Chapter 225 - Forest of Ice

Chapter 225 - Forest of Ice

Blue and green lights interweaved together to form a blanket of ice-cold mist that spread across the arena, overwhelming the fire and wind element in air and slowing the firestorm’s growth.

Gu Yue’s expression darkened. A soul fusion skill was beyond her expectations.

In the next instant, a white radiance appeared in front of her before revealing a giant tree, its icy-blue body seemingly condensed of ice yet bursting with vitality.

It unfolded right in the center of the firestorm and the two collided together, generating waves of energy that rippled through the air. Though the blazing tornado shredded the leaves from the swaying tree, the fire also dissipated with every torn leaf.

At a distance away, Wang Dongqi noticed this scene and immediately disengaged from Xie Xie to dash off the stage. She knew how powerful the Zhou sister’s soul fusion skill was.

She took a moment to look Xie Xie in the eye as she ran off and shout, “Hurry up and run!”

Xie Xie also felt something was amiss and hurried after her.

The two sisters were barely able to use this soul fusion skill with their current cultivation bases, but controlling it was another matter. Wang Dongqi understood this and knew to run.

Gu Yue’s complexion paled as the flaming tornado dispersed. To the side, the referee desperately yelled, “Stop!”

But it was too late to stop it now.


Box seven’s glass screen shattered and a white figure instantly flew toward the arena.

A similar situation occurred in box one, but two figures flew out instead.

Yet, no matter how fast they were, it was already too late to stop things.

A heavy restraining power pressed down on Gue Yue as the chill gathered around her surroundings. The ground trembled, then split apart as a multitude of glacial-blue trees sprouted from the earth.

Soul fusion skill: Forest of Ice!

In the moment that Gu Yue spent stunned at the sudden change, she was swept off her feet by a pair of powerful arms and soon found herself staring up at the sky.

When she looked down, she discovered she was within Tang Wulin’s embrace.

Icicle after icicle pierced Tang Wulin. These were actually the branches of the trees, but his body was tough and they didn’t penetrate through him to harm Gu Yue.

Blood blossomed before her eyes, dyeing her vision with crimson. She gazeed at Tang Wulin’s face. Not a single trace of pain marred his features; only a gentle smile greeted her as his arms continued to firmly hold her away from danger.

In that instant the Forest of Ice had appeared, Tang Wulin had slammed his claw at the ground with his claw and broken free of his restraints to lunge at Gu Yue and draw her into his embrace, shielding her with his body as he accepted the onslaught of icicles.

“No!” An inhuman shriek of devastation tore out of Gu Yue’s throat, her voice on the verge of shattering. Six elemental lights wildly gathered around her—fire, water, earth, wind, light, and space.

A trace of amazement filtered through Tang Wulin’s eyes, but he had already lost feeling in his body. His body truly felt no pain, but when he saw Gu Yue like this, a sense of familiarity arose within him.

Gu Yue’s eyes blazed with fiery wrath, her thirst for blood, for death, rolling off her in waves.

“Gu Yue, don’t.” Tang Wulin’s feeble voice made its way to her ear.

Her body trembled as she regained herself. She grabbed Tang Wulin, disappearing in a flash of silver light the instant before the Forest of Ice reached its climax.

Tree after tree burst from the ground, though none were as large as the first two and each subsequent tree was smaller than the last. Although the trees were not as tall as the original two, they still released a frigid, penetrating aura.

The snow-white figure was the first to land on the stage, but there was nothing to welcome him. Tang Wulin and Gu Yue had just teleported away a moment ago.

Zhang Zhenpeng was the second to arrive, having moved the moment he noticed the sisters’ using Forest of Ice. This is bad. This is just a match! They can’t even control the soul fusion skill yet! An accident is bound to happen.

Unfortunately, he was a step too late.

The soul fusion skill had completed in the end. The sisters collapsed onto the ground, their complexions pale as they gasped for breath. They had overspent themselves using the soul fusion skill.

“How could you two use a soul fusion skill!” Zhang Zhenpeng reprimanded. “How are you doing? Are your bodies fine?”

The two sisters regretted their actions as soon as they unleashed the Forest of Ice. They realized they still lacked experience. When facing the blazing tornado, they had panicked and mistakenly chose to use their strongest ability. Guilt had plagued them when they saw Tang Wulin’s and Gu Yue’s wretched states.

“Is this how you teach your disciples?” A cold voice stabbed into his back.

Zhang Zhenpeng spun around to face a handsome young man dressed in white robes and harboring a demonically cold aura.

“Who are you? Why is a youngster like you here?” He was feeling jittery. As the president of Sealand Academy, he had to take responsibility for the trouble his disciples stirred up. He understood just how powerful the Forest of Ice was and considering the talent the Eastsea team had displayed at their age, he knew that the Eastsea Academy wouldn’t let things go easily.

“Fine.” Wu Zhangkong didn’t bother to explain himself, but his eyes now glinted with a deep blue color. He took a step forward and his Skyfrost Sword appeared in his hand. Six soul rings rose underfoot—two yellow, two purple, and two black.  

White robes and a blue sword, he was as cold as the frozen heavens!

Wind raged and howled as his sword slashed forward while the surrounding frigid air remaining frigid air converged on his body. His movements seemed gentle but in that instant, the surrounding Forest of Ice disintegrated into fine powder.

He pointed his Skyfrost Sword forward. His fifth soul ring lit up, and a gigantic azure blade materialized in the air. A breath later, nine swords hovered in the air and the entire stadium seemed to groan under his oppressive might. Even the spectators in the stands could feel the pure chill of those giant swords.

Zhang Zhenpeng’s face transformed into the very picture of horrific shock the moment he saw Wu Zhangkong’s six soul rings. Although he also had six soul rings, they were two yellow and four purple. He could not be more clear on how wide the gap was between him and a Soul Emperor with black soul rings.

The nine swords arrayed themselves to form a deadly wheel in the air. Without giving him time to argue, the wheel spun, aiming for Zhang Zhenpeng.

While Tang Wulin and Gu Yue’s fates were unknown, Wu Zhangkong found himself acting upon his rage. His fury made him both sharper and colder than before. The very atmosphere around him seemed to freeze.

Zhang Zhenpeng was completely unable to explain himself under Wu Zhangkong’s pressure, so he directly summoned his martial soul in defense. A pair of giant wings unfurled behind him, so majestic it took one’s breath away. He raised his hands to the sky and called forth a ball of lightning and radiant light that struck the wheel-array of swords spinning toward him.


Although they were both Soul Emperors, this first clash told the difference between them.

A violent boom resounded as the ball of lightning dispersed and the nine swords continued onward as if nothing had obstructed them. They reached Zhang Zhenpeng in the blink of an eye.

Zhang Zhenpeng knew that he was weaker than his opponent, but he had never imagined that the chasm would be so wide. An explosive cry rang out as he activated his fifth soul skill and a bird of lightning flew out to meet the wheel of ice.

His martial soul was the Thunder Peng and was definitely considered powerful. Unfortunately, his opponent was Wu Zhangkong, Wu Zhangkong of the frozen heavens. This was a furious Wu Zhangkong!

Off stage.

In another flash of silver, Gu Yue appeared with Tang Wulin in her arms. His body was riddled with holes. Most concentrated around his upper body and his right thigh. For an ordinary person, these wounds were definitely fatal.

Gu Yue gritted her teeth as she tightly hugged Tang Wulin, a golden light suddenly bursting from her body and enveloping the two of them. A few moments later it quickly transformed into a cocoon of light, cutting them off from the outside world.

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