Chapter 213 - The Third Tang Sect Art

Chapter 213 - The Third Tang Sect Art

Mu Xi snorted. “Are you trying to shoo me away? I’m not leaving then.” She plopped herself down on his bedside haughtily.

She really is…

He was simply helpless in front of this senior disciple sister.

Meanwhile, Xu Lizhi circled around Tang Wulin a few times like a shark, inspecting his body. “You really are a freak! I can’t believe you’re already okay! Incredible!”

With his words dipped in annoyance, Tang Wulin said, “You’re not just here to look at my wounds, are you? Come eat with me. Your drool is about to hit the floor.”

“Really?” Xu Lizhi lowered his voice. “You’re really not mad at me?”

Tang Wulin chuckled. “It’s hard to find a fellow foodie, you know? How could I be angry with you! Besides, didn’t you say you would call me big brother since I can out eat you? What big brother would be angry with their little brother?”

Such words coaxed a heavy sigh from Xu Lizhi’s mouth, wiping his anxious expression away into a blossoming grin. “Yeah, that’s right! Since there’s good food to be eaten with big brother, don’t mind me if I’m rude then!” He grabbed a pig trotter and began gnawing on it.

Mu Xi was desperately trying not to laugh. Gluttons can really appreciate one another!

“Oh, right. Boss, there was something else I came for. Here, I have something good for you to eat.” Xu Lizhi raised his hand, gathering soul power within his palm as two stunning soul rings rose beneath him.

“I have a meat bun.” After he muttered this verse, light coalesced into a bun in his palms, his first soul ring twinkling like a star in the sky.

Both Tang Wulin and Mu Xi stared wide-eyed at the fatty.

“You’re a food-type soul master?” Tang Wulin and Mu Xi exclaimed in unison.

Essentially, soul masters were divided into two categories: battle and tool types. Food-type soul masters were an exceptionally rare type within the tool category.

The fact that he was not just a food-type soul master, but also had two rings at the age of ten, shook their hearts!

It was common knowledge that food-type soul masters had the hardest time cultivating.

The bun should be this guy’s martial soul.

Tang Wulin recalled the shiny white objects Xu Lizhi had thrown at the beginning of the exhibition match. Now he knew that they hadn’t been steamed buns, but stuffed buns.

Meat stuffed buns...

This really is…

After accepting the bun, he sunk his teeth into it, a puff of steam escaping from the newfound opening. Not only was it fragrant, it was stuffed to the brim with meat soaked in a rich broth.

Once he devoured the bun in a few bites, warmth permeated his body. Soul power stirred within him, increasing his recovery speed.

A proud look crossed Xu Lizhi’s face. “My first soul skill is Recovery Pork Bun. Eating it will restore your physical strength and your soul power! It’s really helpful in the middle of battle too! It even has a constitution-strengthening effect! It should help you recover. Do you want to eat a few more?”

“Sure!” In the end, Tang Wulin savored more than ten tasty meat buns. He could feel a noticeable surge in his healing speed, his soul power recovering completely.

In contrast, Xu Lizhi was only slightly exhausted.

“It’s a miraculous martial soul!” Tang Wulin cried out.

Xu Lizhi straightened his back with pride. “Of course. I’m a food-type soul master who has innate full soul power that you can only encounter once every hundred years. I’m already guaranteed a spot in the inner court. When they tested my talent, they said it was even greater than big sis Xinglan’s!”

The two little gluttons continued to attack the pile of food. At the sight of their joyful feasting, even Mu Xi grew tempted by Xu Lizhi’s meat buns. Once she tasted one for herself, she understood their incredible appeal.

Tang Wulin sighed in his heart. If Xu Lizhi could just stay by my side forever, then I wouldn’t have to ever worry about food. That would be amazing!

Xu Lizhi’s pork buns’ efficacy was not exaggerated; Tang Wulin was fully healed by the time he started cultivating the next morning, his scabs peeling away to reveal delicate skin.

“You’ve recovered even faster than I imagined.” Wu Zhangkong stood at Tang Wulin’s side. The master and disciple duo were cultivating the Purple Demon Eyes together.

As a fellow Tang Sect disciple, Xie Xie had chosen two secret arts too, but neither were the Purple Demon Eyes. He had selected the Mysterious Heaven Method and the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track.

Wu Zhangkong asked, “Are you still competing in the blacksmith’s competition?”

