Chapter 231 - Final Exam

Chapter 231 - Final Exam

“Alright.” Wu Zhangkong promised in his student’s stead on the double. For the past three-and-a-half years, Eastsea Academy had invested a great deal into class zero. Yes, Wu Zhangkong’s reputation attracted a steady stream of students. And yet, even so, the academy’s enrollment rate paled in comparison with the Skysea Alliance’s first-rate schools’.

Investments were always made in hopes of returns. Wu Zhangkong felt it was natural to requite the academy.

“Teacher Wu, you…” Yu Zhen hesitated. “Will you return?”

The reason why he asked was because Eastsea Academy neither had the means nor the power to tie Wu Zhangkong down. His investment in these children was near palpable.

During his visit to the president’s office, Wu Zhangkong didn’t elaborate on any of the questions asked. In truth, the answer was already engraved within his heart. If his students did make it into Shrek Academy, then the chances of his return were minute at best. There were still things he wanted to do and Shrek City was the most suitable place to accomplish them.

“Your final exam is the rebellion spirit ascension platform. Survive for twenty-four hours. Anyone who exits before then can forget about taking the Shrek exam,” Wu Zhangkong said coldly.

Xie Xie smirked. “Teacher Wu, then is there a bonus if we survive longer than that?”

Wu Zhangkong nodded. “There is. Your reward will either be a duel with me or a spar against the other three. Your choice.”


“Teacher Wu, don’t be so heartless,” Xie Xie complained.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin and the other two giggled.

Gu Yue sat beside Tang Wulin. She kept her hair short and orderly, but unlike her hairstyle, other things had changed these past three years. For one, she had grown to over 170 centimeters. Although she was still unripe, girls matured faster than boys, and it was evident in the nearly lady-like figure bursting with youth.

In contrast to her youth, her expression was serene without the slightest fluctuations. She sat there completely unflustered.

However, if comparing how much one had matured was a contest, then Xu Xiaoyan would be the winner. Although she was still half a head shorter than Gu Yue, she had grown even more pretty and often wore a sweet, childlike smile.

Over the years, she had become closer to Xie Xie. Perhaps it was due to their similar backgrounds. Likewise, Gu Yue quarreled with Xie Xie less and less.

“Let’s go.” Wu Zhangkong was still the king of conciseness.

Naturally, they were heading for the elementary-level rebellion spirit ascension platform. By now, none of them felt any pressure from it.

Back when Tang Wulin had one ring, he had led his team through the rebellion spirit ascension platform in a path of slaughter, racking up spirit energy like no tomorrow, until they nearly hit their energy limits. Since they’d been deepening their teamwork for a few years, they were almost too qualified for this platform. This would be a walk in the park for them.

Moments later, they arrived at the Spirit Pagoda.

They had visited the place at least once a month after the previous Skysea Alliance Tournament. Therefore, they knew the mural like the backs of their hands.

Xie Xie giggled. “Gu Yue, we’re on your turf now!”

Ever since she joined the Spirit Pagoda, she would pay it a visit every rest day, but not once had she told the others any details. No one tried to pry either. Just as before, Gu Yue was undoubtedly the strongest one among them.

For some reason, they felt estranged from Gu Yue. Perhaps it was because she didn’t enter the Tang Sect like them.

Gu Yue had used her own life force to heal Tang Wulin three years ago. When he had awoken, he found that her attitude toward him had changed completely. She no longer acted as intimately with him and a gap opened up between them.

Apart from attending classes and cultivating together, Gu Yue had seldom interacted with her classmates. Tang Wulin couldn’t make heads or tails of her and didn’t dare ask.

Gu Yue shot Xie Xie a look. “That’s right! You got any bright ideas now that we’re in my domain?”

Xie Xie laughed mischievously like a fox. “Can’t we get some special treatment? Right, Xiaoyan is about to break through to three rings; can’t you use your connections to help her get a good spirit soul when the time comes? Her spiritual power is strong enough for it.”

