Chapter 1820: Breaking Through the Ring-shaped Seal

He was able to instantly catch sight of his destination as it was very clear; there was a landmass roughly three kilometers away in the same direction that he had originally been facing.

The landmass was in the form of an arc, and the seawater around him had formed a ring; this was most likely the so-called ring-shaped seal.

Now that all of that had been established, it was time to consider how to tackle this trial.

Aside from the third trial where he had witnessed the battle between Tang San and his three opponents, the memories of the other two trials were deeply ingrained in his mind, and they were definitely not positive memories.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face, and in the next instant, he was completely inundated by the seawater.

As soon as the seawater engulfed him, he immediately sensed that something was different.

In the outside world, his affinity with the sea was already very high. As soon as he entered the sea, he would feel as if he had returned home, as if the entire ocean were protecting him.

However, right now, the sea around him was filled with enmity toward him. In the face of the violent waves, a normal Soul Master would've most likely already been sent flying. Enormous water pressure surged toward him, and the giant crabs were also rapidly approaching.

The crabs didn't seem to be affected at all by the seawater, and they advanced while scurrying sideways, bringing their massive pincers crashing down toward Tang Wulin's head.

In the blink of an eye, Tang Wulin had already devised a strategy to pass this trial.

He abruptly sank downward as he unleashed his Mountain Dragon King torso bone's gravitational control ability, and that allowed him to descend rapidly through the water like a metal statue.

At the same time, he crossed his arms above his own head to ward off the oncoming attacks.

A dull thump rang out as Tang Wulin accelerated in his descent, while the pincers of the giant crabs were repelled upward.

Having already attained an Invincible Vajra Body, it was not an easy task to harm Tang Wulin.

In the next instant, he had already landed on the seabed, upon which his feet immediately sank into the mud down below.

However, that wasn't an issue for him. By accurately manipulating gravity with his Mountain Dragon King torso bone, he was able to stand on the seabed with ease.

At the very least, he wouldn't have to worry about enemies attacking him from down below now.

Soul power and dragon's repulse erupted out of his body. He couldn't use any soul skills, but that didn't apply to his dragon's repulse. Furthermore, he discovered that only his soul skills had been sealed away, but he was able to use all of his Golden Dragon King abilities.

He stomped his right foot down onto the seawater, and a resounding boom immediately rang out. Under his precise control, all of the seawater around him was instantly forced outward in all directions, forming a vacuum around his body.

All of the oncoming sea soul beasts were instantly kept out, while his dragon's repulse formed a protective barrier around him that encompassed an area with a radius of five meters.

Even without the Vast Sea Cosmic Seal to protect him, Tang Wulin was able to stroll toward his target as if he were taking a leisurely walk in his own backyard.

Soon, the area around the barrier was filled with countless sea soul beasts, some of which were quite powerful, and they attacked the barrier through all types of methods.

However, Tang Wulin's dragon's repulse was far more powerful than it had been in the past, and they weren't able to break the barrier no matter how hard they tried.

Occasionally, a soul beast close to the 100,000-year level would emerge, but Tang Wulin would only have to expend some spiritual power to disrupt it and let his dragon's repulse take care of the rest.

Even though he couldn't fly, a distance of three kilometers was still next to nothing for him. By the time he broke through the ring-shaped seal and arrived at his destination, only a few minutes had passed.

He emerged from the water, and his dragon's repulse repelled the few sea soul beasts that had chased him onto land. As he set foot on solid ground and the light of the sun shone down upon him again, the same voice as before rang out once again.

"The fourth trial of the Sea God, Break Through the Ring-shaped Seal, has been completed. Would you like to continue?"

Power really did make a massive difference! Tang Wulin heaved an internal sigh. Back when he had undergone the first trial, it had been an extremely tortuous process, yet now, he was able to complete the fourth trial so quickly and easily.

"Continue!" Tang Wulin declared without any hesitation. With his two soul cores and dragon core pumping in unison, it only took him the span of a few breaths to recover the energy he had just expended, so he was naturally going to continue!

"Fifth trial of the Sea God, Tidal Body Refinement; withstand the relentless tide for 49 days straight."

Before Tang Wulin even had a chance to react, the scenery around him changed drastically, and his body was also tightly bound by something. To his surprise, he had been tied up, and what really alarmed him was that even with his powers, he was completely unable to struggle free from his restraints.

His body was tied to a stone pillar, which was surrounded by the sea in all directions. This was a truly vulnerable position, and he had to stay like this for 49 days...

Tang Wulin really wanted to ask whether Tang San truly was his birth father! What kind of father would set a trial like this for his son?

Right at this moment, a giant wave surged forth and slammed viciously into his body. This wasn't a normal wave; it seemed to be imbued with incredible power. As it struck Tang Wulin's body, he was struck by the feeling that he was being crushed, as if a soul train were passing over his body!

Was this really seawater? It felt more like a full-force soul power blast from a Titled Douluo!

Before he even had a chance to finish his thought, another wave slammed into his body.

Each successive wave was more powerful than the previous one, and they were crashing into him relentlessly.

Tang Wulin was unable to do anything. As soon as he was bound to this stone pillar, he discovered that he was unable to draw upon any soul power, which meant that he was powerless to resist. However, just like in the previous trial, even though his soul power was inaccessible, no restriction had been placed on his Golden Dragon King abilities. As such, there was naturally no way that these waves could harm him.

Tang Wulin couldn't even be bothered to unleash his Golden Dragon Body and merely allowed the waves to wash over his body. With the power of his Invincible Vajra Body, all he felt was some pressure, but there was no substantial threat being posed to him.

What was actually a more pressing concern was the boredom. Having to endure this for 49 days was simply too long.

He began to meditate, thinking about the deeper understanding of the laws of heaven and earth he had attained in the instant that he had made his Limit Douluo breakthrough, as well as thinking about whether it would be possible for him to create even more powerful Dragon Emperor Restriction Techniques in the future.

Even though it was very difficult to meditate under these circumstances, this type of deep thought was still very helpful to him.

Upon reaching a certain level in their cultivation, a Soul Master had to slowly accumulate through deep thought, and that was the best way to reach a higher level.

Thus, in this boring environment, Tang Wulin took the time to engage in this type of deep thought, using this as an opportunity to think about his own abilities.

Even though he had already attained Limit Douluo level combat prowess in the past, actually progressing to the Limit Douluo level was still something completely different. Only at this level did he truly feel a hint of connection with that higher plane of existence.

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