Chapter 223 - Gu Yue Acts

Chapter 223 - Gu Yue Acts

Zhou Tian’er smiled sweetly at Tang Wulin, while Zhou Hanyou’s pointed a finger at him, summoned giant icicles from the ground to form an ice prison around him. Not only did it restrict his movements, it besieged him on all sides.

Zhou Hanyou’s first soul skill was Ice Wall, her second Icicle. Her icicles, however, weren’t ordinary; they were powerful variant icicles. There were numerous ways she could use them.  

The icicles were stronger than the Ice Wall from before, forcing Tang Wulin back when he charged at them. While he struggled to escape this icy prison, cold air circulated and invaded his body.

Although his body was far tougher than an average person, he wasn’t immune to the cold and was soon shivering nonstop.

Those sisters work so well together! Furthermore, they’re clearly still going easy on me. I would be impaled by icicles rather than imprisoned if Zhou Hanyou wasn’t.

Tang Wulin didn’t dare dawdle; he summoned a strand of Bluesilver Grass to lift him out of the prison.

Yet at that moment, the icicles lengthened until they intersected and cut off his last escape route.

A second control! This is clearly a second controlled soul skill! She is very skillful, and she must have high spiritual power. It can’t be any lower than mine.

It seems like we can’t hold back. This Sealand team is far stronger than we estimated.

“Gu Yue!” Tang Wulin shouted as golden scales rippled across his right arm, his hand transforming into a dragon claw before he punched the ice before him.


The icicle shattered into fine powder under the crushing effect of his dragon claw. Tang Wulin rushed out of the opening in the next moment.

Although his Bluesilver Grass was suppressed by Zhou Tian’er, it wasn’t absolute.

He withdrew the remaining Bluesilver Grass, only letting a single golden strand shoot straight towards Zhou Tian’er while he followed closely behind.

Hearing Tang Wulin’s shout, Gu Yue finally made her move.

Green light enveloped her and she flew over to him, her first soul ring lighting up in the meantime before her fingers twisted to summon a fireball that blazed toward the two sisters.

Regardless of whether it be Wood Spirit or Ice Spirit, both were subdued by fire.

Elemental-type? And she seems to have more than one?

Zhou Tian’er and Zhou Hanyou were both startled by the sight of the green light around Gu Yue’s feet and the fireball arcing toward them. As elemental-type soul master’s themselves, it was only natural they could recognize another elemental-type soul master.

They began to tremble at the realization that she could use both wind and fire.

Fire and ice were opposites, mutually subduing one another. Zhou Tian’er’s Wood Spirit, however, was powerless against fire. Only Zhou Hanyou had a chance of fighting back.

An icicle half a meter long suddenly appeared and clashed with the fireball. Cobalt and crimson light exploded from their collision; the two were evenly matched

Zhou Tian’er was not idle either. A vine flew toward Tang Wulin in an attempt to bind him. Her second soul ring had not dimmed the entire time, continually suppressing Tang Wulin.

Her first soul skill was Thorny Vines and her second was Wood Spirit.

Wood Spirit was a support-type soul skill that enhanced her other soul skills while suppressing wood-attribute soul beasts and martial souls. As long as her opponent’s wood-attribute did not surpass hers, they would suffer from its effects.

Thus, in a sense, Tang Wulin was destined to be suppressed by Zhou Tian’er since birth.

Zhou Tian’er’s Thorny Vines, after being enhanced by her Wood Spirit, had doubled in thickness and were now as wide as a child’s arm. Inch-long thorns jutted out, so sharp they were sure to torment anyone caught in it.

Tang Wulin recalled his golden dragon claw; its consumption was simply too great. He also couldn’t use his Bluesilver Grass under the effects of the Wood Spirit’s suppression, so the single strand of golden Bluesilver Grass was his last hope.

The strand of grass slammed into the ground in a flash of golden light, its rebounding energy sending Tang Wulin high into the air as he evaded the Thorny Vines’ attack.

