Chapter 221 - Twin Sisters

Chapter 221 - Twin Sisters

A wry smile tugged at Long Huantian’s lips. “Such high praise. Looks like I’ll have to see for myself just how amazing these kids are.”

The two teams stood opposite of each other on the stage, having just introduced themselves.

Tang Wulin was astonished to discover that their opponents were all girls. It was his first time greeting a team composed only of girls.

During their introduction, Tang Wulin had been intrigued by the near identical appearance of Zhou Hanyou and Zhou Tian’er. Although they were clearly twin sisters, their contrasting hair colors made for an odd sight.

Standing as the spearpoint of her team, Zhou Hanyou stared at Tang Wulin with eyes that were as cold as ice and as unyielding as the plum blossom in winter. She had matured quite well; apart from being unripe, her height barely differed from that of an adult’s. The Eastsea team seemed tiny in comparison.

An unfathomable feeling welled in Zhou Hanyou’s heart as she stared at the opposing team. Before the match, their academy’s president had repeatedly warned them not to look down on their opponents today.

But she just couldn’t understand how the three kids before her had an identical winning streak as theirs. Their four victories almost guaranteed that they had a place in the top sixteen.

Since there were only eight matches per group, it was nigh impossible for them to not make it into the top sixteen now.

They’re so young though, only ten years old!

Compared to Zhou Hanyu’s frigid demeanour, Zhou Tian’er exuded liveliness. She absent-mindedly asked, “Little brother, you’re already competing at such a young age?”

Tang Wulin’s face couldn’t help but twitch at her question. This a competition!

“We just came here to gain experience.” Despite being disgruntled, Tang Wulin beamed at her. He couldn’t let his opponent notice his displeasure.

Zhou Tian’er said, “How about you guys just concede? It wouldn’t look good if we hurt you; people might think we’re bullying children.”

Tang Wulin’s smiling expression stiffened. She’s even advising us to surrender?

Gu Yue couldn’t bear it anymore and said in a frosty tone, “The victor hasn’t been decided yet. We’ll see after this match.”

The referee began counting down.

Zhou Hanyou glared at her younger sister before turning to Tang Wulin and nodding.

“Three, two, one, begin!”

Thus, the match between the two strongest teams in group three began.

Tang Wulin’s first move was no different from the past; he immediately charged ahead, his hands forming subtle signs behind his back as he shot towards Zhou Hanyou like lightning

Xie Xie was right behind Tang Wulin after seeing the hand signals. His target was Wang Dongqi however, not Zhou Hanyou.

In that moment, the students of Sealand Academy revealed the brilliance of their soul rings.

Zhou Hanyou and Wang Dongqi had three soul rings; the former had two yellow rings and one purple, while the latter’s were all yellow As for Zhou Tian’er, she only had two yellow soul rings.

It’s just as we had investigated. They have two Soul Elders and one Soul Grandmaster. Their cultivation is enough to crush us!

Having already confronted three-ringed soul masters before, the three from class zero did not fear them. Only after they had fought would they know what their opponents truly amounted to.

Zhou Hanyou stood her ground in the face of Tang Wulin’s charge. She raised her right hand, her three soul rings rising in sync as a thin sleet of icy light surrounded her body. The arena’s temperature dropped as waves of glacial mist rolled off her body and her complexion slowly whitened until it was like snow.

On the other hand, Zhou Tian’er’s aura was different. The two were clearly born from the same mother, were of the same age, and most likely twins, yet not only was Zhou Tian’ers cultivation lower than her elder sister’s, her martial soul was different too. What appeared in her hand was not cold air, but a green ball of light bursting with vitality.

What is that?

Tang Wulin was surprised by the sight of these two martial souls. He wasn’t the same ignorant kid that was newly arrived from Glorybound City anymore; after studying and battling under Wu Zhangkong’s guidance, his knowledge had deepened.

A single glance was all it took for him to discern that the twins were rarely seen elemental soul masters. Zhou Hanyou had the ice element, specifically the Ice Spirit.

On the other hand, Zhou Tian’er had the wood element; similarly, it was called Wood Spirit. However, wood-type martial souls were much rarer than ice types.

These two sisters should be twins, but their martial souls are so different. What a spectacle. It seems that their hair colors are different due to their martial souls.

In box one.

“Hanyou and Tian’er are twin sisters, but their differences were apparent since the moment they were born. Despite their parents being average commoners without soul power, their children were incredibly gifted. Hanyou has innate full soul power and the Ice Spirit martial soul. She’s the most gifted student we’ve had in many years. Tian’er is a bit less gifted; she only had rank 8 innate soul power. Still, she has the even rarer wood spirit constitution. Furthermore, the sisters have the mental connection of twins.” Zhang Zhenpeng explained the background of his two star pupils.

Long Huantian sighed in appreciation. They really are excellent talents! No wonder Zhenpeng was so confident in his request.

Although the strength of a soul master was directly tied to their soul power, quite often it was the martial soul that was more important. A three-ringed soul master with an ordinary martial soul could never catch up to a three-ringed soul master with a peak-level martial soul—the gap was too enormous! These two girls were not ordinary by any means!

On the competition stage.

Zhou Hanyou’s gaze clashed with Tang Wulin’s. She slowly pressed her right palm forward, sending a rippling wave of misted ice at him, obscuring his vision. He could just barely make out her unmoving figure within the mist.

Zhou Tian’er’s first soul ring lit up while a soft green light appeared on the ground. Vines grew from the light in an instant and followed her pointed finger to attack Tang Wulin.

It’s Bind...

Tang Wulin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It was simply impossible for him to not recognize it for what it was.

They were both plant-type soul masters, but Zhou Tian’er’s Wood Spirit was far more powerful than his Bluesilver Grass; her Bind was like an array of vines piercing toward him.

Although Tang Wulin was shaken, he quickly adapted to the situation. His purple soul ring rose from beneath his feet and commanded his own Bluesilver Grass to weave into a protective screen in the air. Tang Wulin charged ahead, his Bluesilver Grass shield slanted so that it deflected the onslaught of vines. He quickly advancing upon her

Unperturbed, Zhou Hanyou activated up her first soul ring.

White suddenly dominated Tang Wulin’s vision; a wall of ice formed right before him.

Zhou Hanyou’s timing was impeccable; the wall appeared just as Tang Wulin was about to remove the screen’s protection.

He would slam into it an instant later.

There was nothing else Tang Wulin could do. Although his speed was explosive, his control over it couldn’t possibly compare with Xie Xie.

To the Sealand Academy team’s surprise, Tang Wulin didn’t show any intention of slowing down; rather, he increased his speed. He raised both his arms and lowered his head, crashing straight into the ice wall.


Tang Wulin completely shattered the ice wall and continued his charge at Zhou Hanyou.

This guy...

Zhou Hanyou stared dazedly at the sight. This was the first time she had seen someone break through her ice wall through sheer physical strength. Just what kind of freak is he!

Tang Wulin was just fifteen meters away from her. It would take him no more than an instant to reach her.

Zhou Tian’er moved next to her sister, a sweet smile gracing her lips contrasting with her sister’s unchanging mask of indifference.

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