Chapter 1818: Bootlicker?

If the Spirit Pagoda were determined to do everything in its power to serve the Soul Master world, then even Shrek Academy wouldn't be able to attack them without encountering resistance. Furthermore, the Qiangu Family had already stepped out of the limelight, and the situation in the Spirit Pagoda had stabilized.

"On top of that, the Spirit Pagoda actually isn't making much of a compromise in terms of profits. I've expanded the Myriad Beast Plane, and all of the life energy absorbed by my Silver Dragon Spear was injected into the plane, making it more stable and also expanding it to close to twice its original area. As a result, it'll be able to hold more Soul Masters, so even though there's a half-price discount, if we operate at full capacity, there will still be a rise in overall revenue," Gu Yuena revealed in a natural manner, as if Tang Wulin had the right to know all of the Spirit Pagoda's secrets.

Tang Wulin was enlightened by this explanation. "I see, that's good news for the Soul Master world. What exactly are you planning to do with the Myriad Beast Plane?"

Da Ming and Er Ming resided in that plane, and he had once asked Er Ming what exactly the Myriad Beast Plane was, but Er Ming had given him a very ambiguous response.

In particular, whenever Tang Wulin asked about why they were working with the Spirit Pagoda, a strange look would appear in Er Ming's eyes, one that was filled with a hint of apology intermingled with determination and resolution.

Gu Yuena was silent for a moment before replying, "I'm sure you know about what the Great Star Dou Forest used to be like. The former soul beast world no longer exists, but I hope to transform the Myriad Beast Plane into a new Great Star Dou Forest to give the remaining soul beasts a safe habitat."

Her voice was filled with deep emotion as she spoke.

"Is this your vision? Is this why you've decided to stay at the Spirit Pagoda this entire time?" Tang Wulin asked.

"That's right."

Tang Wulin took a deep breath as if he were working up some courage, then said, "Gu Yue, I've always wanted to ask you this: are you..."

"Don't ask! I don't want to lie to you. When the time comes, you'll know," Gu Yuena interjected in an urgent voice.

"When will that be?" Tang Wulin asked.

Gu Yuena replied, "Perhaps it'll be very soon. When that time comes, I'll tell you everything."

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face, and he said in a determined voice, "I'll wait for that day, Gu Yue, but just know that no matter who you are, where you came from, and what your future plans are, your future must have me in it. I can accept you no matter what you're like, do you understand?"

Gu Yuena offered no response to this, but even though the soul communicator, Tang Wulin felt as if he could sense her strong emotional fluctuations.

After a long while, Gu Yuena finally said, "I have to go now. Bye."

The call was ended, but Tang Wulin was still in a slight stupor; her captivating voice was still echoing through his mind.

"Oi, you're about to drool onto the floor!" A disgruntled voice shook him out of his stupor, and he turned to discover Ling Zichen looking at him with her hands on her hips and a cold smile on her face.

"Can you not be such a bootlicker? Can you not be so corny?" Ling Zichen scoffed.

Tang Wulin was rather taken aback to hear this. "Bootlicker? Did I come across that way?"

"Did you come across that way? You sure did!" Ling Zichen replied in a cold voice. "As soon as you began talking to her, you put on the most punch-worthy expression I've ever seen! I can't believe this is the leader of the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy! You make me... You make me..."

Her voice trailed off here, but it was clear that she was about to erupt.

Tang Wulin turned to Xie Xie with a befuddled expression. "Is that true? Was I really like that?"

Xie Xie's lips twitched slightly upon hearing this. "You really were, Boss."

A serious look appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "You're not supposed to say yes to that! I think you need to improve your practical combat skills; how about I spar with you?"

"Ah! I still have to inform the others about this; I'll be going now!" Xie Xie immediately fled the scene, vanishing on the spot amid a flash of light.

Tang Wulin turned to Ling Zichen to offer an explanation, only to be struck squarely in the face by a pillow.

Shortly thereafter, he was pushed out of Ling Zichen's room in a slightly bedraggled state, but he was in an exceptional mood.

At the very least, he could frequently hear her voice, and the vendetta against the Spirit Pagoda had also been settled. As for the Qiangu Family, they no longer posed any threat to him, and she didn't have to pretend to be on their side anymore; everything suddenly seemed brighter and more positive. In Tang Wulin's eyes, the day that she revealed everything to him would be the day when they could be together.

She wanted to create a Great Star Dou Forest, so he would just have to help her. As long as it was something she wanted to do, he would do everything in his power to help her.


At the Spirit Pagoda encampment.

Gu Yuena ended the call and sat on her bed, struggling to control her own emotions. Tang Wulin's words were still echoing in the chambers of her heart, and her eyes were already brimming with tears.

"Wulin, I have no future." The tears began to overflow as she spoke.

"What happened, Nana?" Right at this moment, a voice rang out, and Gu Yuena raised her head to discover that Qiangu Zhangting had entered the room, but she had failed to notice him as she had been wrapped up in her own emotions.

"Nothing," Gu Yuena said with a shake of her head.

"Nothing? Then why are you crying?" Qiangu Zhangting hurriedly made his way over to her, yet just as he was about to sit down beside her, a burst of soul power surged forth to push him aside.

"Don't you know how to knock? Who let you in here?" Gu Yuena asked with a cold expression.

Qiangu Zhangting faltered slightly upon hearing this. "Why do I need to knock to see my fiance?"

"Get out. I don't want to see you right now," Gu Yuena said in a cold voice.

Qiangu Zhangting was finally beginning to realize that something was wrong. "What's going on, Nana? Are you under too much pressure from taking over as chairwoman? Don't worry, our family will do everything we can to support you."

"Get out. I don't want to repeat myself, nor do I want to have to force you out," Gu Yuena said.

Qiangu Zhangting shuddered upon hearing this. "Nana, you..."

His words abruptly cut off as Gu Yuena looked into his eyes, and a pair of silver vortexes seemed to have appeared in her eyes.

In the next instant, Qiangu Zhangting was completely rooted to the spot like a statue.

"Return to your room and meditate," Gu Yuena instructed.

"Yes," Qiangu Zhangting replied in a wooden manner before departing.

A hint of killing intent flashed through Gu Yuena's eyes as she looked on at his departing figure. If it weren't for the fact that it still wasn't time to act, she would've already killed this bastard that had once tried to rape her.

"Di Tian, come and see me," she said, seemingly to herself.

However, after just a few seconds, a figure appeared before her amid a flash of golden light. It was none other than that handsome middle-aged man; he was the Beast God that had ruled over all soul beasts for hundreds of thousands of years!

"My Lord." Di Tian extended a respectful bow toward Gu Yuena.

"What's the situation in the Myriad Beast Plane like?" Gu Yuena asked.

A hint of irrepressible excitement appeared in Di Tian's eyes, and he replied, "Everything is going extremely well, even better than we anticipated. The Myriad Beast Plane has expanded to over twice its original area, and it's very stable; we've even begun moving some of the soul beast species that are on the verge of extinction into the plane to cultivate new genes there. It has to be said that we have the Spirit Pagoda to thank for the gene samples that are in their possession. With them, we've already managed to resurrect some extinct species."

His eyes were full of emotion as he spoke.

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