Chapter 224 - Martial Soul Fusion Skill

Chapter 224 - Martial Soul Fusion Skill

Fuming with anger, Gu Yue’s two soul rings lit up. She clasped her hands together in front of her chest—and a fireball blazed into existence before her. Green ribbons of light swirled around it and merged together as Gu Yue’s hands moved in circles.

Fire and wind were complementary; her wind fed the fire until it turned into a giant flaming tornado.

This firestorm was only one meter in height, but as elementalists themselves, the Zhou sisters could sense the surrounding wind and fire elements converging into the tornado. It quickly grew and a few seconds later, its height already exceeded two meters.

“She comprehends the element's heart!” The always smiling Zhou Tian’er finally lost her composure as she cried out in alarm.

This element's heart was only significant to elemental-type soul masters. If they wanted to gain true power, then they had to understand the heart of the element they controlled.

An element's heart was its essence and as long as one grasped it, not only could one draw upon the power within themselves, they could also tap into the elemental power found in the atmosphere. It was an ability that allowed one’s strength to reach beyond their soul power.

The strong and the weak were separated by whether one had comprehended the element's heart. Naturally, if one called upon power beyond one’s control, it could possibly devour one instead. And it was for this reason that spiritual power was absolutely crucial to elemental-type soul masters. The better control one had, the less likely one would be devoured by one’s own element.

In a sense, Zhou Hanyou’s Ice Spirit and Zhou Tian’er’s Wood Spirit both enhanced their control over the elements. However, they were still a long way away from understanding the element's heart.

The only way it was possible for Gu Yue’s whirlwind of fire to continue growing when she clearly hadn’t fed it soul power was if she had comprehended the element’s hearts and summoned the surrounding elemental power to feed the firestorm.

Just how old is she? How can she already understand the element's heart? And two of them at that! This is unbelievable!

“Quick! We need to act!” Zhou Hanyou was the first to recover from her shock. They both knew just how terrifying the might of the element’s heart was.

If she happened to lose control, then calamity would befall everyone on the stage. No one knew whether Gu Yue could control it.

In most instances, a soul master who has comprehended the element's heart would sever their connection with the elemental energy just before they reached the limit of their control to avoid being devoured, but Gu Yue was only ten years old! They didn’t dare gamble with her!

Zhou Hanyou extended her right hand while Zhou Tian’er reached out with her left hand. The moment the two grasped hands, a change came over them.

An azure figure twinkled behind Zhou Hanyou while an emerald figure descended behind Zhou Tian’er and embraced them. In that instant, their aura of power soared to astonishing heights.

At the same time, all of the spectators in the boxes stood up in alarm.

This included box seven’s Wu Zhangkong and Shen Yi, and box one’s Long Huantian and Zhang Zhenpeng.

Even though they were not in the same boxes, invariably, all of them were stunned beyond words.

No one had high expectations for this three-versus-three match originally, but it now proved to be too shocking for anyone to comprehend.

Wu Zhangkong had known that Tang Wulin and the other’s opponents were incredibly powerful the moment the match started. In addition to having two three-ringed soul masters, the Sealand team’s combat experience was leaps and bounds ahead of any of their previous opponents. Moreover, there were two elemental-type soul masters in that team!

Tang Wulin’s tactics proved effective as the match progressed. It was crucial that Xie Xie kept Wang Dongqi occupied; otherwise, they would have to deal with a powerful assault-type soul master whose Thunderflash Sword had some control properties. In that situation, the two elemental-type soul masters could battle with their peak performance.

What truly left Wu Zhangkong speechless, however, was how arrogant Tang Wulin was! He hadn’t let Gu Yue act in the beginning in order to conserve her strength, and it wasn’t until he was suppressed that he had called her in.

They had underestimated Zhou Hanyou’s strength, but Gu Yue’s comprehension of the element’s heart had both Wu Zhangkong and Shen Yi gaping.

Shen Yi nearly demanded Wu Zhangkong to hand Gu Yue over to her right then and there.

Any elemental-type soul master who understood the element’s heart was a rarely found genius, not to mention the number of different elements Gu Yue wielded. Even if her soul skills couldn’t affect an element directly, it didn’t matter since she comprehended the element’s heart! She had definitely grasped the heart of both fire and wind, making her a once-in-a-lifetime genius.

However, their surprise didn’t end there. Zhou Hanyou, backed into a corner by the firestorm, revealed her trump card. A bizarre scene unfolded behind them when she and her sister joined hands, and all the powerful spectating experts quickly realized what this was.

The rarest and most powerful ability in the world of soul masters—a martial soul fusion skill!

Moreover, it was a dual-element soul fusion skill!

Even at a federal-level tournament, this would still be an astonishing sight! Yet, to think it appeared in the Skysea Alliance Tournament’s junior division’s three-man event, a match that everyone expected to be lackluster!

Meanwhile, Long Huantian finally understood why Zhang Zhenpeng was so confident in his request. No wonder he’s so self-assured!

Disregarding the soul fusion skill’s effects, the very fact that the two sisters could use this skill made them worthy of the two inner court examination quotas.

Even if Skysea City ruled like a tyrant, it wouldn’t dare overlook such talent. After all, the prosperity of the Skysea Alliance as a whole was still in their interests.

If these two sisters made it into Shrek’s inner court, then the Skysea Alliance would be showered with honor and glory; although the Sealand Academy would benefit the most from this as they would directly receive an inner court examination quota in the future, the Skysea Alliance’s status would also rise within the world of soul masters.

At that same time, Long Huantian took note of the three kids from Eastsea Academy. These brats are so tough! Even though they might not have a soul fusion skill, that girl’s elemental control is spectacular! Is that growing tornado really the work of a two-ringed soul master?

Zhang Zhenpeng stared wide-eyed. It’s too early to reveal your soul fusion skill! Although he was confident that his team would win the championship, he was still amazed by the Eastsea team’s ability. He had originally thought Tang Wulin was the strongest on the team, but now he knew that it was Gu Yue.

On the stage Zhou Hanyou and Zhou Tian’er began to sparkle as if the two were spirits blossoming with radiance, plunging their surroundings into a world of cold.

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