Tang Wulin shook his head. With second place secured, there was no point in him going. It would be fine to give his senior disciple sister first place.

“That’s good then. Let’s go back to the room. I’ll teach you another secret art of the Tang Sect.”

A tremble ran down Tang Wulin’s spine, hairs springing up from his skin. I’m going to learn another Tang Sect art? I wonder what it will be?

The Mysterious Heaven Method increased his cultivation speed while also compressing his soul power, boosting his stamina in battle.

The Purple Demon Eyes, on the other hand, enhanced his control and served as another form of attack. Most important of all was that it was a spiritual power cultivation method. Without it, he wouldn’t have been able to evolve his spirit soul.

Just what would the third Tang Sect art be? He trusted that Wu Zhangkong would not do him wrong in selecting his third art.

Once they returned to his room, Wu Zhangkong closed the window blinds and lit a soul lamp.

“I’m sure you’re aware of your martial soul’s innate weakness. Though you’ve upgraded it to the thousand-year level, that doesn’t make up for what its core shortcomings. There is no way it can ever compare with those first-rate martial souls. However, your advantage lies in your transformed body. Your body is far stronger than a normal person’s; in fact, it’s several times so. Especially when your bloodline is stirred and your golden scales appear.

“Thus, what’s important right now is for you to increase your control over your martial soul. When you choose a soul skill in the future, develop in that direction while keeping your body as your main form of attack. I don’t know how much more your body will mutate, so we’ll take one step at a time for now. At the moment, the most fitting Tang Sect art for you is Controlling Crane, Capturing Dragon.”

“Controlling Crane, Capturing Dragon?” These four words penetrated Tang Wulin deeply, arousing an ineffable feeling within him.

Wu Zhangkong nodded. “According to the rules of the Tang Sect, every new member may choose one art to practice. Once they’ve passed the middle level test, they can pick a second art. They can learn a third art once they reach the third rank in a profession. Anyone who joins the sect by passing the high level test will also have the privilege to choose three. However, you can only learn up to three arts for free. In other words, even if you pass the high level test and reach third rank in a profession, you can still only learn three Tang Sect arts.”

Tang Wulin gaped, fish-eyed.. “Then, what do I do if I want to learn other Tang Sect arts in the future?”

Wu Zhangkong said, “You’ll need to exchange contribution points at the sect for them. After all, the Tang Sect can’t just operate on nothing. The sect needs to grow too. Once we return to Eastsea City, you can go take a look at our local branch. With your current profession rank, you should qualify for some sect missions. There, you’ll learn how to earn the right to additional Tang Sect arts. Furthermore, you can also trade with other sect members for points.”

“Okay.” Excitement sparked within Tang Wulin like a lit firework. To him, contributing to the sect wasn’t bothersome. Besides, he had to repay the sect for the teachings he received. By doing so, he would gain more from the Tang Sect.

“Generally speaking, everyone will pick the Mysterious Heaven Method when they first join since it’s the basis of all Tang Sect arts. For that reason, I had both you and Xie Xie select this art. You chose the Purple Demon Eyes second for its effect on your spiritual power. Picking Controlling Crane, Capturing Dragon for the third is to increase your dexterity. If you’re able to use the art skillfully, it can become powerful for both attack and defense. Watch.”

As he spoke, Wu Zhangkong beckoned to a table on the side, drawing it toward him with some sort of soft, undulating energy. An instant later, a pen container flew in his direction, entering his hands with a soft thud.

“This is Controlling Crane.”

He pushed with his right hand, sending the pen container zipping through the air. Once out of his grasp, however, it did not fall and swayed in tune with Wu Zhangkong’s actions.

“This is Capturing Dragon.

“Controlling Crane, Capturing Dragon is actually divided into two parts. One is the technique for Controlling Crane and the other is for Capturing Dragon. Pay attention to your control of soul power when you practice it. If you can increase your proficiency, then it’s like possessing another pair of powerful soul skills. If your mastery reaches the peak, then Controlling Crane, Capturing Dragon can even manipulate a mountain. The Mysterious Heaven Method is the foundation of Controlling Crane, Capturing Dragon. The greater your soul power, the mightier this art becomes.”

Wu Zhangkong pressed a palm toward Tang Wulin. This created a force of attraction between the two, causing Tang Wulin to stumble forward and fall flat on his face.

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