang Wulin’s group was brimming with confidence.

They had arrived at noon and now the evening was approaching.This was another reason Tang Wulin had chosen to take this risk.

Xie Xie and Gu Yue both had three rings and ample room to absorb more spirit energy. Tang Wulin’s own two rings had four thousand years worth of spirit energy. According to Wu Zhangkong’s careful calculations, Tang Wulin could house a maximum of five thousand years of spirit energy. Once he gained his third ring, his limit would increase to six thousand years.

However, Wu Zhangkong was unaware that his disciple’s target differed from his tremendously. Tang Wulin understood what breaking the second seal meant; his body’s endurance toward spirit energy would increase to new heights. Inwardly, he wondered if he would then be able to absorb enough energy to evolve his spirit soul to the ten-thousand-year level. At the very least, he would be one step closer to reaching that outcome. Either way, he planned on fusing with a ten-thousand-year spirit soul for his fourth ring.

Under Wu Zhangkong’s guidance, the students of class zero now possessed a perspective that surpassed that of their peers. All four aimed to become battle armor masters, a goal so lofty that ordinary soul masters would fundamentally never consider.

The four proceeded toward the lions like cautious hunters. Tang Wulin discerned the best path for them, fine-tuning their direction with every step. They had to remain downwind of the lions in order to stay undetected. If the wind’s direction changed all of a sudden, then they would be discovered by the Blazing Demon Lion king.

A pride of Blazing Demon Lions was worthy of being called one of the strongest existences in the elementary spirit ascension platform; during their approach, Tang Wulin’s team did not encounter another soul beast.

“They’re approximately one kilometer ahead of us. They seem to be resting and there are no signs of movement,” Gu Yue reported.

Tang Wulin stopped. “We’ll wait here until night.”

In a flash, Xie Xie appeared high amidst a tree’s branches, hidden from sight as he surveyed their surroundings.

On the other hand, Xu Xiaoyan and Gu Yue sat down to rest while Tang Wulin stood guard. Everyone knew their roles and did not need to be ordered to act.

Time ticked by and the dark of night soon descended upon them.

Gu Yue was still meditating, a clear indication that the Blazing Demon Lions had yet to move.

Then her brows wrinkled suddenly and her eyes burst open as she turned to Tang Wulin.

“Hm?” Tang Wulin looked at her in inquiry.

Gu Yue said, “Another group of people has met the lions. A battle may soon break out.”

“Are they springing into action or acting passively right now?” Tang Wulin asked hastily.

Gu Yue said, “They’re currently passive. Their encounter should be a coincidence. What are we going to do?”

“We’re going in.” Light twinkled in Tang Wulin’s eyes as he announced this.

No one questioned him; they all trusted his decision.

As Tang Wulin broke into a high-speed dash, the other three followed closely behind. The four moved in unison, suppressing their soul power fluctuations to remain as stealthy as possible. They did not call out their martial souls in fear of giving away their locations. Instead, they relied solely on their senses to travel through the wilderness.

A succession of lion roars rumbled soon after, a faint bloody aura now lingering in the air. Afterward, the shouts of humans resonated through the thicket, followed by ripples of soul power.

Tang Wulin did not charge in directly but sped to the side of the battlefield.

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