Chapter 191 - Requesting a Match

Chapter 191 - Requesting a Match

Tang Wulin and Gu Yue exchanged glances, and their eyes mirrored the other’s current emotion: shock!

An astrological attribute? They had never heard of such a thing before, but its power was evident. Xie Xie, the one with the highest cultivation among them, had his soul power sealed for five seconds.

Five seconds was a lot of time in which they could accomplish a great deal! Not even Tang Wulin was confident that he could resist Xu Xiaoyan’s starwheel.

“Can you still fight after using the starwheel at full-strength?” Gu Yue asked.

Xu Xiaoyan shook her head and smiled bitterly. “Nope. I won’t be able to move once I use the starwheel, otherwise, the seal will unravel and its power will weaken. This ability is best used in coordination with a team. However, according to my clan’s records, the astrological attribute will gain more abilities as my cultivation progresses. It’s almost like a second set of soul rings—as if I had twin martial souls. Unfortunately, during the day I’m pretty weak and can only use my ice staff.”  

As expected, greater strength came with greater restrictions. Xu Xiaoyan couldn’t move when she used her starwheel, nor could she launch any other attacks. Worst of all, it could only be used at night! These restrictions were just excessive, but even so, this ability’s potential in a team setting was amazing! They could turn the tides in the crucial moments the starwheel bought, enabling them to seize victory!

They could do a lot in a single second.

“I swear on my great aunt... that’s amazing!” Xie Xie said bitterly.

A sweet smile graced Xu Xiaoyan’s lips. Her Starwheel Ice Staff lit up for a moment, and the golden light and icy shackles on Xie Xie quickly disappeared. In truth, she couldn’t sustain the seal any longer. If her opponent was too strong, it would be very costly to maintain such an absolute seal. If her opponent struggled against those shackles, they might be able to easily break free after a second or two.

Tang Wulin gave Xu Xiaoyan a big thumbs up. Her first soul skill, Starwheel Shackles, was a great addition to the team.

It was a mystical martial soul found on the mystical Douluo Continent! Sure enough, nothing was impossible in this land.

“It’s a pity that we don’t have any way to change day into night, otherwise we might’ve been able to give Teacher Wu a nice surprise,” Xie Xie said with a trembling body.

His body still felt a bit stiff. Those shackles were a fusion of astrological and ice attributes after all. It couldn’t possibly have been comfortable to be restrained by them.  

Tang Wulin smiled. “It doesn’t matter. We can find Teacher Wu and spar right now. There’s no way he will refuse.”

He exchanged looks with Xie Xie, and a wicked glint immediately appeared in the depths of their eyes. Xie Xie couldn’t bear to be the only one on the receiving end of such a sinister ability.

One second of absolute sealing… Hehe. Maybe we’ll be able to surprise Teacher Wu.

In the next moment, the four sat down cross-legged in tacit understanding and began meditating.

“All of you want to challenge me right now?” Wu Zhangkong stared at his four students, flabbergasted.

“Yes! Please give us pointers,” Tang Wulin said earnestly.

“Let’s go then.” Wu Zhangkong nodded. It was already late into the night and was lights out for the dorm. Instead of the designated combat arenas, he brought them to the training fields. Regardless of whether these children were looking for trouble or had a surprise in store for him, he would gladly entertain them.

A silent darkness hung over the field. Wu Zhangkong walked to the field’s center and gently removed his white robe. “Come.”

Tang Wulin said, “Teacher Wu, you’re so powerful. Shouldn’t you suppress your strength while battling us? The strongest one of us only has two rings, so why don’t you restrict yourself and only use those two rings as well?”

Wu Zhangkong narrowed his eyes. He was an adult, and if he couldn’t even guess what kind of schemes these children came up with, he wouldn’t be fit to call himself a teacher. From the way these kids were speaking, he could clearly tell that they had challenged him with victory in mind!