Gu Yue directed inquiring eyes at Xu Xiaoyan.

Under this gaze, Xu Xiaoyan flushed a delicious pink. “Big sister Gu Yue, if it wouldn’t trouble you…”

A smile tugged at Gu Yue’s lips. “How could it trouble me? I’ll help you choose a suitable one once you’re at that point.”

“Thank you big sis Gu Yue.” Xu Xiaoyan beamed.

Tang Wulin’s mouth also curled into a smile as he watched this scene unfold. Out of all his classmates, he needed another spirit soul the least. Because Goldlight was a thousand-year spirit soul, it could supply him with a third ring.

He was more curious about what sort of position Gu Yue held in the Spirit Pagoda. From his observations, he noticed that the Spirit Pagoda staff members were exceptionally polite and kind toward her and Gu Yue responded in kind. It was clear that she was well-liked and popular.

After sticking their cards into their respective slots, they laid down in their box and prepared to enter.

They were familiar with the process; it took a moment to ready themselves.

Space warped around them. Light replaced darkness as whips of fresh air assaulted their senses. They were back in this familiar land, the rebellion elementary spirit ascension platform!

To class zero, the ordinary spirit ascension platform no longer posed any challenge. Once, they had even survived for seven days straight, much to the chagrin of the Spirit Pagoda. Since then, they had not been welcome.

The soul beasts that were present were essentially energy. The more class zero killed, the greater the losses incurred by the Spirit Pagoda. Furthermore, all four of them often absorbed spirit energy close to their limits. Frequent visits were unnecessary as a result.

“Everyone, be on alert,” Tang Wulin ordered.

“Yes, captain!” The three responded in unison.

Despite having the lowest cultivation base among the four of them, Tang Wulin had cemented his position as the team’s core throughout the years.

He used action instead of words to win over his teammates. Whenever danger reared its ugly head, he’d lead his group to face their strongest enemies. He was their pillar of security and his leadership skills received their approval. Regardless of strategies or tactics, he proved himself excellent in those fields.

In the words of Xie Xie, “Just let captain take care of the annoying matters.”

Tang Wulin served as the vanguard. His Bluesilver Grass ran along the ground, acting as a detection network that covered everything within a fifteen meter radius. His Bluesilver Grass was like an exterior sense organ, able to react to and determine the slightest changes in the air.

Xu Xiaoyan and Gu Yue flanked him on each side while Xie Xie covered their backs. Although he walked backward to keep an eye on the rear, he kept up with the others’ pace.

Occasionally, shimmers of purple flashed through Tang Wulin’s eyes—the telltale sign of the Purple Demon Eyes. His progress was incredible; he had already broken through into the second stage, boosting his spiritual power to an immense degree.  

However, Gu Yue stood as the reigning queen regarding spiritual power, the rest of them chasing after her back. She had breached five hundred points a year ago and entered the Spirit Sea realm. This was precisely why she was considered class zero’s strongest after all this time.

On the other hand, Tang Wulin was experiencing a bottleneck, stuck at 499 points of spiritual power. With a single step, he’d be crossing on to the next realm. Yet. such a step was difficult to take. After putting in her all, Xu Xiaoyan had also managed to break four hundred points. At the tail of their group was Xie Xie, who lagged behind in the middle two-hundreds. Of course, they were nothing short of spectacular when compared to their peers.

The Spirit Sea realm could support three purple spirit souls. This equaled to a total of nine soul rings; although this was only theoretical, it was still a major achievement for any soul master.

Gu Yue’s spiritual power now hovered past seven hundred. Her strength before and after her breakthrough were incomparable.

Like a fisherman casting his net at sea, Tang Wulin waited patiently for his turn to advance. He was thirteen right now; depending on his luck, it would take him one year at most.

“It’s too quiet!” Tang Wulin frowned. The rebellion spirit ascension platform was normally chaotic, but currently, not a trace of disorder could be heard. This meant that a mighty soul beast occupied the area and no other beasts dared intrude.

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