Chapter 182 - Transfer Student Xu Xiaoyan

Chapter 182 - Transfer Student Xu Xiaoyan

Xu Xiaoyan hastened after Wu Zhangkong.

Long Hengxu’s gaze followed their departure as his lips quirked up at the edges. Not for a second did he think Wu Zhangkong’s behavior to be unreasonable or irritable. “That guy, he really cares about class zero! He wouldn’t submit otherwise. This is good. It’s good that he cares since it’ll motivate him to give his best effort. I’m looking forward to the results!”

He sat down and quickly dialed a number on his soul communicator.

“Hello, President. So, I have an idea. This past semester, we poured our resources into class zero, yet ever since the two students left, the board of directors has been questioning your decision, correct? I believe it’s time to display class zero’s strength while also determining whether to continue supporting this endeavor or not. What do you think?”

Long Hengxu listened to the other line and nodded. “Right, that’s exactly what I was thinking. We’ll have them go. While I’m unsure of how it’ll develop, they’re still young, so it should be fine so long as they achieve decent results and garner some prestige for our academy. This way, everyone will note the superiority of our academy’s teachers. Once they realize this, won’t even more geniuses apply to our school?”

“Yes, yes. I’ll start making the arrangements.”

As Xu Xiaoyan followed behind Wu Zhangkong, her sparkling eyes took in the unfamiliar surroundings. Her previous school had been an ordinary one, and since her family excessively doted on her, her life was devoid of any hardships.

It was the mutation in her martial soul that led her onto this path.

She had originally set on this path unwillingly, but after meeting Wu Zhangkong, her rejection rapidly diminished.

Handsome! Teacher Wu is so cool and good-looking. Her heart hammered inside her chest.

The next moment, however, she remembered her classmates whom she had investigated after meeting them once before when they had pummeled her brother. Big brother was careless, but they were still so strong! Brother couldn’t even struggle against that girl who’s only a bit older than me!

Unfortunately for Xu Xiaoyu, he was unaware of Xu Xiaoyan’s thoughts, or else he would have choked to death.

“This is your dorm room,” Wu Zhangkong said as he opened the door and entered.

Xu Xiaoyan followed him inside, only to be shocked by the sight of the single bed. It seemed almost too good to be true.

What kind of student dorm has such nice conditions? I was given special treatment before, but I still had a roommate!

“Remember, everything you receive is because you’re currently in class zero, but you still have one month to prove yourself.” Wu Zhangkong turned on his heel and exited the room.

Left behind, Xu Xiaoyan eyed the room doubtfully, but a smile soon appeared on her charming face.

“It looks like I really need to do my best. I have a handsome teacher and strong classmates. Things are going to be fun. Huh, what’s this? Why’s there a hole in the wall?”

After she caught sight of the depression in the wall of her new room, Xu Xiaoyan got onto her stomach to peep through it and saw another room on the other side.

“Where does this lead?” she mumbled to herself. She took a cloth and cautiously covered the hole, fearing any peeping toms on the other side.

Bang bang bang!

She gave a startled jump at the violent knocking and quickly went to open her door, thinking someone was outside.

But when she stuck her head out, there was no one there. Instead, she saw a familiar figure rapping on the door of the room beside hers.

He was a delicately handsome boy who carried himself with a slight aura of coldness. “Wulin, are you back yet? Jeez, he always appears and disappears in a flash.”

It’s him! Xu Xiaoyan could immediately identify the boy. Isn’t he the dagger-wielding boy?

“Hey, there’s no one in there,” Xu Xiaoyan said.

“Who are you, and why are you here?” Enough time had passed since their last encounter that together with her weak presence, Xie Xie didn’t recognize Xu Xiaoyan.

Xu Xiaoyan snorted. “Why can’t I be here? You’re in class zero, right?”

Xie Xie nodded.

“I’m going to be a student in class zero too. Remember this, my name is Xu Xiaoyan.” Away from Wu Zhangkong, the timid girl from before transformed into a pretty, little tyrant.

“I’m Xie Xie.” No different from any other boy, Xie Xie was drawn to pretty girls.

“Thank you[1]?” Xu Xiaoyan stared blankly at him.

