Chapter 1819: Expanding the Myriad Beast Plane

Gu Yuena nodded with a pleased expression. "That's great to hear. It's a pity that the abyssal plane managed to get away. Otherwise, if I had managed to devour more abyssal energy, the Myriad Beast Plane would've become even stronger. If I could devour the entire abyss, we may be able to establish a stable major plane that can act as the habitat for all soul beasts."

Di Tian smiled, and said, "I'm sure that will happen someday, and everyone is very much looking forward to that day. The abyssal plane will definitely return; they won't be willing to give up so easily. The best-case scenario would be for them and the human race to severely damage one another; that would be most beneficial to our plan."

A hint of fear flashed through his eyes as he continued, "My Lord, is there a possibility that the weapon the humans used that day can be used again?"

The blast from Eternal Heaven had been truly devastating; even the Blood River Godslayer Array had been instantly smashed open like a watermelon, and the mere recollection of that was striking fear into his heart.

Regardless of how powerful an individual was, they wouldn't be able to oppose that level of power unless they attained godhood.

Gu Yuena replied, "This is why I always say to never look down on the humans. Do you understand why I devised the plan to integrate myself into the human world now? Only by gaining a sufficient understanding of them can we better target them. What we do now is wait for the abyssal plane to reappear. If I can devour that Spirit Sovereign from last time, the Myriad Beast Plane will at least be able to recover to the Great Star Dou Forest's former area."

Di Tian asked, "Are you referring to that man with the Divine Origin realm spiritual power? If you hadn't urged me not to intervene, there's a decent chance we would've been able to trap him if we had joined forces."

Gu Yuena shook her head in response. "Now's not the right time; we can't expose our power too early. As long as they come back, we'll always have another chance. It's a pity that the restriction of this realm is too powerful, thereby preventing me from recovering to the godly level. Otherwise, I really want to go to the abyssal plane to meet that Holy Lord."

A hint of fanaticism appeared in Di Tian's eyes. "My Lord, if you fuse with the Golden Dragon King, the restriction of this realm will be completely inconsequential! Even in the Divine Realm, the power of the Dragon God was unmatched; there's no way this lowly Douluo Plane would be able to restrict you."

Gu Yuena shook her head in response. "It's not that easy. The power of the Golden Dragon King is too domineering; it'll be very difficult to devour."

"But you've already obtained the former core of the Dragon God; shouldn't that be enough to facilitate a smooth fusion?" Di Tian countered.

Gu Yuena's brows furrowed slightly upon hearing this. "That's not for you to worry about. Go back to the Myriad Beast Plane and take care of the expansion. Keep doing the right things, and once the abyssal plane is devoured by us, it'll be about time for us to strike."

On an official basis, Di Tian was the manager of the Myriad Beast Plane.

"Yes!" Di Tian replied before a determined look suddenly appeared on his face, and he said, "My Lord, I've been wanting to talk to you about that Tang Wulin. I really think you shouldn't hesitate on this matter any longer. His rate of development is far too fast, and he has that Golden Dragon Spear formed by the rib of the Dragon God. If you don't take care of him soon, he could ascend to godhood one day, and that'll spell a lot of trouble for us. Could it be that you've developed human emotions for him?"

Gu Yuena's pupils instantly turned vertical, and a devastating aura fell upon the Beast God, causing him to fall to one knee as his expression changed drastically.

"Do I need you to tell me what to do? Focus on the task you've been assigned."

"Yes." Di Tian could only repress the displeasure in his heart and heave an internal sigh before hurriedly departing.

He was really regretting not acting sooner to kill Tang Wulin in the earlier stages of his development.

It wasn't that he hadn't tried to do so; it was just that Gu Yuena was too alert and always appeared just in the nick of time to save him. Could it be that she really had fallen in love with that human and developed human emotions? But everything was progressing according to plan, and she hadn't stopped striving toward their original goal!

At this rate, they would have to clash eventually; what would she do then? Di Tian's heart was full of concern. It was virtually impossible for him to kill Tang Wulin at this point. Setting aside the fact that he was constantly surrounded by a throng of Limit Douluos, even Tang Wulin himself was very close to him in power.


A burst of golden light that was filled with a holy aura erupted forth, and the dazzling golden trident appeared in Tang Wulin's grasp.

As it did so, he was able to sense the aura of the Arctic Ocean.

This Sea God's Trident was the most precious thing his father had left to him, and now that the northern front had been stabilized, Tang Wulin decided to enter the world of the trident to undergo the next trials and truly gain control over this transcendent divine weapon.

After careful consideration, he decided to do this beside the secondary tree of life. That way, he would immediately return to this place at the conclusion of the trials.

According to past experience, regardless of how much time passed during the trials, the time that passed in the real world during the duration of the trial would never be more than a day. In fact, it was often the case that only an instant had passed in the real world.

He had already primed himself into top condition, and it was time to begin.

The golden trident symbol on his forehead was particularly bright, and his entire body was giving off a gentle aura.

He took a glance at the secondary tree of life, then raised his golden trident high above his head, injecting his consciousness into it to immerse himself in its aura.

"I want to undergo the Nine Trials of the Sea God!" In the next instant, Tang Wulin shuddered, and he arrived in a completely golden world amid a flash of light. However, the golden world only existed for a very short time before everything in the surrounding area became clear.

Tang Wulin discovered that he was situated on a small deserted island, and the sea extended as far as the eyes could see in all directions around him.

There was a gradient to the ocean's color, from the deep blue in the distance to the light blue closest to the island.

"Fourth trial of the Sea God, break through the ring-shaped seal! Set off from your current position and depart from the island to travel to the land mass across the sea. During this process, you are prohibited from using any soul rings and soul skills, as well as flying and killing sea soul beasts. Begin!"

An authoritative voice rang out beside Tang Wulin's ears, and he couldn't help but feel like this voice belonged to his father.

However, there was no chance for him to discern the voice as in the next instant, the entire surrounding area had already begun to transform.

Massive waves suddenly rose up all around him, crashing directly toward his position, and within those waves, Tang Wulin could see a series of gigantic crabs with bodies that exceeded three meters in diameter, opening their pincers as they pounced toward him from the waves.

Tang Wulin leaped up into the air, and in the instant that he did so, he immediately felt a sharp spike in gravity, almost instantly forcing him back toward the ground.

One had to realize that Tang Wulin was currently a Limit Douluo, so no ordinary pressure could prevent him from taking flight. However, this pressure was so powerful that he was completely powerless to resist it, which meant that it was very likely that he was facing power of the godly level!

He was struck by the reflexive urge to release his Golden Dragon Spear, but he immediately recalled that he was prohibited from killing sea soul beasts.

These conditions really were rigorous!

However, he was a seasoned veteran in battle at this point, and he didn't panic in the slightest.

In the instant that he sprang up into the air, he immediately rotated on the spot, and his objective was very simple: he had to find the destination that he was supposed to head toward first!

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