He was well acquainted with the strength of three of them. Xu Xiaoyan, however, was still a mystery.

“Alright,” Wu Zhangkong answered coldly.

Tang Wulin and his teammates exchanged looks, immediately jumped backward, and got into formation.

As usual, Tang Wulin was in the front with Xie Xie beside him. Gu Yue was right behind him, and Xu Xiaoyan positioned herself behind Gu Yue.

The four of them now moved as one.

Soul rings rose from beneath their feet, even more resplendent in the dark of night. Tang Wulin’s purple soul ring shone the brightest of all of them, as if it were a noble among commoners.

Strand after strand of Bluesilver Grass appeared in the surroundings, sheltering the comrades behind him while golden scales appeared on his right arm in a burst of light. Tang Wulin released a low growl and ferociously charged Wu Zhangkong, immediately using his first soul skill, Bind!

Hundreds of strands of Bluesilver Grass whistled through the air, a display of the thousand-year soul skill’s monstrous might. A roaring tempest arose the moment Tang Wulin launched his assault. One strand of Bluesilver Grass had sneakily launched Xie Xie into the air. The moment that he arrived above Wu Zhangkong’s head, he angled his body and descended upon his teacher. He didn’t hold back at all and immediately initiated with Twin Dragon Storm.

But it wasn’t just a two-pronged attack. A wind blade, a fireball, and an icicle flew through a small crack in the barrier of Bluesilver Grass! They converged on Wu Zhangkong—Xie Xie was just the opening act!

They knew that one thing was certain: the longer they waited, the slimmer their chance for success would be. If they wanted to succeed, they had to immediately launch an all-out attack!

Wu Zhangkong stood rooted in place, merely raising his Skyfrost Sword and gently pinching its tip with his other fingers. In the face of the children’s attacks, he remained still like an immovable mountain. Not even a flicker of emotion appeared on his face. It was as if there were nothing in this world that could affect him.

The moment the onslaught reached Wu Zhangkong, he suddenly lashed out with his Skyfrost Sword. An azure halo that seemed to possess some sort of limitless gravitational force formed around him. The halo pulled Gu Yue’s elemental attacks inside of it, ripping control of them from her hands.

It was simple and effective, two things Wu Zhangkong excelled at.

The Twin Dragon Storm easily drilled through the elements, but Wu Zhangkong’s move had done its job—the might of Twin Dragon Storm had been greatly diminished.  

Wu Zhangkong’s eyes flashed with a violet hue, and Tang Wulin defended with his own Purple Demon Eyes. It was futile, however, as a wave of vertigo struck him, and the Bind slowly unraveled.

Just how shameless is Teacher Wu? He’s actually using the Purple Demon Eyes! He might not be using the full extent of its power, but that’s still so shameless!

This thought faded as quickly as it had appeared, and Tang Wulin charged again with renewed vigor and an entourage of Bluesilver Grass.

Wu Zhangkong swung his Skyfrost Sword. Its previous dignified aura had been replaced with blinding speed. Hundreds of sword waves shot out, accurately chilling and cutting through the slithering mass of Bluesilver Grass. It was just a single slash, yet hundreds of sword waves appeared! Each one clashed against the strands of Bluesilver Grass and kept them at bay.

In a split second, Tang Wulin had been cut off from his teammates. However, he still continued rushing toward Wu Zhangkong.

The Twin Dragon Storm finally descended from the sky, but Wu Zhangkong disappeared in a blur. After-images of him appeared all around the field as he evaded with Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track.

In the beginning, Xie Xie could follow Wu Zhangkong’s movements and adjust his assault accordingly, but soon his teacher’s movements proved too fast for him to keep up with. By the time he touched the ground with his Twin Dragon Storm, his aim had been thrown off. His attack met nothing but air.

A wave of frost flew out and Xie Xie reflexively tried to defend against it with his Light Dragon Dagger. His strength was already exhausted, however, and he was immediately sent flying.

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