“Still want to run, huh?” A beautiful smile blossomed on Zhou Tian’er’s lips as the Thorny Vines swayed on the ground. She believed that it was impossible for Tang Wulin to evade her attacks in the air.

Yet at that moment a green light enveloped him, slowing his descent. In the next instant, a icicle flew under his foot.

Though this icicle was far smaller than Zhou Hanyou’s, it was more than enough to act as a foothold for Tang Wulin. He pushed off the ice step and shot down toward Zhou Hanyou.

Seven fireballs blinked into existence around him at the same time, following his descent.

Gu Yue did not pause for a single moment; fireball after fireball flew out without an end in sight. With soul power ranked in the twenties, her fiery assault utterly subdued Zhou Hanyou and gave her no room for distractions.

The golden dragon claw appeared once more. Even if he faced another wall of ice or an icicle, Tang Wulin had no intention of dodging. He would charge right through and defeat Zhou Hanyou first.

The three-ringed Zhou Hanyou was their largest threat.

Zhou Hanyou frowned as she felt the pressure of the incoming aerial assault. She hadn’t expected their three ten-year-old opponents would be so troublesome.

They had researched Tang Wulin, understood his abilities, and formulated tactics to take him down. However, she was shocked that Xie Xie could actually single-handedly keep Wang Dongqi occupied. In fact, he even seemed to be in the advantageous position.

Then there was Gu Yue, the biggest surprise of the trio. In the short time she made her moves, she had used three different elements. Although they couldn’t tell what her soul skill was, the synergistic effect between those three elements was enough to turn the tide. At the very least, it was enough to bring both sides back to balance.

They were already well aware of how dangerous Tang Wulin’s golden dragon claw was. With him almost upon her and having an entourage of fireballs behind him, Zhou Hanyou knew she would lose if she didn’t reveal her cards.

Her purple soul ring lit up, instantly transforming her aura as the mist clinging to her body congealed into an icy blue skin. Waves of absolute cold rolled off of her.

Ice Spirit!

First was Zhou Tian’er’s Wood Spirit that could completely oppress Tang Wulin, and now Zhou Hanyou revealed a thousand-year Ice Spirit! Similar to Wood Spirit, it was an elemental amplification soul skill. The difference between hundred-year and thousand-year was unfathomable however, not to mention that this was actually her third soul skill!

A giant ice wall erected in front of her the same moment she activated her third soul skill.

The fireballs smashed into the wall and were extinguished effortlessly, but Tang Wulin crashed into it resolutely. He punched the wall with his golden dragon claw so hard that it embedded inside. Cracks ran along the surface, but the wall didn’t shatter this time.

Sharp shards of ice formed around Zhou Hanyou. She felt humiliated; to think that a mere ten-year-old child had forced her to use her third soul skill!

Strengthened by Ice Spirit, her icicles were now no less than one meter in length and infinitely colder and sharper than before.

She smacked her palm on the ice wall in front of her.

Tang Wulin felt his body tremble and shouted in alarm. He hastily circulated his soul power to defend himself and in the next second the ice wall exploded, sending him flying backward.

Tang Wulin had faced a three-ringed soul master before, but only now did he understand how dreadful a powerful three-ringed soul master was.

Freezing air drilled into his body, his blood sluggish from the cold. Explosive energy ran along his veins. If it wasn’t for his sturdier-than-normal body, he would have already lost consciousness.

Shards from the ice wall shot toward him while icicles rained upon Gu Yue.

When Gu Yue and Xie Xie saw that Tang Wulin was sent flying, they both cried out. While Xie Xie’s was filled with astonishment, Gu Yue’s was fueled with rage.

An eery glint flashed in Gu Yue’s eyes before she disappeared in a silver flash, only to reappear next to Tang Wulin. The icicle shower hit nothing but air.

This is...

Zhou Hanyou froze for a moment. After all, she still lacked battle experience. And in that momentary pause, the icicles escaped her range of secondary manipulation. They continued onward unguided until they shattered against the arena’s barrier so hard that it rippled.

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