Chapter 198 - Drawing Lots

Chapter 198 - Drawing Lots

Although Tang Wulin activated the Purple Demon Eyes in a moment’s haste, he still could not penetrate the forest of azure and bolts of violet lightning zipping through the stage with his sight. The Purple Demon Eyes only magnified the details of each chaotic lightning strike.

At that moment, Tang Wulin noticed that three of the Skysea Alliance team’s members had four rings while the rest wielded three. He was able to discern the ring compositions of the three soul masters—two yellow and two purple each. However, he failed to make out the individual spirit souls. At that moment, they were engulfed by the tempest of electric bolts and thunder.


I can’t see anything in this match!

The rumbling storm didn’t let up. Instead, it grew more potent! Tang Wulin could see the silhouette of a lightning dragon wreaking havoc within the electric blitz.

He saw the dragon and after… there was no “after”.

A minute later, the match ended

The seven representatives of the Skysea Alliance collapsed on the stage while the delegation from Shrek Academy stood rooted in their previous formation. Xu Lizhi and Ye Xinglan were stationed in the back. The young girl didn’t attack the entire battle and the little fatty was just stuffing his face with the dried fish snack, complimentary of Tang Wulin.

Silence dominated the stands. For a single moment, not a single peep sounded from the audience of 80,000 people.

After bending over in a slight bow, the leader of Shrek Academy’s team led his teammates off the stage.

How could a battle between generations last no more than a minute? It was simply a massacre. The Skysea Alliance team didn’t even have a chance to display their strength.

The Shrek team’s assault had been swift like an eagle, arriving instantly like a howling gale. It was as if a sleeping dragon awakened to swallow its foes in the blink of an eye.

Tang Wulin heard a gulp beside him.

He turned to see Xie Xie wide-eyed and gaping, mouth opened as if attempting to catch a fly. “Th-this is the strength of Shrek Academy? Are they even human?”

A gentle sigh escaped from Tang Wulin’s lips. “They look human. Our gap in soul rings isn’t that large, yet their coordination and explosive power are truly terrifying. No wonder Teacher Wu always stresses the importance of teamwork. These guys are just too strong.”

“Their teamwork doesn’t seem like much on the surface, but their strengths are multiplied by supporting one another. If it wasn’t so, then there’s no way their leader could have single-handedly defeated the opposing seven-man team, even if he were that much stronger. They must have a secret to their strength. I don’t think they only spirit souls; they must possess pure soul rings too. They’ve probably hunted real soul beasts, and maybe even have a soul bone,” Xu Xiaoyan said with a grave expression. Within class zero, she and Xie Xie were the most knowledgeable about such matters by far.

“That’s all they are.” Gu Yue’s indifferent tone startled Tang Wulin and when he faced her, he was met with arrogant eyes.

‘That’s all they are’? Then what does she consider powerful?

“We’ll definitely be stronger than them once we reach their age.” Gu Yue’s tone left no room for doubt.

“Surpassing them doesn’t count as anything.” An icy voice washed over them like chilling a tide, drawing their attention. Unknown to them, Wu Zhangkong had appeared beside the group.

“They were merely Shrek Academy’s outer court students,” Wu Zhangkong said, his voice dropping the surrounding temperature by several degrees.

Outer court?

Everyone knew that Shrek Academy had both an inner and outer court. Only the inner court nurtured the academy’s true elites.

This time, even Gu Yue was shocked.

Wu Zhangkong continued, “The outer court’s brightest and most capable students are still required to pass an inspection in order to enter the inner court. Matriculating inner court disciples must be sixteen years old or younger. Therefore, none of those on that Shrek Academy team should be inner court disciples. The ones you should all take note of are the two youngest contenders. Since they were sent to represent Shrek Academy at such a young age, their talent surpasses that of common men without a doubt. They have likely already been selected as inner court candidates. As such, they will also be… your greatest rivals.”

Wu Zhangkong word’s shook the hearts of his students. Our greatest rivals? What does that mean?

“Teacher Wu, why would we compete with them?” Xu Xiaoyan was flabbergasted.

Wu Zhangkong glanced at her. “That’s because I’m training you all to enter Shrek Academy’s inner court and fulfill my unfulfilled desire.”

Tang Wulin said, “Teacher Wu, are you saying you couldn’t join the inner court?”

Bitterness tugged at the corners of Wu Zhangkong’s mouth. “I entered, but I never graduated.”

Long Bing? Tang Wulin suddenly recalled this name. Could Teacher Wu’s failure to graduate from the inner court be because of that person?

“These matters are too far in the future for you to worry about. Just do your best for now. Entering Shrek Academy will be a long and arduous road. I’ve drawn the lots; the matches begin tomorrow.”

Wu Zhangkong didn’t bother informing them of their opponents. For both the individual and team competition, the first round would be a knockout battle. Anyone who loses would be immediately eliminated from the competition.

Two events would be conducted the next day. One of them was the blacksmith’s, which would also have a knockout round.  As such, Tang Wulin would be participating in a total of three competitions.His eyes landed on the time of each competition. Thankfully they didn’t overlap, otherwise he really would be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

His eyes landed on the time of each competition. Thankfully they didn’t overlap, otherwise he really would be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Due to the low number of participants and minimal space requirement, the blacksmith’s event would be the opening act. As for the individual and team battles, they would occur across the eight arenas prepared by the Skysea Alliance Tournament. For the individual event, Tang Wulin was assigned to the Skysea Stadium, a short trek away from the blacksmith’s competition. Luck seemed to be smiling down on him.

The team competition was also conducted in the stadium, but in the afternoon. Since the blacksmiths would compete in the morning, Tang Wulin should make the individual event by the skin of his teeth.

Wu Zhangkong offered his students neither helpful analyses nor advice; instead, he simply told them to return to the hotel later to prepare. As for him, he would be going ahead.

“Teacher Wu is such an irresponsible man!” Xie Xie muttered.

Gu Yue looked at him. “Do you dare say that to his face?”

Xu Xiaoyan was even more direct. “I’m telling on you to Teacher Wu!”

Xie Xie said in indignance, “What have I done to provoke you two! Am I your mortal enemy?”

Xu Xiaoyan giggled. “Who told you to grow up not as handsome as Teacher Wu and Tang Wulin?”

“This big bro is handsome! People will understand in the future! You just can’t yet comprehend how dashing I am.” Disdain tinged Xie Xie’s words.

“Let’s go back. I think the reason Teacher Wu didn’t give us any advice is because it would be pointless. Since that’s the case, we’ll only have ourselves to rely on. We have the individual competitions tomorrow morning; let’s all do our best. We’ll formulate some tactics when it comes time for the team matches.”

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