With some annoyance, Xie Xie said, “The second ‘Xie’ is the one used to write ‘chance encounter[2]’. That’s my name.”

“Pft.” Xu Xiaoyan snickered. “Your name is really meaningful. Please take care of me in the future.”

Xie Xie’s curiosity was piqued. “How did you enter our class when it’s already the second semester? I thought they weren’t accepting new students anymore.”

Xu Xiaoyan stated matter-of-factly, “My family has some connections, got a problem?”

Xie Xie was dumbfounded. “Teacher Wu allowed someone to enter through connections? I don’t believe it.”

Xu Xiaoyan smiled sweetly. “It’s fine if you don’t believe me. Actually, we’ve met before in the rebellion spirit ascension platform. Where is the big sister who beat my brother?”

Xie Xie carefully looked her up and down before he suddenly realized her identity. “Ah! You’re that ice-staff guy’s little sister. No wonder I thought you looked familiar.”

“The ‘ice-staff guy’? That’s what you’re calling my brother? Haha! That’s hilarious. But wait, I have the same martial soul as him, what do I do?” Xu Xiaoyan’s expression became anxious. She couldn’t bear to be called ‘Ice-Staff Girl’!

“Don’t worry, we won’t call you that,” Xie Xie said. “How many rings do you have?”

“One ring!” Xu Xiaoyan said.

Xie Xie became mute. How did she join our class with only one ring? That ice-staff guy’s strength was extraordinary, especially his thousand-year soul skill, but he had three rings. Xu Xiaoyan was able to join us with only one? Does she have some special skill or something?

“Alright then, call me if you need anything. I’m going back to my room now. My room is across from Tang Wulin’s. Oh right, your next-door neighbor is our captain and boss, Tang Wulin.”

“Tang Wulin? Is that the big sister’s name?” Xu Xiaoyan curiously asked.

Xie Xie burst into laughter. “Of course not. Wulin is a guy. The big sister is on the other side. Her name is Gu Yue.”

Astonishment flickered through Xu Xiaoyan’s eyes.

The battle between her brother and Gu Yue had left a deep impression on her. With her own strength, Gu Yue had been able to bridge the gap between ranks and defeat him—simply brilliant. Yet such a powerful girl wasn’t the strongest person in class zero?

With only three students in class zero, wouldn’t the strongest be the captain?

“Tang Wulin also has two rings?” Xu Xiaoyan asked.

Xie Xie shook his head. “No. He’s the same as you—only one ring.”

“Someone with one ring is the captain?” Her curiosity toward Tang Wulin grew.

She wanted to continue questioning Xie Xie, but he gave her a mysterious smile and refused to reveal any more.

The morning of the next day, a ceremony was held to welcome the new semester. Class zero stood at the very front of the first grade, three students neatly lined up in a row.

Indeed, there were only three students; Tang Wulin was missing.

Starting from the outside, Gu Yue stood, followed by Xie Xie then Xu Xiaoyan.

Meanwhile, Wu Zhangkong expressionlessly stood with the teachers, completely unconcerned about Tang Wulin’s absence.

Xie Xie whispered to Gu Yue, “Wulin couldn’t have forgotten that the semester starts today, right? Why do you think he’s so late?”

Gu Yue indifferently replied, “Do you think he’s you?”

Xie Xie was speechless. “Just how biased can you be? When have I ever been late? Wasn’t it him last time, too?”

Gu Yue said, “Then he definitely has a good reason.”

As the academy president began his speech, a hunched-over figure snuck over from the back to the very front before nudging Gu Yue’s side.

A radiant smile blossomed on Gu Yue’s indifferent face. “Why are you so late?”

Tang Wulin had no excuse to give.

The time he spent in deep meditation wasn’t something he could control, so by the time he woke up, it was already the morning of the new semester ceremony. Because he had dashed out without eating breakfast, his gnawing hunger was forcibly shoved to the back of his mind.

The deep meditation this time, however, had yielded great results; his individual comprehensions and abilities were now consolidated into a whole.

  1. Pronounced as xie xie in mandarin.
  2. 邂逅 is ‘chance encounter. His name is 谢邂.

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