Chapter 185 - The Power of Thousand-Year Bluesilver Grass

Chapter 185 - The Power of Thousand-Year Bluesilver Grass

Xie Xie’s response was just as swift. He instantly activated his second soul skill, Light Dragon Storm, and spun like a whirlwind while attacking Tang Wulin.

But the Bluesilver Grass was too quick and tenacious! Each time Xie Xie shredded the grass another wave would overwhelm him a moment later, eroding at the power of his Light Dragon Storm.

This isn’t good!

Xie Xie sucked in a deep breath. He descended from the air and launched a second Shadow Dragon Storm. The two skills merged together, increasing its power and speed. He returned to Gu Yue, his speed so fast that he seemed like a phantom.

The Light Dragon Storm and the Shadow Dragon Storm combined to make the Twin Dragon Storm!

This was Xie Xie’s greatest accomplishment over the last month. After all, who wouldn’t feel pressured to improve in such an environment?

Tang Wulin was momentarily stunned. He had believed that his thousand-year Bind could easily restrain Xie Xie, but he hadn’t expected Xie Xie to progress this much.

Xie Xie landed far away, his complexion pale at the unpleasant oppression he had felt and the massive consumption of soul power by the Twin Dragon Storm.

Gu Yue halted her advance. She gave Tang Wulin a thumbs up, an amused smile gracing her face as her eyes glittered.

Having known each other for so long now, Tang Wulin naturally understood her intention; she wanted to battle seriously now.

Xie Xie dashed out from the side. As an Agility System Soul Master, he shouldn’t have charged from the front anyway. Meanwhile, Gu Yue waved her arms and summoned an array of elemental attacks that surrounded Tang Wulin from all sides.

If it was Tang Wulin’s previous self, he would have been hard pressed to deal with such an assault. But he had changed. His Bluesilver Grass slithered through the air as it weaved into a large net to shield him from the onslaught of elements. It was a battle of attrition now.

Tang Wulin’s advantage lay in his thousand-year spirit soul which minimized his consumption while Gu Yue’s lay in her Elemental Tide and her control of the elements, which also had a relatively low consumption rate. Gu Yue gradually gained the upper hand in this battle with her higher cultivate base. After all, the two were a Soul Master and a Soul Grandmaster, separated by a whole realm!

Yet, Tang Wulin wasn’t worried at all. He hadn’t forgotten that Gu Yue had no one to protect her!

Tang Wulin had completely disregarded Xie Xie—who was on the peripheral of the battle—and charged toward Gu Yue.

As long as he took out Gu Yue, then Xie Xie would be no problem. He hadn’t even taken Xu Xiaoyan into consideration. They had never worked together before and Xu Xiaoyan’s strength was a mystery to him, so he had treated the battle as a one on two from the very beginning.

With his thousand-year Bluesilver Grass and his intermediate level Spirit Connection realm spiritual power, he had infinite possibilities to attack and defend.

The sharing ability of Bluesilver Grass alleviated any fear Tang Wulin had toward Gu Yue’s six element assault. Of course, his confidence only lasted as long as his soul power did.

With such a restriction placed on him,what he needed to do now was use a blitzkrieg strategy.

Gu Yue ran backwards to escape from Tang Wulin’s charge. Although her speed couldn't compare with Tang Wulin’s, each step bought her precious seconds.

She threw up her hands and made some complicated hand gestures that forth two balls of light, one cobalt and the other crimson. Waves of unstable power rippled out as the two fused. Gu Yue quickly threw it toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin would have directly crashed into the fused elemental ball had he not cultivated the Purple Demon Eyes. Fortunately, he had and could clearly discern how volatile this fusion of ice and fire was!

She combined the two opposing elements, fire and ice? Although the fusion was unstable, he couldn’t fathom how Gu Yue managed to reach this state in the beginning! Even though the fusion was only temporary, its true power lay in it exploding!

Tang Wulin didn’t hesitate to command Goldlight to retreat.

Goldlight shot into the air, carefully avoiding the ball of ice and fire by gently deflecting it with a wiggle of its tail. At the same time, Tang Wulin saw an alarming violet glint in Gu Yue’s eyes.

A wave of dizziness struck her as she lost control over the elemental ball. The ball, deflected by Goldlight’s tail swipe, flew off to the side towards the bystanders.

Tang Wulin took advantage of this opening to close the distance between them and use Bind on her.

Not only did the Purple Demon Eyes enhance eyesight, it could also send a powerful spiritual attack. Once cultivated to a sufficiently high level, one could kill with just a simple look.

With Tang Wulin’s talent for Purple Demon eyes, he had made rapid progress. Though he couldn’t kill with a glance yet, he could easily disturb his opponent’s mind.

In this state, Gu Yue’s hands moved too slowly to defend herself. By the time she regained lucidity, Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Grass was already in front of her.

In this moment of crisis, Gu Yue used her strongest element, disappearing in a flash of silver light. This was her control over space!

In the next instant, the strands of grass that had swept out grabbed nothing but air.

Incredulity spread across Tang Wulin’s face. Just when he thought Gu Yue had evaded far away from him, she appeared before him in a flash of light!

That was right, she had chosen to teleport right in front of him. She thrusted an azure palm at his chest.

Her actions had been too unexpected for Tang Wulin to even process, let alone react to! She had rushed past his net and turned the most dangerous area into the safest area! Against all his expectations, she charged right into his arms!

He only had one option now: to retaliate with his Golden Dragon Claw! He was confident that even if he froze over, there was a fifty percent chance he could hit her back; but there was also a chance that she would immediately crumble apart under his claw. This was the claw that could kill a thousand-year soul beast!

Tang Wulin’s subconscious was in a state of chaos. His raised right arm lowered a moment later. She’s my comrade! A loss is just a loss!

But at that instant, Gu Yue’s palm struck a white light that had enveloped Tang Wulin’s chest instead!

A chill swept out from his chest, repelling Gu Yue’s palm.

Tang Wulin didn’t let this chance slip away. He immediately summoned his Bluesilver Grass to restrain Gu Yue.

Tang Wulin lightly pinched Gu Yue’s neck with his claw, interrupting her control over the elements.

He looked back at Xu Xiaoyan in astonishment. Her ice staff was raised and pointed in his direction and her expression the definition of smug.

Xie Xie was the most miserable one.

He hadn’t expected Gu Yue’s attack to come flying his way.

He had just finished his preparations to break through Tang Wulin’s defences with his Twin Dragon Storm and join Gu Yue in a coordinated attack, but who would’ve expected that the ball of fire and ice would  out of nowhere and explode!

The violent blast let Xie Xie experience what was called two heavens of fire and ice.

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